Haitians Migrate Streaming North to Enter Obama’s America Illegally | Sep 2016

Immigration appointments renewed for Haitians at San Ysidro – Video

– San Diego Union-Tribune


“We are having an immigration crisis,” Mexico says.

“After days of waiting in limbo, hundreds of Haitians stranded in Tijuana on Monday lined up at a trailer near the border for appointments to be processed for entry into the United States by U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

A previous appointment process had to be scrapped after authorities discovered an underground market had evolved, said a Mexican official with knowledge of the situation. The appointments were re-opened on Monday under a new system that involves the stamping of a Mexican immigration document.

A total of 930 people were given appointments, said the official, who said he could not give his name because his agency had not authorized him to speak.

Migrant advocates said that hundreds began lining up overnight outside the Desayunador Salesiano Padre Chava, a soup kitchen and shelter near the border. The appointments were being given at a trailer on the shelter’s grounds operated by Mexico’s National Migration Institute.

“We are having an immigration crisis,” said Rosario Lozada Romero, head of a municipal office that offers assistance to migrants, talking to reporters outside the center. “I believe this is the beginning of a situation that is going to become even more difficult.”

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– One has to wonder why Mexico let in economic migrants into their country, when they cannot even take care of their own people properly? Now they realize what allowing unlimited migration can bring? A bit late for that. Irresponsible and reckless.

We are witnessing a global meltdown, as one impoverished group invades another. Compounding cultural and economic problems, Mexicans generally don’t speak French and the Haitians don’t speak Spanish. They can’t even communicate at the most basic levels./CJ



U.S. to Step Up Deportations of Haitians Amid Surge at Border

– NY Times


Obama Effectively has had an Open Border for Haitians for Six Years – Since 2010 Earthquake

“The Obama administration, responding to an extraordinary wave of Haitian migrants seeking to enter the United States, said on Thursday that it would fully resume deportations of undocumented Haitian immigrants.

After an earthquake devastated parts of Haiti in 2010, the United States suspended deportations, saying that sending Haitians back to the country at a time of great instability would put their lives at risk. About a year later, officials partly resumed deportations, focusing on people convicted of serious crimes or those considered a threat to national security.

But since last spring, thousands of Haitian migrants who had moved to Brazil in search of work have been streaming north, mostly by land, winding up at American border crossings that lead to Southern California.

Few have arrived with American visas, but nearly all have been allowed to enter the United States because immigration officials were prohibited, under the modified deportation policy, from using the so-called fast-track removal process often employed at the border for new, undocumented arrivals.

Instead, the migrants were placed in a slower deportation process and released, with an appointment to appear in immigration court at a later date, officials said. Since early summer, most have been given permission to remain in the country for as long as three years under a humanitarian parole provision, immigrant advocates said.

With the full resumption of deportations, which took effect on Thursday morning, Haitians who arrive at the border without visas will be put into expedited removal proceedings.

Jeh Johnson, the secretary of Homeland Security, said in a statement that conditions in Haiti had “improved sufficiently to permit the U.S. government to remove Haitian nationals on a more regular basis.”

While Mr. Johnson’s statement did not mention the recent influx of Haitians along the southwestern border, Homeland Security officials, during a conference call with reporters, cited the migrant wave as the other major factor in the administration’s decision.

Since last October, officials said, more than 5,000 Haitians without visas have shown up at the San Ysidro crossing that links Tijuana, Mexico, with San Diego. By comparison, 339 Haitians without visas arrived at the San Ysidro crossing in the 2015 fiscal year.

An additional 4,000 to 6,000 Haitians were thought to be making their way from Brazil, immigrant advocates in San Diego and Tijuana said, based on estimates from shelters along the Brazil-to-Mexico migration route.”

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Question: Do we have the capability to vett these asylum seekers? Do we have the resources?

Like anything else, if we cannot afford the cost to properly vett these people, we cannot afford it. We have no obligation to accept people coming through Mexico, claiming any sort of refugee status. It is Mexico’s problem now./CJ

Crazy, Loud and Odd: Hillary’s Unhinged Video Message to Labor | Sep 2016

Hillary Clinton Shouts at Camera: ‘Why Aren’t I 50 Points Ahead’ of Donald Trump?

– Breitbart

“Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton sent a passionate video message to the Laborers’ International Union of North America, demanding that they help get the message out about Donald Trump.

