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Watergate Forty Two Years Later | Apr 08, 2016

40 years later, Nixon’s misconduct in Watergate ‘remains unequaled’

| Richmond.com

Four decades later, Watergate remains the gold standard for other scandals, said Ken Hughes, a historian with the Miller Center’s Presidential Recording Program at the University of Virginia and author of “Chasing Shadows,” a book detailing new revelations about Nixon’s cover-ups.

“The extent of Nixon’s abuses of power remain unequaled,” Hughes said. “Many politicians have been accused of being Nixonian; but with Nixon, we actually know to a great extent what he did.”

Watergate was not only a scandal of domestic politics, but a scandal that extended all the way into foreign policy, into matters of war and peace and life and death, Hughes said.

“And 40 years after the fact we know that Watergate was bigger and much worse than we realized at the time,” he said.

At 9:01 p.m., 40 years ago this Friday, Richard Milhous Nixon sat before a television camera in the Oval Office and announced to the American public in a live broadcast that he would resign rather than endure a humiliating Senate impeachment trial for obstruction of justice.

“I have never been a quitter,” he said in his 15-minute speech. “To leave office before my term is completed is abhorrend to every instinct in my body. But as president, I must put the interest of America first.”

Bearing the dark rings of defeat and exhaustion under his eyes, Nixon, 61, stone-faced and calm, appeared to be resigned to his fate of becoming the first – and to this day, only – U.S. president to step down.

His resignation as the 37th president, 21 months after being reelected with more than 60 percent of the vote, was the culmination of a battle against allegations that he may have covered up a botched burglary two years earlier in which a group of men with ties to the White House had attempted to bug the offices of the Democratic National Committee at the Watergate Hotel in Washington.”

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August 9 1974 – Nixon Resigns Watergate “Our long national nightmare is over” | Aug 2016

Watergate Remembered  |  A Conversation With Sen Lowell Weicker

– Youtube | TheDay.com

– A conversation with Lowell P. Weicker, the last surviving member of the Senate Watergate Committee.

“I feel that Watergate was a negative exercise, what do I mean by that? I mean by that that he took everything in the US Constitution and trashed it…..I think the main lesson is… in the end we are all responsible for the government in Washington…”  – former Sen. Lowell Weicker.

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Nixon, Ford and Watergate – The Nixon Pardon Negotiations

– HistoryCommons.org


“Newly installed President Gerald Ford has no intention of pardoning former President Richard Nixon. Press secretary Jerald terHorst tells reporters, “I don’t think the American people would stand for it.”


Nixon Aides Attempt to Engineer Pardon Deal from Ford

“President Richard Nixon`s chief of staff Alexander Haig pays an urgent call on Vice President Gerald Ford to discuss the terms under which Nixon will resign. Haig gives Ford a handwritten list of what White House counsel Fred Buzhardt, the author of the list, calls “permutations for the option of resignation.”

The idea is for Nixon to agree to resign in return for Ford’s agreement to pardon Nixon for any crimes Nixon may have committed while president. Ford listens to Haig but does not agree to any terms. The next day, after learning of the meeting, Ford’s own counsel, Robert Hartmann, is outraged that Ford did not just throw Haig out of his office. With fellow counsel John Marsh, Hartmann demands that Ford call Haig and state unequivocally, for the record, and in front of witnesses that Ford has made no such agreements. Haig considers Hartmann essentially incompetent, and Hartmann views Haig as a power-hungry “assh_le.”

The subsequent tensions between Haig, one of the Nixon holdovers in Ford’s presidency, and Ford’s staff will shape future events in the Ford administration. In part to counteract Haig’s influence, Ford will name former NATO ambassador and Nixon aide Donald Rumsfeld as the head of his transition team. Rumsfeld will in turn name former Wyoming congressman and current investment executive Dick Cheney as his deputy; Cheney has lectured his clients that Watergate was never a criminal conspiracy, but merely a power struggle between the White House and Congress.”

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