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Why is Mexico’s Descent into Chaos Ignored by the Media? | Jan 2017

As Mexico’s president defends gas price hikes, nationwide protests descend into looting and violence

– Business Insider

“Five days after a reviled fuel price increase went into effect, Mexicans are still in the streets protesting against the measure.

Demonstrations spread throughout Mexicoduring the first days of the year, reportedly occurring in 28 of the country’s 32 states, with Mexicans from political parties, labor unions, and other groups mounting sit-ins, roadblocks, and other protests.

In recent days, popular outrage has curdled into violent displays, as looters have struck stores and other outlets around the country.

Ongoing demonstrations and damage caused by protestors have also hindered state oil company Pemex’s ability to distribute fuel to some parts of Mexico, exacerbating shortages that have popped up for weeks.

“In addition to the problem of supply, there have been blockades of stores — more than 170 — and, even more seriously, looting — of 79 stores — that besides resulting in the theft of merchandise put at risk the lives of clients and workers in the stores, primarily in Mexico State, Michoacan, Hidalgo and Mexico City,” The National Association of Self-Service and Department Stores (ANTAD) said in a statement on Wednesday.

On Thursday, the group said that 250 stores had been totally looted, with stores in Mexico state, Michoacan, Hidalgo, Veracruz, Tabasco, and Mexico City affected.

Authorities were inspecting the stores for damage to installations and equipment, ANTAD government-relations director Manuel Cardona said, “but, in terms of merchandise the looting is absolute.”

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Rioting & Looting in Mexico as Gas Prices go up by more than 20%

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