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The Left Wing Echo Chamber: Facebook | Oct 2016

The Guardian: Facebook a Giant Political Echo Chamber for Millennials as Election Nears

– Breitbart


“61% of millennials receive their political news from Facebook, according to a 2015 report by Pew Research, which Scott Bixby of The Guardian argues puts young people in the biggest political echo chamber ever during a presidential election.

Facebook, which runs on a series of complex algorithms and systems, tends to ensure that users see more of what they like and what their friends like, as opposed to different opinions and viewpoints from elsewhere.

CNN came just behind Facebook for news for millennials at 44%, followed by local TV at 37%, and Google News, the search engine that has frequently been linked to a pro-Hillary Clinton bias, at 33%.

Generation Xers also placed Facebook at the top of their news list, with 51% of people choosing it as their primary news platform. This was followed by local TV at 46% and CNN at 45%.”

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