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New British PM Vows End to Migrant Crisis for Great Britain | July 2016

Theresa May will stop migrant crisis: New PM vows she will end free movement from EU

– Express UK


THERESA May will make a strict new limit on immigration her top demand in her push for an EU exit deal, the Daily Express has learned.

Senior Tory sources say the new Tory leader – who will be appointed prime minister by the Queen on Wednesday – has already drawn up the key red lines that must be included before she will accept any agreement on the country’s future relationship with Brussels.

Number one item on the list will be the ending free movement for EU citizens to come to the UK.

And she is also determined to ensure that the EU’s Court of Justice no longer has any supremacy over UK law.

A source close to the Tory leader said: “The clear message from the EU referendum was that people want us to get back control of our borders. Theresa is absolutely determined to do that.”

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– It will be interesting to see what effect this political change in the United Kingdom will have on the US Presidential Elections./CJ