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HBO and John Oliver Need to Explain Why They were Working with Clinton Campaign Since 2015 | Oct 2016

Hacked Emails Tie HBO’s John Oliver Directly To Clinton Foundation

– Daily Caller


Hacked emails obtained by transparency group DC Leaks show that the Clinton Foundation reached out to HBO’s John Oliver about cooperating on an unknown, joint project during the spring of 2015.

In the email in question, Greg Propper, co-president of social activist group Propper-Daley and longtime Clinton Foundation partner, wrote to Clinton ally Capricia Marshall and Sarah Henning, a top Clinton Foundation official, that “we’ve made contact with John Olivier [sic].”

“His team is working on it,” Propper wrote in reference to the unknown project. “Hope to have an answer tomorrow. xo.”

Oliver joined HBO as the host of “Last Week Tonight” in 2014.

According to Infowars, Oliver began growing increasingly hostile to Donald Trump after the eventual Republican nominee began picking up steam in the primary.

He devoted an entire episode to attacking Donald Trump on February 29, 2016, and though the “Donald Drumpf” episode would go on to being his least watched episode of the season, the segment has become HBO’s all-time, highest viewed piece of online content.”

– Hopefully now that Oliver has shown collusion with the Hillary Clinton Campaign, he will now address why. /CJ

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More proof the press is all in for Hillary Clinton

– Personaliberty.com


“Newly unearthed emails from Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton’s handlers provide further proof of how the former top diplomat plays members of the media to cover for her scandals.

According to emails uncovered by a Republican National Committee lawsuit reveal that Clinton’s State Department flunkies coordinated with the White House to keep reporters from asking tough questions about the former first lady’s emails.

Just two days after Clinton held her first press conference to address her email scandal in May of last year, State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki got an email from the White House asking how to best shield Clinton replacement John Kerry from quizzed about the emails.

“Think we can get this done so [Kerry] is not asked about email,” Jennifer Palmieri, then the White House’s communications director, wrote ahead of Kerry’s appearance on Face the Nation.

Psaki wrote back that State was doing its best to kill the CBS interview.

“And we are going to hold on any other TV options just given the swirl of crap out there,” she added.

Other emails from Clinton State Department employees show that Clinton’s people were also working with Last Week Tonight host John Oliver to portray Clinton as a better presidential choice than Republican Donald Trump.

Infowars’ Paul Joseph Watson reported:

The hacked email, which was unearthed by the DC Leaks outfit, suggests some level of collusion between the Clintons, HBO and the British television host.

As presenter of the popular HBO show Last Week Tonight, Oliver has made a name for himself with a series of anti-Donald Trump monologues, including one that made global headlines when he revealed that the Trump family name was once changed from the ancestral name “Drumpf”.

The email was sent on February 19, 2015 by Greg Propper, an advisor to The Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation. Its recipients included Sarah Henning, Director of Programs at the Clinton Foundation, and Capricia Marshal, who served as served as chief of protocol from 2009 to 2013 under Secretary Clinton at the State Department.

The email, which was sent to Henning’s ‘clintonfoundation.org’ address, is entitled, “We’ve made contact with John Olivier” and the body of the email reads, “And his team is working on it. Hope to have an answer tomorrow.”

It’s worth noting that following the correspondence, Oliver delivered multiple negative monologues about Trump with virtually no criticism of Clinton’s scandal-ridden political career.”

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One has to wonder if Bill Maher had similar emails, discussions and ‘projects’ with the Clinton Campaign?  /CJ

‘Hillary Won Fair and Square’ – Real Lies with Bill Maher | June 2016


 Clinton Email Leak: Hillary Campaign ‘Worked With’ Bloomberg Reporter On Anti-Sanders Story

– Daily Caller


“Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign collaborated with Bloomberg reporter Jennifer Epstein to create an anti-Bernie Sanders story prior to the Nevada caucus.In the vast trove of Clinton emails leaked Thursday by the organization DCLeaks, there is an email exchange between Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook and Emily Ruiz, head of the campaign’s Nevada operation. In the exchange, Ruiz and Mook discuss rumors that Sanders volunteers were posing as Clinton operatives and engaging in irritating behavior like knocking on voters’ doors at 11 pm.

