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Now Clinton Cheating in Iowa Caucus? – Feb 2016

More Fraud in Iowa – This time Hillary Clinton supporters cook the votes

– CSPAN / Infowars

Update: Note at approx. 2:25 of the above video roll, a Sanders supporter in a red shirt, comes up to the ad hoc conference, and asks, “You counted everyone again, right?”

The Clinton supporter tells her, ‘we counted everyone.’ And with a nod of her head the issue is dropped for the moment. She lied.

She lied to tilt the vote to Hillary.

One major takeaway from this, is in the video, later while they are tabulating, a woman asks if she can video the process, and a woman seated at the table, agrees she has the right. That is the point, every public process can be captured via video, and the truth can be exposed as in this case.

/ CJ

“This is, apparently, what a caucus looks like in a Presidential race in America in 2016.

The footage is taken from precinct #43 in Des Moines, Iowa, where supporters of Clinton and Sanders gathered to determine the delegate count for the candidates.

The description of the video, posted on the C-SPAN website, claims “Caucus chair and Clinton precinct captain do not conduct actual count of Clinton supporters and deliberately mislead caucus”.

Reports suggest that Sanders was winning during an initial vote, but when a recount was called, Clinton gained the lead.

One person who was at the event at Roosevelt High School took to Reddit to explain:

So basically in the caucus they have to hand count everyone depending on what side they’re sitting on. Well when it came time to do the second count the numbers were off. The first vote breakdown was like this:

FIRST VOTE: 215 Sanders 210 Clinton 26 O’Malley 8 Undecided 459 TOTAL

And this is the SECOND Vote: 232 Clinton 224 Sanders 456 Total

So somehow they lost 3 people but Clinton’s vote went up by 14.

So basically what had happened was Hillary’s team didn’t take the time to do a full recount instead she just added the new people who joined the second vote. Which clearly wasn’t an accurate count.

The footage appears to verify this with the Clinton camp admitting they did not do a second full count and that “they just added the (new) people”.

“Does that add up right?” one of the organiser is heard asking the caucus chair, who replies “I don’t think so.”

Nevertheless, a challenge by Sanders supporters for a third count was rejected and Clinton was handed a victory.

This monumental cluster f*ck was just one 1,600 caucus sites around the state of Iowa. Who knows what went on elsewhere.”

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– To see the whole video on CSPAN see below:


Iowa Democratic Caucus Meeting


“Democrats from three Polk County, Iowa, precincts held their caucus at Roosevelt High School in Des Moines. Participants broke into groups supporting different candidates, selected team captains, and then tried to persuade uncommitted voters or those supporting “not viable” candidates to join their group.”

See the whole video @ C-SPAN video library

There is a transcript available as well.