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Federal Judge in Hawaii Backing Imam with Muslim Brotherhood Ties | Mar 17, 2017

Imam With Muslim Brotherhood Ties is Main Plaintiff in Hawaii Case Blocking Trump Travel Ban

| theGatewayPundit

It appears that the Muslim Brotherhood is essentially running our foreign policy

“The main plaintiff in the Hawaii case blocking President Trump’s revised temporary travel ban is an Imam with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Imam Ismail Elshikh, 39, leads the largest mosque in Hawaii and claims he is suffering “irreparable harm” from the president’s executive order, which places a 90-day ban on travel to the U.S. from six countries according to research by WND.

Via WND:

Imam Ismail Elshikh, 39, leads the largest mosque in Hawaii and claims he is suffering “irreparable harm” from the president’s executive order, which places a 90-day ban on travel to the U.S. from six countries.

One of those six countries is Syria. Elshikh’s mother in law is Syrian and would not be able to visit her family in Hawaii for 90 days if Trump’s ban were allowed to go into effect.

Hawaii’s Obama-appointed federal judge, Derrick Watson, made sure the ban did not go into effect, striking it down Wednesday while buying Hawaii’s claim that it amounts to a “Muslim ban.” The state’s attorney general, along with co-plaintiff Elshikh, claims the ban would irreparably harm the state’s tourism industry and its Muslim families.


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Super. Our digital vetting system gave citizenship or green cards to thousands who were ordered deported

| HotAir

“That plan for “extreme vetting” may turn out to be extremely problematic, but don’t blame it on Donald Trump. The US Citizenship and Immigration Service began working on a program in 2006 designed to bring the vetting of immigrants into the digital era.

Unfortunately, as this new report from NextGov shows, it ran into problems almost immediately and even after implementation began it wound up being fraught with glitches and running “extremely” over budget.

Shutdowns, delays and budget overruns in the information technology system the government’s immigration service uses could allow terrorists or criminals to mistakenly receive citizenship or green cards, lawmakers fretted Thursday.

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services’ tech troubles date back to 2006 when the agency began a massive program to create an Electronic Immigration System, or ELIS.

That project, spearheaded by IBM, had stumbled miserably by 2012 when USCIS cut the project up into shorter time frames with smaller deliverables. Since then, the project has continued to suffer bugs and delays, the agency and its auditors testified before a House Homeland Security Committee panel.

Forget about inefficiency and cost overruns. This next bit is the part that really caught everyone’s attention. We’ve been handing out green cards and citizenship papers to people who were supposed to have been loaded on a bus headed for the border. And we’re not just talking about a few here. (Emphasis added)

Because of system bugs, shifts between manual and digital processing and other issues, USCIS erroneously issued about 20,000 green cards and granted citizenship to more than 800 people who had previously been ordered deported during the past six months, an auditor found.

This project is years behind schedule, and while we’re used seeing Uncle Sam frittering away large amounts of the taxpayer’s money, being $1 billion in the hole is nothing to sneeze at. But that’s really not the alarming part here. It’s one thing to be concerned over whether or not tough immigration policies are depriving qualified applicants of good intent a chance to become citizens. It’s quite another to find out that the system is failing in the opposite direction and that nearly a thousand people who had previously been scheduled for deportation were mistakenly granted citizenship with another 20,000 getting green cards. And that was just in a six month period. How many have we done this for in total since 2012?”

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More Obama Security Failure Thousands of Green Cards Go Missing | Nov 21 2016

THOUSANDS Of Immigration Green Cards Have Disappeared

– Daily Caller


“Thousands of green cards are missing because U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) officials apparently sent them to the wrong addresses, jeopardizing national security, according to a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Office of Inspector General (IG) report made public Monday.

“It appears that thousands of green cards have simply gone missing,” DHS Inspector General John Roth said in a news release. “In the wrong hands, green cards may enable terrorists, criminals, and undocumented aliens to remain in the United States. It is vital that USCIS ensure better tools and procedures are in place to mitigate such risks.”

The USCIS in the last three years received more than 200,000 reports from approved applicants claiming their cards were never delivered, the IG found. Monday’s audit — a follow-up to a March IG report saying USCIS officials sent hundreds of green cards to the wrong addresses — revealed “the problem was far worse than originally thought,” the IG said.”

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Sanctuary Cities Risk Losing DOJ Funds in 2017, Texas Congressman Says

– Breitbart


“Sanctuary cities and other jurisdictions will now have to choose between protecting illegal aliens and receiving federal law enforcement grants thanks to the work of a Texas congressman.