Then, Mook reveals that the campaign is working with Epstein on a piece bashing Sanders staff for underhanded tactics.”

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Actress Susan Sarandon destroys Hillary Clinton | Oct 2016

Susan Sarandon Says She’s More Afraid of Hillary Clinton Than Donald Trump

– Youtube

“What would make you think that once she gets in she’s gonna suddenly go against the people that have given her millions and millions of dollars….I think that’s very naive and egotistical…..”

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Millie Weaver Finds Democrats Switching for Trump | Aug 2016

Bernie Supporters at DNC Say They’re Voting For Trump | July 2016



Hillary’s Strange 20 Million Dollar Financial Ties to Saudi Arabia, Land of Slave Auctions | Sep 2016

ISIS is trafficking dozens of sex slaves ‘to be sold in horrifying auctions to UK ally Saudi Arabia’

– The Sun UK


“SEX slaves captured by ISIS terrorists are being sold at sickening auctions in Saudi Arabia – a key UK ally – Sun Online has been told.

The horrifying discovery was unveiled when a jihadi was killed in fighting at the town of Al-Shirqat, which was taken over by the terror group in 2014.

Members of the Iraqi Popular Mobilisation Units, a state-sponsored militia fighting to liberate the town, recovered his mobile phone and claimed to have found horrifying images of the sickening trade.

The Arab nation is part of the international coalition fighting Islamic State alongside the UK and US but wealthy Saudis have been accused of sponsoring the terror group for years.”

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 “Muslims are peaceful and tolerant people and have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism.” —Hillary Clinton


Saudi Arabia Has Funded 20% Of Hillary’s Presidential Campaign, Saudi Crown Prince Claims

– Zerohedge.com


“In what may be the pinnacle of hypocrisy, moments ago Hillary Clinton, while speaking live on national security and addressing the Orlando shooting took some time from her constant bashing of the Second Amendment and calling for a ban on assault rifles, to say some less than kind words about Saudi Arabia whom it accused of supporting radical organizations. This is what she said:

The third area that demands attention is preventing radicalization and countering efforts by ISIS and other international terrorist networks to recruit in the United States and Europe.

For starters, it is long past time for the Saudis, the Qataris and the Kuwaitis and others to stop their citizens from funding extremist organizations. And they should stop supporting radical schools and mosques around the world that have set too many young people on a path towards extremism.

We also have to use all our capabilities to counter jihadist propaganda online. This is something that I spend a lot of time on at the State Department.

There is nothing wrong with that statement, as it is the whole truth – Saudi Arabia’s involvement in supporting terrorism stretches from Sept 11 all the way through to ISIS – however, where there  is a big, and potentially law-breaking,  problem is what Jordan’s official news agency, Petra News Agency, reported on Sunday citing the Saudi crown price, namely that Saudi Arabia is a major funder of Hillary Clinton’s campaign to become the next president of the United States.”

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Saudis funding 20% of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign

– JihadWatch


“Muslims are peaceful and tolerant people and have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism.” —Hillary Clinton


“The U.S. imam Warith Deen Mohammed said in 1999: “In Saudi Arabia it’s the Wahabi school of thought…and they say, ‘We’re gonna give you our money, then we want you to…prefer our school of thought.’ That’s in there whether they say it or not. So there is a problem receiving gifts that seem to have no attachment, no strings attached.”

“Muslims are peaceful and tolerant people and have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism.” —Hillary Clinton

“The Clinton Foundation…disclosed in 2008 that it had accepted up to US$25 million from the Saudi Kingdom in the same year. Other foreign governments who have donated money to the Clintons include…Kuwait, Qatar, Brunei, Oman…”

Hillary Clinton is bought and paid for.”

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Hillary Talks about Fighting for Women’s Rights

– Youtube

“That was a statement about human inequality….”

