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“Hillary Does Not Know How to Use a Computer to do Email” | Sep 2016

Hillary Can’t Even Figure out How to use a Computer

– Daily Caller


“The idea for Clinton to access her emails through a desktop system appears to have fizzled out, however, because Clinton was unable — or unwilling — to use a computer.
“She says problem is hrc does not know how to use a computer to do email — only bb,” Lukens wrote, referring to the BlackBerry.”

– Wait, we have a presidential candidate who can’t figure out something a five year can do?/CJ

“Much of the focus on Hillary Clinton’s email use as secretary of state has focused on the mystery that is the private email server that was set up in the basement of her New York home. But Clinton’s BlackBerry — which was not issued by the State Department — is also a crucial piece of the puzzle.

State Department emails published last week add to records that have been released over the past few months to paint a better picture of just how Clinton came to solely use that personal BlackBerry. Some of the emails show that State Department officials strongly urged Clinton and her aides against using non-secure devices. And others suggest that Clinton threw caution to the wind and used her BlackBerry in countries like Russia and China, a move which cyber security experts say put her at great risk of being hacked.

Other emails show that Clinton was provided an opportunity to begin using a Department-issued BlackBerry and a State.gov email account in the summer of 2011.

But Clinton’s chief of staff, Huma Abedin, nixed the idea. She told Mull in an Aug. 31, 2011 email that providing Clinton with a government-issued BlackBerry “doesn’t make a lot of sense.”

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Hillary ‘Addicted to Unsecure Blackberry’ – Abedin

– Fox News


“Abedin explained that emails were being automatically forwarded from Clinton’s old Senate account and IT would have to “fix” it. However, she complained that Clinton would take her unsecure BlackBerry everywhere, even the “shower.”

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BOMBSHELL: Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Know How To Use A Computer

– DailyBail



This bombshell was released Thursday in a Judicial Watch deposition, but apparently has been known since Feb. 1, when the email was first made public. All of which brings up an important question — why haven’t we heard anything about this in the media?

Youtube is bereft of videos on the subject, which is shocking on its face. There have been no recorded instances of ANY reporters asking Hillary about the issue. Not a single question on camera. And she has sat for hundreds of interviews and been through several debates since February, and yet the question has never been raised.

Can you imagine if it were revealed that Donald Trump, or any Republican candidate for President, hadn’t mastered the rocket science involved with using  a mouse and keyboard?

The media frenzy would be an unstoppable freight train of ridicule.

But in the case of Hillary, we have heard nothing and she has been asked nothing.

For she is a Clinton, part of the media’s protected class.”

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Hillary didn’t use password to protect her PC and used unsecure personal BlackBerry to send private emails ‘because she’s clueless with computers’

– DailyMail UK

“The ongoing investigation into Hillary Clinton’s alleged misuse of her family’s private email account for official business might lead some to believe that she is pretty tech-savvy.

But in recent days a number of reports have emerged that suggest the the former Secretary of State is clueless when it comes to desktop computers.

In fact, she’s so out of touch with modern technology that she declined to use specially set up secure computers just so she could keep using her personal BlackBerry to send emails, The Daily Caller reported.”

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