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DMV Crash: California DMV Offices Off-line in Another Jerry Brown Failure | Oct 2016

DMV Computer Outage causes problems across California

– OC Register


“A computer outage at the Department of Motor Vehicles’ headquarters in Sacramento frustrated customers at 105 branches throughout the state – leading to canceled appointments, long lines, limited service, frustration and anger.

State officials said the outage, caused Monday by a “catastrophic” hardware failure and not from hacking, should be resolved by sometime Wednesday morning. They did not elaborate.

Only 68 of the state’s 173 offices apparently were not affected. At the others, customers were unable to do such chores as renew driver’s licenses, transfer car titles, apply for driving permits or apply for name changes.

They could still make/change appointments, take driving tests and get help with anything that could be done with old-fashion paperwork.

“The department wants to remind customers that DMV online services are still available and apologizes for any inconvenience this issue has caused,” a DMV statement said on Tuesday.”

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This has been a problem since Friday, and the part-time governor, Moonbeam has been missing in action as usual. 

Question: If this was a hardware failure of any sort, even an old mainframe, or Sparc box, there is no reason the state, the governor and managers of the DMV should not have anticipated a plan B in case of failure. With such a critical system, we are talking about personal identity information, with systems tied to voter registration. It doesn’t get more critical than that. How do you let such a system fail statewide, two weeks from a presidential election?  

This is like something that happens in Venezuela or something. Under Moonbeam and the dingbats in Sacramento, get used to it. This lands at the desk of Governor Jerry Brown to fix ASAP. /CJ


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