Yet she takes campaign money from a country that still engages in the slavery of human beings, especially women. That is the height of hypocrisy. /CJ

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Clinton Foundation Donations Tied to Big Middle East Arms Deals | June 2016

Hillary’s Saudi Campaign Money | June 2016




Hillary’s Greatest Racist Hits ‘Super Predators Bring them to Heel’ | Aug 2016

Donald Trump is Right: Hillary Clinton Is a Bigot Supported Life in Prison for ‘Super Predators’

– Young Turks  |  Youtube


Just a few examples of Hillary Clinton’s blatant racism:

Black “super-predators.” In the 1990s, the Clintons sold themselves as Democrats who would, unlike liberals, attack the Sister Souljahs of the world. Hence her attack on “super-predators,” a remark whose racial tinge Clinton now says she regrets.


“Colored People’s Time.” Running for president again, Clinton participated in a bad racist joke designed to prove her cultural competence with blacks while still appealing to the perceived prejudices of those “hard-working … white Americans.”

– This video clearly show how the Democrats feel about people of color, no greater hypocrisy could possibly be on display./CJ

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Flashback: Hillary Clinton Praises Exalted Cyclops of Ku Klux Klan

– theGatewaypundit.com

– Hillary Clinton praises KKK member Robert C. Byrd, and states ‘it is almost impossible to imagine the United States Senate without Robert Byrd…..’


“There’s an old Mexican proverb that says ‘Tell me with whom you walk and I will tell you who you are,’” said Clinton.

– Did Hillary Clinton also just say she can’t imagine the US Senate without the presence of a member of the KKK?’ /CJ



“White Americans need to do a better job when African Americans talk……” Says Hillary as her Security gives a young protestor the Bum’s Rush

– Youtube

“I am not a super predator, Hillary Clinton. Will you apologize for calling for mass incarcerations? You called Black people super predators.”

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Hillary Clinton Laughs While Discussing Defense of Child Rapist

Hillary’s Weird Inappropriate Laughter – What Does it Mean? | Jun 2016


Hillary’s Fake Foundation Flounders Demands Grow To Shut it Down Now | Aug 2016

Boston Globe calls for Hillary to shut down Clinton Foundation

– The New Boston Post

clinton cgi1x

– The Clinton Foundation problem.
Shut it down now are the demands. Not later. Not after the elections. Now. If it would be wrong then, why isn’t wrong now?
“The Boston Globe has called for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton to immediately cut donations to the Clinton Foundation, and then shut down the non-profit if she becomes president.

“Although the charity founded by former President Bill Clinton has done admirable work over the last 15 years, the Clinton Foundation is also now clearly a liability for Hillary Clinton as she seeks the presidency in 2016,” the editorial board argued Tuesday. “The once-and-maybe-future first family will have plenty to keep them busy next year if Hillary Clinton defeats Donald Trump in November. The foundation should remove a political — and actual — distraction and stop accepting funding. If Clinton is elected, the foundation should be shut down.”

 Clinton continued her work at the Clinton Foundation while serving as secretary of state in the Obama administration. Released emails seem to indicate she wasn’t able to keep her roles adequately separate.

The damage caused by the fluidity between roles would be unbelievably magnified, were she to become president.

“[I]f the Clinton Foundation continues to cash checks from foreign governments and other individuals seeking to ingratiate themselves to a President Hillary Clinton, it would be unacceptable.”

The Washington Post editorial board Sunday made some similar points to the Boston Globe, noting that while emails don’t seem to support the claim the Clinton Foundation was a “pay-to-play operation,” there was a clear breakdown in the ethical wall between her job as secretary of state and her work with the Clinton Foundation.

It’s not even necessary in the process of closing the Clinton Foundation to ruin charity efforts. Assets could simply be transferred to some other foundation with similar work, or the Clintons could re-open the foundation after her term or terms in the White House were done.”

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11 Calls to Shut Down Clinton Foundation from Left-Wing Media

– Breitbart

hillary money

“New reporting on allegations that Hillary Clinton used her position as Secretary of State to sell access to major Clinton Foundation donors — charges first detailed in Breitbart News Senior Editor-at-Large Peter Schweizer’s New York Times bestselling book Clinton Cash — have led to a flood of calls from left-wing and center-left media for the Clintons to shut down their multibillion-dollar charity.

