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Who’s ‘guarding’ US? Terrorists and murderers working ‘Security’ in the USA | June 2016

CNN Finds Somali War Criminal Working Security at Dulles International

– ProgressivesToday

The Orlando Muslim Terrorist was also working as a security guard at Florida Courthouse for a British Security firm.

“CNN has found an alleged war criminal from Somalia now working in the United States as an airport security guard.

Yusuf Abdi Ali was a commander during the Somali Civil War during the 1980s and has been accused of ordering the torture and executions of civilians in what has been called a genocide.

When CNN found out that he was living and working in the United States, they sent a crew to his workplace, Dulles International Airport in Northern Virginia, just minutes from Washington, D.C. The film crew found a man matching Ali’s description working security and began asking him questions.

How did Yusuf Abdi Ali get into the United States in the first place, let alone, get a high security job at a D.C. airport?”

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Question: Why are unvetted foreigners with badges and guns working security in the United States? How is it foreigners have the ability to deny US Citizens consitutional rights on a daily basis?