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Bernie Supporters at DNC Say They’re Voting For Trump | July 2016

Bernie Supporters Say they are Done with Democratic party

– Youtube  |  Campus Reform

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Police detained the Bernie Sanders delegates inside DNC

– Breitbart


Mainstream Media Ignore Day Four of Democratic National Convention Protests

“Protesters made their last stand Thursday night on day four of the Democratic National Convention, showing restraint outside the arena as they avoided taking their anger to a more violent and destructive level. Inside, angry Bernie Sanders delegates staged a massive walkout that the mainstream media covering Hillary Clinton’s address ignored.

Outside, protesters began a push towards the fence but were confronted with the law enforcement presence that at some points was seven layers deep. Other demonstrators yelled to keep things peaceful as a standoff began with the police.

Meanwhile, police detained the Bernie Sanders delegates inside and did not allow them to leave and join the other demonstrators.

After the balloons fell and the Democratic National Convention wrapped up, the Sanders delegates were allowed to join the protesters, but police kept at least one reporter from covering the protest.”

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– So free speech dies at the DNC in Philadelphia as police prevent press coverage./CJ