Below is a list of eleven of these establishment outlets and journalists urging the Clintons either to shutter the Foundation or pass off its assets to some other unaffiliated nonprofit.

1. The Huffington Post

The Huffington Post began the week with a front page banner that read “Just Shut it Down.” The HuffPo headline linked to a New York Times article that shined the spotlight on several major Clinton Foundation donors who saw their multi-million dollar donations coincide with favorable federal actions while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State.

2. The Washington Post

The Washington Post editorial board wrote Wednesday that “should Ms. Clinton win, all of that work and all of the foundation’s assets should be spun off to an organization with no ties to the first family.”

3. USA Today

The USA Today editorial board said Wednesday that “the only way to eliminate the odor surrounding the foundation is to wind it down and put it in mothballs, starting today, and transfer its important charitable work to another large American charity such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.”

4. The New Yorker

Writing in The New Yorker, John Cassidy argues: “Rather than torpedoing the foundation, it would surely make more sense, at least for the duration of a Clinton Presidency, to separate it from its founding family and turn it into an independent organization run and overseen by people unconnected to the Clintons. The reforms that Bill Clinton announced on Monday go some way in this direction, but not far enough.”

5. The Boston Globe

Last week, the Boston Globe editorial board asserted that “the Clintons should move now to end donations to the Foundation, and make plans to shut it down in November.”

6. Slate

Over the weekend, Slate senior writer Josh Voorhees wrote that “as long as Hillary Clinton is either running for the White House or running the country from inside it, she and her husband should temporarily shutter their foundation.”

7. The Daily Beast

Daily Beast special correspondant Michael Tomasky wrote Tuesday that “The Clintons should shut the foundation down.”

8. Huffington Post Senior Politics Editor Sam Stein

In an appearance Wednesday on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Stein said, “[T]hey definitely need to shut this thing down or transfer it to the — to some other foundation. … I mean, can you imagine, the people she’s going to have to meet with as president, assuming she wins, it’ just going overlap constantly. We’ll have stories like this nonstop. There’s too much ethical murkiness here.”

9. Huffington Post Washington bureau chief Ryan Grim

Grim took to Twitter on Monday and mocked the Clinton Foundation, writing: “If you shut down the Clinton Foundation. How would the world’s oligarchs achieve their main goal in life, eradicating disease and poverty??”

10. Longtime Clinton ally and former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell

Last week, Rendell told the New York Daily News he believes that if Hillary Clinton wins in November that the Clinton foundation should be disbanded. “It’d be impossible to keep the foundation open without at least the appearance of a problem.”

11. New York Magazine columnist Jonathan Chait 

Oft-celebrated left-wing columnist Jonathan Chait wrote last week that “the Clinton Foundation needs to die.”

…More @ Breitbart.com with a lit up comments section.


Hillary’s defense:  “I am Not a Crook!”

– Youtube

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DNC Losing their minds over Hillary’s hacked Emails | July 2016

Note to DNC: Stop Blaming Putin, YOU Wrote the Emails

– PJ Media


“Nobody cares about your damned emails!”  – Well they do now.

“For those who find themselves in opposition to Democrats, the last couple of days have been hysterical. Despite the dysfunction on display last week at the Republican National Convention, it’s clear that the GOP has nothing on the Democrats.

Democrats immediately went on the offensive, blaming Russians for the DNC email hack and claiming Putin’s government is trying to influence American politics. While that may or may not be true (hard information on who is at fault is still unavailable), none of that has anything to do with the fact that it was Democrats who wrote the damning emails.

However, it doesn’t change the fact that the emails are the result of a hack — not a fabrication. Democrats wrote every email being thrown back at them. There’s a reason Debbie Wasserman-Schultz resigned, after all. It wasn’t because someone made something up, it’s because those emails are real.

