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California Stolen from Bernie Sanders | June 2016

Election Fraud Exposed as Hillary Steals the California June 7th Primary from Bernie 

– Youtube

– An interesting take on the recent primary. If true we need to watch for massive fraud coming in November.

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Hugh Thompson on How Easy it is to Change Voting Tabulations on Computer Voting Systems

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 – Note: unfortunately this video is no longer available.

Video Evidence of California Touch Screen Machine Flipping Sanders Vote to Different Candidate

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– More here @ Electionfraud2016.wordpress.com



Media Blackout: an Elephant in the Room The Incredible Election Fraud of Hillary Clinton

– Wearechange.org


Once again the Mainstream media seems to be completely silent, no surprise really, a recurring theme this election. That theme? Election fraud, and it just always seems to be in favor of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, against Senator Bernie Sanders. Whether its voter suppression, changing voting registration information or poll rigging machines. This election primary at every twist and turn has had it all and we’re not even to the general election yet. A compendium of the fraud is documented below by state.

Its become abundantly clear the establishment is cheating to get their candidate Hillary Clinton elected so why are all these facts ignored about Hillary’s campaign blatantly rigging to win states? As a Counter Punch article suggest its Highly Suspicious Hillary does good in states where machines can be hacked due to flunking security test..

However that’s not the only worry this election another worry is a whopping more than 30 states offered voters online voting.  Supposedly at convenience but convenience for whom? The ones rigging it?  Any security professional will tell you online voting is not secure and can also be heavily tampered with finding various vulnerabilities in outdated software, which Wired wrote an article about how insecure online voting really is during the Utah Caucus. The Washington Post also followed up and wrote an article where several experts warn online voting is 100% insecure.”

…Continue reading @ Wearechange.org


Clinton Does Best Where Voting Machines Flunk Hacking Tests: Hillary Clinton vs. Bernie Sanders Election Fraud Allegations

– Counterpunch.org

“CounterPunch has interviewed hackers, academics, exit pollsters, and elections officials and workers in multiple states for this series taking election fraud allegations seriously.  The tearful breakdown in Hacking Democracy is not surprising. There is a well-beyond remarkable gap between what security experts and academics say about the vulnerability of voting machines and the confidence elections experts and academics, media outlets, and elections officials place in those same machines.

In Leon County, Bev Harris’ Black Box Voting team had just demonstrated a simple hack of an AccuVote tabulator for bubble-marked paper ballots. Ion Sancho, Leon County’s Supervisor of Elections, also fights back tears in the Hacking Democracy clip: “I would have certified this election as a true and accurate result of a vote.” Sancho adds, “The vendors are driving the process of voting technology in the United States.”

In 2010, and this reminder will pain those of you who can remember when Nate Silver’s outfit did real data journalism rather than primarily yay-Clinton boo-Trump punditry, a FiveThirtyEight column argued that hacking was one of two possibilities for statistical anomalies in a Democratic Senate primary in South Carolina: “B. Somebody with access to software and machines engineered a very devious manipulation of the vote returns.”

Joshua Holland’s column in The Nation “debunking” claims of election fraud benefiting Clinton rests its case on a simple proposition: why would Clinton need to cheat when she was winning anyway? Apparently, Mr. Holland has never heard of an obscure American politician named Richard Nixon.

Kim Zetter, the best reporter on hacking and computer security at Wired Magazine, delved into the Brennan Center report with an article entitled “The Dismal State of America’s Decade-Old Voting Machines.” Zetter noted that in 2002, after the Bush v. Gore disaster, Congress passed the Help America Vote Act (HAVA) with billions of dollars available for counties throughout the U.S. to upgrade to new voting machines. Zetter then hits the critical point for discussion of election fraud allegations in the Democratic presidential primary:

But many of the machines installed then, which are still in use today, were never properly vetted—the initial voting standards and testing processes turned out to be highly flawed—and ultimately introduced new problems in the form of insecure software code and design.”