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Non-citizen Korean immigrant Texas Judge Placed on Leave for non-citizenship | May 18, 2017

Korean Texas Judge Placed on Leave after Non-citizenship Discovered

|| Breitbart

“Officials in Corpus Christi, Texas, placed a municipal court judge on unpaid suspension when they learned she is not a U.S. citizen — a requirement for the position.

After learning Judge Young Min Burkett was not a citizen, City officials placed her on unpaid leave for 90 days to give her time to complete her citizenship process, according to Corpus Christi Mayor Pro-Tem Lucy Rubio. The City did not disclose how they learned about her lack of citizenship.

Mayor Pro-Tem Rubio told the Associated Press that no one asked her about her citizenship during the hiring and qualification process. He also said she never attempted to deceive anyone or misrepresent her background.

However, the Department of Homeland Security Employment Eligibility Verification form, I-9, asks, under penalty of perjury, if the applicant is a citizen, noncitizen national of the U.S., a lawful permanent resident, or an alien authorized to work. The City did not disclose if Judge Burkett filled out the form, how she answered it, or who verified the information on the form.

Rubio reported that Corpus Christi City attorneys have reviewed the circumstances and stated that rulings Judge Burkett made during her tenure remain valid and lawful.”

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CNN Fake Republican @AnaNavarro Shilled for Socialist Sandinista Group BAUNIC In 1997

|| GotNews

“Trump-hating CNN talking head and Republican-In-Name-Only Ana Navarro has offered free legal advice to a socialists with the organization Support Bloc for Nicaraguan Unity, or BAUNIC, angering fellow expatriate Nicaraguans in the Miami area. The current Miami ambassador for the international-socialist Sandinista government, Luis Martinez-Noguera, founded the Navarro-backed group.

It’s little wonder that Navarro took to cable TV to smear President Donald J. Trump’s patriotic supporters as members “of the Donald Trump cult.”

For cover, Navarro claims to worship President Ronald Reagan.

That’s even though Reagan funded freedom fighters, the Contras, to end the Sandinista regime and its brutal human rights abuses.

In 1997, longer ago than the left-wing activist would prefer you remember, Nicaraguan exiles lashed out at Navarro for her complicity with Sandinista evil.

Navarro tried to make excuses for herself, citing her loyalty to any Nicaraguans over principled opposition to socialism, saying, “One of our basic problems is that we’re not willing to listen to each other, so we make destructive criticism instead of supporting each other.”

Martinez-Noguera created BAUNIC to halt deportations of illegal Nicaraguans from the U.S.

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