Republicans, Libertarians, and even Bernie Sanders supporters are having a field day with the WikiLeaks information. It turns out almost everything they accused Democratic Party elites of doing has been proven true. From anti-Semitism from a Democratic member of the House who should know better, to referring to Latino voters as “taco bowls outreach,” we see that the party of tolerance is far less tolerant than they appear.

None of this can be laid at the feet of Putin. While he may have been behind the hack, he wasn’t behind the real problem: the corrupt and prejudicial individuals who wrote them being so highly placed within the party.

No, Democrats, that’s all on you.”

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TRUMP Just Got Hillary to Admit Her Email Scandal Was National Security Issue

– the GatewayPundit

images (4)

Game- Set- Match!
Hillary gets played!… And not by Bill this time…

Republican Donald Trump held a press conference Wednesday morning to respond to the recent attacks and lies by Democrats and the liberal press.

Trump COMPLETELY OWNED the media.

Trump spoke directly to the Russians during his question and answer session. Trump urged the Russians to release more hacked Hillary emails.

“I will tell you this, Russia if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing. I think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press.”

After his presser the Hillary Campaign released a statement.

The campaign admitted for the first time that Hillary Clinton’s emails were a national security issue.
Via The Federalist:

Hillary Clinton Wants to Bring in 65,000 ‘Syrian’ refugees a Year | June 2016

Hillary Clinton: US “has to do more” on refugee crisis – Bring in Tens of Thousands every year 

– CBS News

John Dickerson: “President Obama has proposed bringing in 10,000 Syrian refugees, is that enough?”

Enough for what?

– Hillary proposes letting in tens of thousands of ‘Syrian’ refugees into the United States, even though the head of the FBI says we have no method to properly vett the background of these so-called refugees. As usual, Hillary is profoundly clueless.

If one deranged Muslim terrorist can murder 50 people in an Orlando nightclub, just imagine what tens of thousands could do./CJ



Flesh Eating Disease Spreads Through the Middle East

– NaturalSociety.com


“The Islamic State’s civil war has created havoc across the Middle East in terms of bombed out buildings and displacing millions of people. However, they have also developed the perfect breeding ground for cutaneous leishmaniasis, a disfiguring disease caused by bites from infected sand flies. And because of the mass movement of people due to the refugee crisis, this disfiguring disease may be on its way to southern Europe, officials warn.

Cutaneous leishmaniasis leads to significant scarring on the face, and due to lack of medical facilities within the Middle East and in refugee camps, it is often left untreated.

The disease has thrived in the war torn environment due to numerous bombed out and abandoned buildings and the problem of a lack of water.

This issue seems to be a new one, as before the civil war, only a few cases were reported each year. Between 2000 and 2012, Lebanon only reported six cases. However, in 2013 alone, they have reported 1,033, most originating from Syrian refugees now living in Lebanon.

Along with disfigurement, the disease can cause open sores, nose bleeds, difficulty breathing and swallowing and death in some cases. Death most often happens when it is not treated, which happens more and more often with the lack of medical facilities.

Although the disease was once only contained to Syria, it is making its way to neighboring countries at a rapid rate. For instance, in southern Turkey alone, they have reported over 400 cases.

Dr. Waleed Al-Salem of the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine said:

“It’s a very bad situation. The disease has spread dramatically in Syria, but also into countries like Iraq, Lebanon, Turkey, and even into southern Europe with refugees coming in.

There are thousands of cases in the region but it is still underestimated because no one can count the exact number of people affected.”

…Continue reading @ NaturalSociety.com


ISIS Blamed for Spread of Flesh-Eating Disease in Syria

– theGatewaypundit.com

“In the past year over 500 people have caught the “flesh-eating” disease known as Leishmaniasis which is spread by infected flies.

The disease is caused by ISIS dumping corpses in the street and letting them rot in public.
The first case was reported in 2013. In mid-2014 over 500 cases were reported.”

….More here @ theGatewaypundit.com

Question: How does Hillary Clinton propose keep this flesh eating disease out of the USA if we import 65 thousand refugees a year?/CJ