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Voting: Our Sacred Right as Citizens is at Risk | Oct 2016

‘Hacking Democracy’ – The Hack – The Seven Minute Trailer from the Film

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“This is the hack that proved America’s elections can be stolen using a few lines of computer code. The ‘Hursti Hack’ in this video is an excerpt from the feature length Emmy nominated documentary ‘Hacking Democracy’. The hack of the Diebold voting system in Leon County, Florida, is real. It was verified by computer scientists at UC Berkeley.

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The right of United States Citizens to vote and have their votes accurately counted, is fundamental, for without it, all other rights are in jeopardy. That right is seriously undermined and in some cases under attack by individuals, interests and the corporations themselves who allow unsecure voting systems to be marketed as secure. How can our nation not be at risk with such systems? /CJ

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