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No Wonder Obama Can’t Defeat ISIS, He Couldn’t Figure Out Hillary Had An Illegal Email Server | Oct 2016

Obama Didn’t Know – Really? He Found Out Like Everybody Else?


In Emails, aide stressed need to ‘clean up’ Obama’s comments on Clinton’s email

– the Hill


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“The White House has repeatedly insisted that Obama did not have knowledge of Clinton’s unusual email server, even though the two did communicate by email during her time at the State Department.
But Clinton’s allies privately expressed concern about Obama’s claim during a March 2015 CBS News interview that he first learned through media reports that the secretary of State used an email system “outside the U.S. government for official business,” as reporter Bill Plante described it while questioning the president.
“[L]ooks like POTUS just said he found out HRC was using her personal email when he saw it in the news,” Clinton spokesman Josh Schwerin told other allies in a March 7, 2015, email published Tuesday by WikiLeaks.
“[W]e need to clean this up – he has emails from her – they do not say state.gov,” responded former Clinton chief of staff Cheryl Mills.
At a White House press briefing two days after the email exchange, Earnest said that Obama knew about Clinton’s email address because he sent messages to it. But he said the president was unaware of the exact nature of the server or the extent to which she used it.
“The president did trade e-mails with Secretary Clinton, not a large number of them,” the spokesman repeated Tuesday.
“Of course the president had possession of Secretary Clinton’s email address, but he did not have any knowledge of where her server was located or what sort of arrangements had been made to store her email.”
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We are to believe Obama had the full powers of the presidency and US govt, which includes an NSA spying on citizens’ email and internet traffic, yet could not find out about Clinton’s unsecured email arrangements. Really, how inept is this guy? /CJ

‘We need to clean this up’: Clinton staff KNEW Hillary had emailed Obama from her secret address even though the president said he learned of it ‘through news reports’

– Daily Mail

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“Senior Hillary Clinton aides fretted that President Barack Obama knew she conducted government business through a private email address, despite claiming that he learned about it in news reports.

An email chain released Tuesday by Wikileaks – one of thousands of messages hacked from Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta’s account – memorializes campaign insiders’ surprise when the president played dumb during a CBS News interview.

‘Jen you probably have more on this,’ Clinton national spokesman Josh Schwerin wrote to communications director Jennifer Palmieri on March 7, 2015, ‘but it looks like POTUS just said he found out HRC was using her personal email when he saw it in the news.’

‘[W]e need to clean this up – he has emails from her – they do not say state.gov,’ wrote Mills, who was Clinton’s lawyer and served as her chief of staff at the State Department from 2009 to 2013.

In the interview, CBS News senior White House correspondent Bill Plante asked Obama when he learned about Clinton’s private email system.

‘The same time everybody else learned it, through news reports,’ the president replied.

But Mills’ email to Podesta indicates the president had already exchanged emails with his onetime secretary of state at her ‘clintonemail.com’ address.”

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Insider reveals why Clinton camp sat on her emails: ‘They wanted to get away with it’

 – HotAir


“They wanted to get away with it.” That’s was Clinton confidante Neera Tanden’s take on why Hillary Clinton and her aides hadn’t put out information about her private server months earlier. Tanden made the comment in an email to John Podesta on March 2, 2015, the day the NY Times published a story which made Clinton’s private server national news.

“I highly recommend she start making some other positive news soon,” Tanden wrote, probably in reference to the NY Times story. Podesta’s reply is sarcastic, “Really? That’s great advice.”

A few minutes later, Tanden replies, “This is a cheryl special. Know you love her, but this stuff is like her Achilles heal. Or kryptonite. she just can’t say no to this s**t.” She continues, “Why didn’t they get this stuff out like 18 months ago? So crazy.”

Podesta replies, “Unbelievable.”

Neera Tanden has probably summed up Clinton’s behavior after leaving the State Department as well as anyone has. Why didn’t Clinton meet her obligation to turn over her official records when she left office in February 2013? Why did she wait until an inquiry from the Benghazi select committee led the State Department to ask for those records roughly 18 months later? Because “they wanted to get away with it.” It really is that simple.”

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Project Veritas Part II: “Rigging the Election” Illegal Alien Voter Fraud | Oct 2016

‘How to Commit Voter Fraud on a Massive Scale’: Part II of Project Veritas Investigation into Clinton Network

– Breitbart

The second video in James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas investigation of the 2016 election reveals what O’Keefe describes as “Democratic Party operatives tell[ing] us how to successfully commit voter fraud on a massive scale.”

In the video, Foval is heard saying, “We manipulated the vote with money and action, not with laws.”

He then explains:

It’s a pretty easy thing for Republicans to say, ‘Well, they’re bussing people in!’ Well, you know what? We’ve been bussing people in to deal with you fuckin’ assholes for fifty years, and we’re not going to stop now. We’re just going to find a different way to do it. So, I mean I grew up with that idea. They used to bus people out to Iowa. If they needed people there we’d bus people out to Iowa.

Foval also discusses the problem of being caught, stating, “The question is, whether when you get caught by a reporter, does that matter? Because does it turn into an investigation or not? In this case, this state, the answer is no, because they don’t have any power to do anything.”

Foval suggests that the voter fraud scheme could potentially be implemented “on a much bigger scale. You implement a massive change in state legislatures and in Congress. So you aim higher for your goals, and you implement it across every Republican-held state.”

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Obama Claims No Voter Fraud has ever taken place

– The Hill


“I have never seen in my lifetime or in modern political history any presidential candidate trying to discredit the elections and the election process before votes have even taken place,” he said. “It’s unprecedented. It happens to be based on no facts.”

Obama pointed out that experts on both sides of the aisle agree that “instances of significant voter fraud” have never been found. ”

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WikiLeaks: Clinton Camp Believed President Obama Committed Voter Fraud in 2008

 – Daily Caller

Two attorneys with close ties to the Clinton family believe then-Sen. Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign “flooded” the caucuses with “ineligible voters,” according to leaked emails.

Emails hacked from Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta cites two attorneys and “old friends of the Clintons,” James Lyons and Michael Driver, tasked with “caucus protection, election protection and to raise hard $” for the 2016 Colorado caucus.

Apparently, Lyons and Driver didn’t want a repeat of 2008 when, they believe, the Obama campaign “flooded the caucuses with ineligible voters,” according to the email chain released by WikiLeaks. It’s unclear if they are only talking about the Colorado caucus or those in other states.

“High importance,” Podesta wrote to campaign staffers in a May 2015 email.

“I met with Jim and Mike in Denver,” Podesta wrote. “They are both old friends of the Clintons and have lots of experience. Mike hosted our Boulder Road Show event. They are reliving the 08 caucuses where they believe the Obama forces flooded the caucuses with ineligible voters. They want to organize lawyers for caucus protection, election protection and to raise hard $. They are not just Colorado focused and have good contacts in the region.”

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