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Trump Book Author Wolff Says He Fabricated ‘Facts’ | Jan 05 2018

The Author of the Explosive New Trump Book says he can’t be sure if parts of it are True

|| Business Insider

  • “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House” has set the political world ablaze.
  • It contains vivid, detailed, and embarrassing accounts of President Donald Trump and those around him.
  • But the book’s author, Michael Wolff, says he can’t be sure that all of it is true.

“The author of the explosive new book about Donald Trump’s presidency acknowledged in an author’s note that he wasn’t certain all of its content was true.

Michael Wolff, the author of “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House,” included a note at the start that casts significant doubt on the reliability of the specifics contained in the rest of its pages.

Several of his sources, he says, were definitely lying to him, while some offered accounts that flatly contradicted those of others.

But some were nonetheless included in the vivid account of the West Wing’s workings, in a process Wolff describes as “allowing the reader to judge” whether the sources’ claims are true.

In other cases, the media columnist said, he did use his journalistic judgment and research to arrive at what he describes “a version of events I believe to be true.”

Here is the relevant part of the note, from the 10th page of the book’s prologue:

“Many of the accounts of what has happened in the Trump White House are in conflict with one another; many, in Trumpian fashion, are baldly untrue. These conflicts, and that looseness with the truth, if not with reality itself, are an elemental thread of the book.

“Sometimes I have let the players offer their versions, in turn allowing the reader to judge them. In other instances I have, through a consistency in the accounts and through sources I have come to trust, settled on a version of events I believe to be true.”

The book itself, reviewed by Business Insider from a copy acquired prior to its Friday publication, is not always clear about what level of confidence the author has in any particular assertion.

Lengthy, private conversations are reported verbatim, as are difficult-to-ascertain details like what somebody was thinking or how the person felt.”

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Tony Blair: Wolff Book Claims “A Complete Fabrication”

|| HotAir

“The White House got some help last night in fending off Michael Wolff’s dishy, gossipy book on Donald Trump — Tony Blair. The former prime minister blasted Wolff’s reporting as “a complete fabrication” on a claim made that Blair warned about British intelligence surveilling the Trump campaign. Blair expressed consternation that the uncorroborated allegations in Fire and Fury have been embraced so unquestioningly:

Wolff wrote that Blair suggested there was a possibility “that the British had had the Trump campaign staff under surveillance, monitoring its telephone calls and other communications and possibly even Trump himself”.

Wolff’s book also repeated speculation that Blair had been angling to be Trump’s Middle East envoy. …

Interviewed on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme he said: “This story is a complete fabrication, literally from beginning to end. I’ve never had such conversation in the White House, outside of the White House, with Jared Kushner, with anybody else.”

Blair, a former Middle East peace envoy for the quartet of United Nations, the United States, the European Union, and Russia, admitted that he had met Kushner, but not to discuss surveillance on Trump or to lobby for a role.

He said: “Of course I’ve met him and we discussed the Middle East peace process. I wasn’t angling for some job. I did the quartet role. I’m still very active on the Middle East peace process, but I’ve got absolutely no desire for an official position. I never sought one, it was never offered, don’t want one.”

Needless to say, this claim is surpassingly strange — and that strangeness has nothing to do with Trump. Why would Blair have even conceived an idea of being an American envoy to a process in which he has long participated on behalf of his own country? And why would a former PM blow any intel activities by his own country on behalf of an American candidate for whom he would have no particularly obvious affinity? Did Wolff just make this up out of whole cloth, or did he buy into some gossip around the campfire and just toss it into the book?

Either way, it opens up a wide hole in Wolff’s credibility for several reasons. One, Blair has a large amount of credibility in international media, including here in the US. Two, Blair is hardly a Trump acolyte or someone inclined to jump to Trump’s defense. Third, the “so weird it must be true” of Wolff’s reporting on Trump relies on the well-known mercurial nature of the president. No one looks at Blair and thinks he’s anything but a statesman who knows his business, and especially not a loose cannon inclined to whimsical action. If Wolff has applied the “so weird” standard this recklessly, it certainly raises questions about his reporting on all of the other weirdness Wolff wants people to buy, both literally and figuratively.”

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