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Trump’s First Rally in California| Apr 2016

Live Stream – Trump’s First Rally in Costa Mesa, California – Massive Rally

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Images from the event in the Orange County, California.









Donald Trump in O.C.: Tensions mount as police in riot gear separate protesters, supporters

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Prostesters demonstrate at Donald Trump rally at The Pacific Amphitheatre on Thursday. ///ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: trump.0429-4/28/16- KYUSUNG GONG, STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER Ð Trump rally
Prostesters demonstrate at Donald Trump rally at The Pacific Amphitheatre on Thursday.
“Police in riot gear worked to separate a growing crowd of Donald Trump protesters from supporters still trying to get into the packed Pacific Amphitheatre minutes before the Republican presidential candidate was scheduled to make his first primary campaign speech in California.

Roughly a dozen backup deputies were called in to further separate the two sides as the anti-Trump contingent appeared to steadily walk forward and push back the horses. Those on the pro-Trump side were told to stand on the sidewalk.

“It was scary,” Chelsea Rogers, 25, a Costa Mesa cosmetologist who came to the rally with her 16-year-old brother and who supports Trump. “If it gets any crazier, I don’t know what the police will do.”

On the anti-Trump side, Katrina Mendoza, 22, an Orange Coast college student, quickly walked away from the crowds as her friends urged her not to go back to the protest.

“A lady tried to hit me,” Mendoza said. “She called me disgusting and told me to go back to my country. But I was born here.”

The atmosphere outside became increasingly tense as both sides continued shouting obscenities, with hundreds of protesters cordoned off in a portion of the parking lot.

Inside the amphitheater, the atmosphere more closely resembled a rock concert, with a huge American flag hanging behind the speaker’s podium and Elton John music blasting from loudspeakers.

The theater was about 85 percent full near the 7 p.m. scheduled start time, with more people still trying to get in as the crowd got ready for Trump to take the stage. As of 7:30, Trump still had not spoken.”

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Donald Trump in Orange County: Large crowd gathers hours before rally in Costa Mesa

– OC Register


“COSTA MESA – Hours before Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump was scheduled to make the first stop on his California campaign, large crowds of supporters and protestors were already gathering at the OC Fair & Event Center in Costa Mesa.

Trump fans were waving American flags and chanting “USA,” with signs that read “Patriotically Correct” and “Black Christian women love Trump.”

The pro-Trump group was largely quiet awaiting the opening of the venue. As of 4 p.m., hours before the candidate was schedule to speak, there were few visible signs of anti-Trump protesters.

Trump’s choice of Orange County for his first major California event of the year is no surprise. While the county’s increasing ethnic diversity has contributed to Republican voter registration recently slipping below 40 percent, the GOP still has an 8-point advantage over Democrats and continues its longstanding national reputation as a Republican powerhouse.

Its many wealthy donors also make it a national fundraising hub for GOP candidates.

The stop in California indicates Trump has turned his attention to the state that could prove the most crucial yet in his drive to be the Republican standard bearer.

The 1,237 delegates Trump needs to secure the nomination in advance of the July convention is within reach. California’s 172 delegates – the most of any state – could determine whether he reaches that benchmark or must continue the battle at the convention.

While Election Day is June 7, there is a more immediate urgency to connect with the state’s voters because mail ballots begin going out in 11 days.”

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REPORT: Bernie Supporters Won’t Back Hillary EVEN IF HE ENDORSES HER

– theGatewayPundit.com


“Hillary is trying to lay the groundwork for bringing Bernie Sanders supporters into her camp but that task might be more difficult than she or anyone in her party thinks.

Inquisitr reports:

‘Bernie Or Bust’: Bernie Sanders’ Supporters Vow Not To Support Hillary Clinton Even If He Endorses Her

In the event that Bernie Sanders does not get the Democratic nomination in the 2016 presidential race, the Democratic party has a huge problem on their hands. Many of Sanders’ supporters are making it clear that they are “Bernie or Bust,” meaning that if he doesn’t get the nomination, they still won’t vote for Hillary Clinton. This spells big trouble for the Clinton campaign and will definitely make it hard for her to beat any Republican nominee.

Bernie Sanders has been compared to Ralph Nader as far as his power to split the Democratic party, but that isn’t necessarily the case. Sanders has said before, whether it will actually be the case or not, that he won’t run as an Independent if he doesn’t win the Democratic nomination. That doesn’t mean all his supporters are a sure thing to move on over to vote for Hillary Clinton though. Actually, many Sanders supporters have vowed to vote “Bernie or Bust” and will either write him in for the general election or vote for any number of people who are not Hillary Clinton. The Revolt Against Plutocracy campaign is asking Bernie Sanders’ supporters to make a pledge to either write in Sanders or vote for the Green Party in the event that he doesn’t win the Democratic nomination.

Even left wing Salon is pushing the idea:

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