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Where Are All the Latinos for Trump? | Apr 2016

Right here in OC – Diverse Crowd Shows up for Trump in Orange County, California

– Youtube

– Right here apparently, INSIDE the Trump Rally. Trump flies in and points out ‘Latino for Trump’ signs in Southern California primary rally.

A must see video from Mark F on Youtube, that the Mainstream Media just can’t seem to show. Talk about diverse, the Trump Tsunami seems to include all colors.

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Regrettably and all too obviously there is another side to the start of the rally on Thursday. Infowars shows it here, uncensored. /CJ

Now that we know who and what the Latinos for Trump stand for, who and what do the illegal alien supporters stand for?


Anti-Trump Rioters Gone Wild –  [UNCENSORED]

– Infowars.com


….More here @ Youtube