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Santa Ana Crime Capital of Orange County Now Official Sanctuary City | Dec 2016

Santa Ana is now a sanctuary city for undocumented residents

– OC Register

Two people were arrested after posing as police officers on Tuesday morning.

“Santa Ana officials have called the city a sanctuary for all residents – regardless of immigration status – but ahead of Donald Trump’s inauguration, they adopted a resolution that makes it official.

Council members voted 5-0 Tuesday in favor of adopting a sanctuary resolution that requires the city to strengthen various policies that already exist to further protect residents.

Those policies include prohibiting the use of city resources for immigration enforcement, reaffirming commitment to preventing biased-based policing, exercising maximum discretion in policing, protecting sensitive information, and providing training for affected employees, officials and agents.

City Manager David Cavazos said he believes Santa Ana is “the first (city) in Orange County that has put together this type of resolution.”

“In the spirit of good faith, let’s make it a resolution today, but let’s make it an ordinance and let’s put it up for consideration at the next meeting,” Councilman Sal Tinajero said. “I hope you hold the other council members that are coming up, that you hold their feet to the fire, because they’re Latino, too.”

While a resolution is a statement of policy, an ordinance is a specific law that upon violation would be potentially punishable by either a fine, a misdemeanor or imprisonment, said Jorge Garcia, senior management assistant for the City Manager’s Office.

The council voted to excuse Councilwoman Michele Martinez’s absence, but not Mayor Miguel Pulido’s. Clerk of the Council Maria Huizar said Pulido did not give a reason for his absence, and often does not.

Council members also took steps toward phasing out a contract with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement at Santa Ana Jail. They voted 5-0 to notify ICE that the city will reduce the number of detainees to a maximum of 128, leading to the closure of one module and a $663,743 annual net revenue loss.

“ICE may argue that the agreement does not allow the city’s unilateral decision to reduce capacity, but staff believes that this action would be consistent with the City Council direction to phase out the ICE agreement altogether in the future,” the staff report states.”

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The latest crime data shows that Santa Ana is the most dangerous city in Orange County

– NewSantaAna


“A law firm has used the latest crime data from the FBI to find out which cities in California with a population of 100,000 or greater are the most dangerous in the state and the news for Santa Ana residents is not good. Our city is the most dangerous big city in Orange County.

Santa Ana’s crime ranking was #26 in the state. Anaheim was ranked #31. Costa Mesa was ranked #37. Garden Grove was ranked #47. Fullerton was ranked #45. Huntington Beach was ranked #48. Orange was ranked #65 and Irvine was ranked #68.

The law firm analyzed data across three key dimensions – Crime, Police Presence, and Community Factors. Within those dimensions, they identified and ranked 14 metrics that influence the safety of a city.

None of this should come as a surprise to the besieged people of Santa Ana, who over the past two years have seen an incredible rise in gang violence including the return of drive-by shootings.

Several Santa Ana City Council Members are up for reelection this November. This would be a great time to vote for anyone but the incumbents. One of the incumbents, Council Member Angie Amezcua, perhaps sensing a rising tide against the incumbents, has already declared that she will not be running for reelection.

Santa Ana has a rookie police chief, Carlos Rojas, who was hired by our City Council despite having zero experience as a full time chief executive. We also have the highest paid city manager in Orange County. That city manager, David Cavazos, convinced the City Council to give him a bonus and he also arranged for bonuses for his top executives. It is very unlikely that any of these City Hall big shots live in Santa Ana.”

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