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Hillary Falling: Hillary is in Free Fall, Dropping In California, Wisconsin | Sep 2016

Hmmm: Clinton drops seven points, viewed negatively in …. California?

– HotAir


– Hillary now in Free Fall?

“Let’s be clear that the Golden State isn’t going anywhere on the Electoral College map. No Republican presidential candidate has won California since 1988, and none have even come close. Donald Trump doesn’t poll any better than Mitt Romney’s 37% showing in the 2012 election cycle — in fact, so far he’s not even getting to that level, with an RCP average of 31.7%. California has transformed from a battleground state to as deep-blue as it gets in a generation.

So why do Hillary Clinton’s numbers keep dropping?

The real issue is this: Why is Hillary dropping in a state that should be the friendliest turf for her? One has to believe that Robby Mook’s don’t-panic memo hoped to pre-empt that question. If Hillary has lost this much traction in two months in California, then her slide in the rest of the country looks very real, and probably very frightening for Democrats. That slide may not matter in California, where Democrats have a huge advantage built-in for its presidential and state-wide candidates. It will matter a lot more in places like Colorado, Virginia, Florida, Ohio, and perhaps even Pennsylvania where that built-in advantage doesn’t exist.

As pollster Mark DiCamillo tells the Sacramento Bee, “She’s now at a lower standing with California voters than she was at the beginning of the convention, which is obviously cause for concern.” If it doesn’t turn around soon, it might be cause for panic, Mook’s memo notwithstanding.”

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Hillary Is in Free Fall – Rumors She’s Going to Cancel Debate on Monday

– theGatewayPundit

“Hillary is in free fall. Everybody knows it. The campaign knows it. She canceled her appearance yesterday. She had a fundraiser in North Carolina. They didn’t even give an excuse for it. They just canceled. They are rumors now that she’s going to cancel the debate on Monday. Some top conservative wrote me today… And she’s really going in the wrong direction. She spent $50 million last month and dropped 10 points. So it’s a free fall for Hillary. She’s collapsing like she did on 9-11.”

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Question: Can Hillary be a viable candidate if she doesn’t show up to the first debate?/CJ



Clinton’s Wisconsin lead collapses, Trump within striking distance

– Washington Examiner


“Donald Trump is now within striking distance of a fading Hillary Clinton in Wisconsin, according to a poll released on Wednesday, providing him with another possible path to securing the electoral votes required to capture the presidency.

According to a poll conducted by Marquette Law School, 42 percent of registered voters said they are supporting the Democratic presidential nominee and 37 percent are backing her Republican opponent Donald Trump. Nineteen percent expressed no preference. In the previous poll conducted Aug. 4-7, Clinton was supported by 46 percent of registered voters and Trump by 36 percent, with 16 percent not having a preference.

Among likely voters, the margin is even narrower, with Clinton clinging to 45 percent support and Trump at 42 percent in the new poll. Of that number, 10 percent say they will not support either candidate. That is a drop for the Democratic candidate since the August poll, where 52 percent of likely voters supported her, while Trump was backed by 37 percent.”

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