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Electoral College Elects Trump and Makes History | Dec 2016

‘Faith Spotted Eagle’ Cracks Glass Ceiling – Snatches Electoral Vote from Hillary Clinton

– theGatewayPundit

“Faith Spotted Eagle snatched one elector from Hillary in Washington State!

Faith Spotted Eagle is a member of the Yankton Sioux Tribe and an anti-oil activist. Robert Satiacum, the Washington delegate who nominated Spotted Eagle, says she is a “real leader” unlike Hillary Clinton.

This is what winning looks like, folks!
It turns out that Hillary Clinton lost 4 of the 12 electors in Washington State – Three voted for Colin Powell and one voted for a Native American.

Leading up to the the electoral vote today, the leftist media elevated faithless Trump elector, Chris Suprun. He was the loud and proud rogue elector in Texas and the fake news media couldn’t get enough.
But the coup failed.

Instead Hillary Clinton lost at least four electors today including one to Faith Spotted Eagle.”

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Amazing, this woman made U.S. History today in a number of ways:

 – One: First Native American voted for U.S. president in Electoral College

 – Two: First Native American Woman voted for U.S. president in Electoral College

True, it may be only one vote, but the significance of the fact that a Native American got even a single vote is still historic. Who knows, perhaps one day there will be 270. /CJ

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Washington State Casts 8 Electoral Votes For Hillary Clinton, 3 For Colin Powell, 1 For Faith Spotted Eagle

– Real Clear Politics

“Four of Washington State’s 12 electors cast votes for someone other than Hillary Clinton; three for former general Colin Powell, and one for Faith Spotted Eagle, a Native-American elder from South Dakota.”

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Clueless Careless Obama Keeps Golfing During Muslim Murderous Mayhem | Dec 2016

Obama Heads to Golf Course After Receiving Reports on Berlin Attack and Russian Ambassador Death

– Mediaite

“Well, this is what one would call bad political optics.

With the dual breaking news events surrounding potential terrorism and a foreign diplomat being shot to death, White House pool reports showed that President Barack Obama headed to a country club in Hawaii near his rental house, where he is vacationing.

The first email shows that Obama has directed his staff to keep him updated on the situation in Turkey regarding the assassination of the Russian Ambassador.

Currently, the news is dominated by both the assassination in Turkey, which could have large-scale implications on foreign policy and relations, and multiple deaths in Berlin via a truck driving through a market in an incident reminiscent of the Nice terror attack.

Needless to say, there will be a lot of negative attention given to Obama playing golf in the immediate aftermath of these horrific, and potentially history-altering, events.”

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Terror Truck driver said to have come as a refugee to the country

– Die Welt

A truck is raging into the Christmas market at the Berlin Memorial Church. At least twelve people died. A man was arrested. He is reported to be a refugee.

A spokesman for the Berlin police says there will be an investigation into whether it is an accident or an attack. “We do not have any clear indications, either in one direction or the other.” For Berliners and visitors to the city, there was no danger. “The situation is safe.”

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ABC Highlights Electoral College Disruptors, Shocked by Clinton Defections

– NewsBusters

“As the Electoral College wrapped up its proceedings across the country Monday, it was abundantly clear that President-Elect Donald Trump had exceeded the 270 votes needed to win and that the efforts of his liberal opponents were sundered. On ABC’s World News Tonight that evening reporter Cecilia Vega highlighted the efforts of those who set out disrupt the process. “It did not come without some fiery moments today,” hyped Anchor David Muir leading into the report.

“A chaotic scene in Wisconsin today,” reported Vega, “Protesters shouting down electors as they cast their votes for Donald Trump.” “Everyone one of you, you’re pathetic! You don’t deserve to be in America,” a woman shouted as she was being escorted out by police. “This is my America! My America,” she continued.

Vega played video of a crowd of protesters interrupting the electors in Pennsylvania with chants of “Shame on you! Shame on you!” It was followed up with cell phone video of a man who seemed to be failing in his attempt to energize his fellow protester in Ohio, as he tiredly declared, “This is what democracy looks like.”

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