Texas Representative John Culberson (R-TX) used his position as chairman of the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Commerce, Justice, and Science and the congressional power of the purse to force the Department of Justice (DOJ) to enforce existing law requiring state and local law enforcement agencies to cooperate with immigration officials. Culberson announced in February an agreement with outgoing Attorney General Loretta Lynch to block federal law enforcement grants to jurisdictions with sanctuary policies, Breitbart Texas reported. Since that time, the Texas congressman has been working with DOJ officials to certify the top-ten jurisdictions not in compliance with the law.

Citing his committee’s power over the DOJ’s budget, Culberson stated in February:

Any refusal by the Department to comply with these reasonable and timely requests will factor heavily in my consideration of their 2017 budget requests, and whether or not I will include language in the fiscal year 2017 CJS appropriations bill prohibiting the award of law enforcement grants to jurisdictions that harbor illegal aliens. I will include language in this year’s bill requiring the DOJ to amend the application process for Byrne JAG, COPS, and SCAAP grants so that grantees must certify under oath that they are in compliance with section 1373 of title 8 of the United States Code.

The law was passed in 1996 during the administration of President Bill Clinton to force local and state jurisdictions to cooperate with immigration officials or risk losing federal funding. Part of the process requires the federal agency’s office of inspector general to certify that a jurisdiction is not in compliance in order to block funding.

“The law requires cooperation with immigration officials 100 percent of the time,” Culberson told Breitbart Texas in an exclusive interview. In February, Culberson provided Attorney General Lynch with a list of more than 300 sanctuary cities compiled by the Center for Immigration Studies.”

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State Orders LA City Schools to Stop Shifting Money Illegally,  Spend it on ‘Most Needy’ Students

– LA Times


‘Needy students’ Now Comprise 84% of LAUSD students

“State officials have ordered the Los Angeles Unified School District to redirect hundreds of millions of dollars in spending, with the goal of benefiting students who need the most academic assistance.

The action won the praise of advocates who had filed a complaint with the state, while L.A. Unified officials said that complying with the order will hurt students.

The issue is whether the school system is following the rules of a revised state funding plan that provides added dollars for students who are more difficult and costly to educate.

Advocates, including the Community Coalition of South Los Angeles, asserted that the nation’s second-largest school system was using this money for its general program for all students or for other costs. They accused L.A. Unified of using these funds to offset an ongoing budget crisis, which, they said, is an improper diversion.

Instead, the money should go to direct services for the targeted students, they said. A year ago, they sued L.A. Unified over the matter, and they also filed a complaint with the California Department of Education, which oversees the state’s school districts. The lawsuit is pending, but state officials sided this week with the advocates.

“This district is required to implement … corrective actions,” a three-person evaluation team concluded in a report dated May 27.

The heart of the dispute is how to spend increased funding meant to help students from low-income families, those learning English and students who are not living with their parents. About 84% of L.A. students fall into this category, according to district documents submitted to the state.

By all accounts, L.A. schools derive substantial benefit from the new state formula.This redistribution of education dollars was a landmark policy of Gov. Jerry Brown. It passed in the Legislature because an improving economy also permitted the state to increase funding for schools with few students in the three categories.

But L.A. Unified went a step further than other districts in its accounting maneuvers, said Victor Leung, lead counsel for the American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California.

The district, he said, moved money into its general fund that should have been spent specifically on low-income students, English learners or foster children. The district interpretation was based on how spending for disabled students should be accounted for.

“LAUSD is the only district that has done this kind of calculation,” said Leung.

L.A. Unified counters that an improved general program directly benefits the students at the heart of the dispute. Making changes of the magnitude required could lead to unintended consequences, officials said. If the funds are redirected, for example, a foster student might be able to receive additional algebra tutoring, but there also may no longer be as many algebra classes available, leaving the remaining periods overcrowded or harder for students to schedule, said McNair.

McNair added that the state intervention is at odds with new laws giving districts more decision-making authority.

Leung countered that L.A. Unified is diverting funds from their legally intended purpose. Other districts could be tempted to follow suit if L.A. isn’t stopped, he said.”

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What should be very clear reading future labor projections and fiscal liabilities, is we will need less, but more highly trained and trainable workers in the future. We will actually need less workers in the future, not more, but continually spending more on an unlimited number of high risk students is unstainable. It is not our responsibility as a state to educate anyone who can illegally cross the border in order to get their children educated in California. 

      In the city of Los Angeles schools, they are resorting to illegal fiscal sleight of hand to balance the books. That will only work for so long. What remains, is the students still get shortchanged on every level. /CJ

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