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How the Clinton’s befriend a Chinese fry cook in Little Rock who ends up Funneling illegal Chinese Govt campaign donations | Mar 01, 2017

‘Yes, there had been a connection to the People’s Republic of China. A lieutenant colonel in the Chinese army had given him $300,000 to donate to the 1996 Democratic campaign.’

– DailyMail UK

‘I see the White House is like a subway’.


“Once the shock of Hillary Clinton election loss passed, the blame game began.

But FBI Director Comey’s decision to reopen the investigation into Hillary’s emails the Wikileaks revelations and campaign strategy missteps were hardly the only reasons to blame for Hillary’s devastating loss. Nor was the inability of the Democratic candidate to  connect to voters.

According to presidential historian and New York Times bestselling author Doug Wead, Hillary’s scathing defeat was unsurprising and a direct result of the scandals, lies and cover-ups that have followed her and her husband for decades.

In fact, financial help from foreign governments goes back to a little-talked-about story of Hillary and Bill’s relationship with China that began at the Fu Lin Chinese Restaurant in Little Rock, Arkansas during Clinton’s days as governor.

Frequent diners at the restaurant, the Clintons struck up a ‘friendship’ with Charles Yah Lin Trie, a fry cook in the kitchen who eventually became co-owner.

Both of their statures rose simultaneously – Trie curiously becoming an important corporate figure as well as a prominent Clinton financial backer when the Clintons moved into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in 1991.

Both parties moved to Washington and Trie opened a business in the capital.

The FBI quickly learned the one source of income for Trie’s company was from bank accounts in Hong Kong and Macau in the name of Ng Lap Seng.

Trie helped organize a $220,000 donation to the Democratic Party and paid $100,000 for a seat at a presidential gala with Ng Lap Seng as his guest.

Prominent Democrats wondered how a fry cook had become such a big corporate player. Were the president and the Democratic party accepting illegal foreign donations? Just who were all these Chinese visitors to the Oval Office, they questioned.

With the money donated to the Presidential Legal Expense fund, ‘Charlie wrote the president a stern letter urging a different Chinese policy and warning that ‘it is highly possible for China to launch real war’,’ Wead writes.

The year of Clinton’s re-election, 1996, Charlie Trie brought another man, Wang Jun with him to the White House for coffee with Bill.

Jun headed up an investment conglomerate owned by the People’s Republic of China that included a weapons trading company owned by the Chinese military.

The FBI had it all down on eavesdropping surveillance – the Chinese were trying to influence the reelection of Bill Clinton – with money and that old pay to play scheme that had always worked so well.

Charlie Trie fled the country during a congressional investigation as did Ng Lap Seng, the man suspected of funneling money from the People’s Republic of China into the Clinton reelection campaign. No answers to investigators.

Oddly, Ng Lap Seng showed up in New York City in 2016 during the Russian email hacking discussions and was quickly arrested and ‘charged with bringing in suitcases full of cash to bribe United Nations officials.

The investigation was reopened but the national media panned and buried the story, according to Wead.

Charlie Trie was not alone.

‘There was a veritable flood of foreign money looking for a way to flow to the Clintons’.

A California businessman and Chinese American named Johnny Chung, characterized as a ‘hustler’ by a national security official, started making large donations to the Democratic National Committee in 1994 that totaled $366,000.

All that dough opened the White House door to him for forty-nine visits as well as allowing him to bring in Chinese friends to a Clinton presidential radio address.

Investigators caught up with Chung although other Chinese donors fled the country.

When Chung converted to Christianity, his guilt convinced him to come clean and plead guilty to election law violations.

‘Yes, there had been a connection to the People’s Republic of China. A lieutenant colonel in the Chinese army had given him $300,000 to donate to the 1996 Democratic campaign’.

An additional perk allowed the donor to have his picture taken with Bill Clinton at a fundraiser in LA.

Chung delivered a shocking account of Clinton staffers disregard for campaign finance law.

Chung was able to hand a check for $50,000 over to Hillary Clinton’s chief of staff, Margaret A. Williams – with not a raised eyebrow – and she in turn handed it over to the Democratic National Committee.

‘I see the White House is like a subway’.

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