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Porter Ranch Gas Leak: Blame Jerry Brown – Feb 2016

California’s Gas Leak Disaster Signals a State of Emergency for Us All

– The Fiscal Times


“Regulators describe the Aliso Canyon facility as gleaming on the outside but junk beneath the surface. Incredibly, when the leaking well was last upgraded — all the way back in 1979 — officials removed a safety valve that would have prevented the disaster. Even more incredibly, that valve was not required under state or federal rules; only wells within 300 feet of a home must have them. SoCal Gas apparently lied to regulators about replacing the valve.

Briana Mordick of the Natural Resources Defense Council cites flawed state regulation of underground oil and gas wells as a major culprit here. The state Underground Injection Control program suffers from inadequate staffing and a lack of testing (pressure tests only occur every five years, for example). The program also allows corroding wells like the one leaking, which was built in 1953 as an oil well and converted to gas storage in 1973, to remain in use despite outdated construction. Like the missing safety valve, state regulations do not required older wells to be retired. “In fact, California’s UIC rules don’t include any standards for well construction,” Mordick writes.

Critics have implicated Jerry Brown in this leniency, citing his industry ties. He has resisted tougher regulations on fracking. He has explored for oil and gas on his own private land. Brown’s sister, Kathleen Brown, is a board member with Sempra Energy, the parent company of SoCal Gas.”

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– So the gas leak reveals a disturbing pattern by the Gov Jerry Brown, the pseudo-environmentalist, who neglects the basics to protect Californians, yet traipses the globe to protect against global warming.  Lest we forget, the recent Santa Barbara oil spill was also the result of a lack of an auto-shutoff valve.

Gov Dementia has turned into Gov Disaster.

But then let’s remember his campaign slogan from his failed and quixotic 1980 presidential run:

His 1980 campaign slogan was “protect the earth, serve the people and explore the universe.”

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– CalFrack.org


“The pipeline that leaked thousands of gallons of oil into the waters off California earlier this week did not have an automatic shut-off valve, a Santa Barbara county official said Sunday.

In fact, the pipeline was the only one of its kind in the area without an automatic shut-off valve, the Associated Press reported. Its original owner fought – and won – a late 1980s court battle to skirt the requirement.

Since the pipeline formed part of an interstate network, the former owners argued it should be subject to federal, not county regulations. Federal regulations do not require auto shut-off valves.


“It’s the only major pipeline that doesn’t have auto shut-off,” Kevin Drude, deputy director of the county’s Energy and Minerals Division told the AP. “For us, it’s routine.”

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