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Trump-Putin Bombshell “For instance, we can bring up Mr. Browder” | July 17 2018

Yes, It’s True. Putin Mentioned $400 MILLION Russia/Clinton Bribe/Money Laundering Scheme During Today’s Summit

|| DCWhispers

“A name was spoken today that likely sent chills down the spines of assorted globalist media in attendance at the Trump-Putin summit:  Bill Browder.

Browder is as shadowy a political/financial figure as you will find and is alleged to have funneled/laundered up to $400 MILLION dollars into the Clintons’ coffers. The media is purposely ignoring the Putin name-drop for good reason. Some of them are said to be personally implicated in the cover-up as well.

Browder, head of Hermitage Capital, also has ties to Fusion GPS and the Clinton Global Initiative – both foundational components of what would become the orchestrated Trump/Russia conspiracy the Establishment Media continues to use to try and halt Mr. Trump’s America-First agenda.

Please read the following 2017  Zero Hedge report carefully:

…Just weeks before the Trump Tower meeting, Russia’s general prosecutor had returned to the matter. On May 19, 2016, the office issued a statement that its investigation into purchases of shares in gas giant Gazprom by Browder’s Hermitage Fund and his investors, including Ziff Brothers, had found they evaded more than 1 billion rubles ($16 million) in Russian taxes, transferring the profits to Ziff-controlled companies overseas. Russian prosecutors said they suspected the transactions also may have violated U.S. law and that they planned to send an international-assistance request to the U.S. seeking a probe.

Veselnitskaya repeated those allegations in comments to the Russian press about the Magnitsky case at the time.

On June 4, 2017, Yuri Chaika, Russia’s general prosecutor, said on national television that his agency “has presented serious evidence of violations of the law by Browder and the Ziff brothers” to U.S. officials. There’s no indication of any U.S. response to that claim.

(It should also be noted that the fake Trump dossier originated in part via the anti-Brexit British government. Trump supported Brexit. The British elite did not. Mr. Browder is very well connected to the London-centered political hierarchy. (He was born in America but is a British citizen) Coincidence? You decide.)

On a possible related side note – Mr. Browder’s grandfather was head of Communist Party USA.

Sidenote #2 – Hermitage Capital was once the single largest portfolio investor in Russia until Browder and company fled following allegations by Russian officials of fraud/tax evasion.

Here is some of what Mr. Putin had to say on the subject of Browder’s connection to the Clintons and Clinton-Obama era U.S. intelligence officials:

For instance, we can bring up Mr. Browder, in this particular case. Business associates of Mr. Browder have earned over $1.5 billion in Russia and never paid any taxes neither in Russia or the United States and yet the money escaped the country. They were transferred to the United States. They sent [a] huge amount of money, $400,000,000, as a contribution to the campaign of Hillary Clinton. Well, that’s their personal case. It might have been legal, the contribution itself but the way the money was earned was illegal. So we have solid reason to believe that some [US] intelligence offers accompanied and guided these transactions. So we have an interest in questioning them.

What if foreign nations like Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, etc., have over time successfully bought and paid for high-ranking U.S. officials? Was it not Bill Clinton who took illegal campaign donations from Chinese interests? Was it not George W. Bush who ignored the Saudi government’s links to 9-11? Or Hillary Clinton who sold a significant portion of America’s uranium holdings to Russian interests? What of Barack Obama’s odd obsession with cozying up to the likes of “death to America” Iran?

And what if Donald Trump, a true outsider well beyond the control of the D.C. power structure, is viewed as a direct threat by the media and political elites, who might weaken or even cripple, their ongoing globalist cash cow? Would they not be motivated to destroy him?”

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Box Office Poison: ‘Shock and Awe’ Is Director Rob Reiner’s 6th Mega-Flop in a Row

|| Breitbart

Shock and Awe director Rob Reiner has now directed six mega-flops in a row and has not had anything approaching a hit since 2007.

This weekend, Reiner’s Shock and Awe crashed and burned at the box office. For some reason, even though it is 2018, Reiner is still wasting millions of dollars to attack former President George W. Bush. This, even after every single movie attacking Bush bombed.

What’s more, as if to prove just how insulated he is from real America, Shock and Awetries to make heroes of journalists, a group currently enjoying approval ratings little better than child molesters.

.. ..

To be clear, I am not qualifying a box office “disappointment” or an “under-performer” as a mega-flop.  Reiner has not only not had a hit in 11 years, since 2007’s The Bucket List, everything he has directed has been a box office catastrophe.

In 2010, Reiner directed the $14 million Flipped — it grossed less than $2 million. That is not a typo — less than TWO million dollars. Things got a lot worse two years later.

Despite the presence of Morgan Freeman and a budget of just $5 million, The Magic of Bell Isle, which Reiner both wrote and directed, lost every penny due to a — and again this is not a typo — gross of just $102,388.

In 2014, with no less than Michael Douglas and Diane Keaton on the poster, And So It Goes bottomed out in wide release (1762 theaters) with just $15 million domestic, which did not even cover its $18 million production budget. Add at least as much for publicity, and you are talking about a $20 million loss.

Reiner’s Being Charlie performed so poorly in May of 2016, it never expanded beyond 14 screens and managed to only gross $30,400.”

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