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Federal Courts and the Constitution – Feb 2016

The Kalb Report – Amazing Ruth Bader Ginsberg & Antonin Scalia Interview

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Federal Judge Says Recording Police Not Protected By The First Amendment

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from the please-inform-all-parties-before-recording-of-your-expressive-intentions dept

Over the years, the nation’s courts have moved towards recognizing First Amendment protections for citizens who film public servants carrying out public duties. Nearly every case has involved a citizen arrested for filming police officers, suggesting far too many law enforcement entities still feel their public actions deserve some sort of secrecy — even as these agencies deploy broader and more powerful surveillance tools aimed at the same public areas where no expectation of privacy (under the Fourth Amendment) exists.

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 – On it’s face, the public has a right to free expression, if speech means anything, it means the right to gather images and sound in public as you choose as long as you don’t infringe on the rights of others. There is no requirement in the 1st amendment that you must announce your intentions to the authorities to do so. This presumes the authorities have the right to deny you your rights to peaceably assemble, express your thoughts and disseminate the results as you see fit without government abridgement or constraint.
Public conduct is just that. This decision makes evident that some public conduct can become and remain in fact secret conduct by public officials.
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