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Daily Caller Asks “Who’s Laughing Now?” As Liberal Losers Predict Trump Will Never Be President | Nov 12 2016

The Left Wing Echo Chamber Gets It So Wrong

– Daily Caller

“Despite the media laughing in his face for the past year, Donald Trump won the 2016 election.

TV’s finest have spent the past two and a half days walking back months of Trump ridicule, but like elephants, the Internet video wizards don’t forget.

Let’s review a few of their greatest hits.”

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Chris Matthews Smacks Maddow With Reality Hammer…

– the Conservative Tree House

“Mr Tingles discusses the election result via UniParty immigration usurpation, Clinton and Trump. In essence, Mr. Tingles plays the role of the cow who licked Rachel Maddow on the forehead, leaving her cross-eyed….”

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HBO and John Oliver Need to Explain Why They were Working with Clinton Campaign Since 2015 | Oct 2016