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Hillary Screams, Shouts and Wails On Final Day of Campaign | Nov 7 2016

Hillary Screams and Shouts for a Clinton Future

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Hillary Clinton Reportedly Canceled Fireworks Display for Election Night

– Mediaite


“Whether or not Hillary Clinton is feeling nervous ahead of Election Day, it would seem that her campaign has scrapped their plans for a fireworks show above her Tuesday night event in New York.

According to The New York Post, NYPD chief of intelligence Tommy Galati said at a press conference that he believes the show over the Hudson River has been called off. Galati said the Clinton campaign had a permit for the show, but when asked why the show was canceled, his only response was “I cannot tell you that.”

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Millie Weaver Goes to Hillary’s Free Beyonce Jay-Z Concert Finds Lots of Empty Seats

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Hillary Preparing to Lose? Cancels Election Night Fireworks

– Infowars

“Hillary Clinton has cancelled her election night fireworks show in New York, which indicates Donald Trump is starting to win with a tsunami of support the elites can’t stop through vote rigging.

The Clinton campaign had planned a two minute firework display over the Hudson River which would be visible from her election night party in anticipation of her winning the election – but now those plans are over.

The Coast Guard told TMZ.com that the campaign refused to explain why the display was cancelled. TMZ reporters also did not receive a response from the campaign.

“Looks like it’ll be strictly sparklers for Hillary Tuesday night… IF she wins,” TMZ reported.”

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