She pointed out that she was against “Right To Work” and appeared upset that Trump was gaining in the polls despite his record of supporting it.

“Having said all this, ‘Why aren’t I 50 points ahead?’ you might ask,” she said, highlighting Trump’s anti-Labor union stance.”

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– You have to wonder who directed this?/CJ



Hillary Clinton Awkwardly Shouts Her Way Through Speech: ‘Why Aren’t I 50 Points Ahead?!’

– Mediaite


“Hillary Clinton addressed the Laborers’ International Union of North America Wednesday via teleconference, in a clip that surfaced online Thursday. But despite sitting in a dark room by herself, Clinton maintained the volume and tone she might use for a packed campaign rally. The result was… well, see for yourself.

“Now having said all this, why aren’t I 50 points ahead, you might ask,” she shouted in one particular animated moment. “Well, the choice for working families has never been clearer.”

The social media reaction (especially from conservatives) was immediate and harsh. “Hillary Clinton forgets to use her inside voice during labor union speech,” snarked The Week. The most common comparison was to Will Ferrell‘s Saturday Night Live character who suffered from Voice Immodulation Disorder.”

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Refugee Invasion of Europe Trashes Paris | Sep 2016

Check out the Videos of Migrants Enriching Parisian Culture

– Infowars

Not a woman or child among them

“Check out this short amateur video for a glimpse of the Western world that leftists are making: block after block of young male African migrants camped out on Parisian streets, with not a child or woman among them. It could be from virtually any third world capital, which is what Paris is fast becoming — and there may be no turning back barring literal civil war.”

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France24 Report on Asylum Seekers in Paris

– Youtube

“Sleeping rough, a compulsory step for asylum seekers in Paris?”

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Hillary Clinton Supports ‘500% Increase in Syrian Refugees’

– Breitbart


“Politifact, the left-of-center mainstream media “fact-checker,” has some bad news for presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump was right when he said Hillary Clinton wants “a 500 percent increase in Syrians refugees” in his Manchester, New Hampshire speech on Monday:

Each year, the United States permanently admits more than 100,000 immigrants from the Middle East, and many more from Muslim countries outside the Middle East. Our government has been admitting ever-growing numbers, year after year, without any effective plan for our security.

In fact, Clinton’s State Department was in charge of the admissions process for people applying to enter from overseas.

Having learned nothing from these attacks, she now plans to massively increase admissions without a screening plan, including a 500% increase in Syrian refugees. (emphasis added)

This could be a better, bigger version of the legendary Trojan Horse.

We can’t let this happen.

Altogether, under the Clinton plan, you’d be admitting hundreds of thousands of refugees from the Middle East with no system to vet them, or to prevent the radicalization of their children.

The burden is on Hillary Clinton to tell us why she believes immigration from these dangerous countries should be increased without any effective system to screen who we are bringing in.

Politifact searched through some of Clinton’s previous statements on the issue and found this gem:

During a Sept. 20 appearance on CBS’ Face the Nation, Clinton was asked if President Barack Obama’s plan to increase the number allowed into the United States to 10,000 was enough. (The United States had accepted about 2,000 in 2015.)

“Look, we’re facing the worst refugee crisis since the end of World War II, and I think the United States has to do more, and I would like to see us move from what is a good start with 10,000 to 65,000 and begin immediately to put into place the mechanisms for vetting the people that we would take in,” Clinton said.

“A jump to 65,000 would be a 550 percent increase,” Politifact says.

Even the left-of-center Politifact was forced to rule that Trump’s statement was mostly true.”

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French Invasion and State of Siege on the Avenue of Flanders in the 19th Arrondisement in Paris

– Youtube

– Coming soon to the USA, brought to you by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

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Hillary Falling: Hillary is in Free Fall, Dropping In California, Wisconsin | Sep 2016

Hmmm: Clinton drops seven points, viewed negatively in …. California?

– HotAir


– Hillary now in Free Fall?

“Let’s be clear that the Golden State isn’t going anywhere on the Electoral College map. No Republican presidential candidate has won California since 1988, and none have even come close. Donald Trump doesn’t poll any better than Mitt Romney’s 37% showing in the 2012 election cycle — in fact, so far he’s not even getting to that level, with an RCP average of 31.7%. California has transformed from a battleground state to as deep-blue as it gets in a generation.

So why do Hillary Clinton’s numbers keep dropping?

The real issue is this: Why is Hillary dropping in a state that should be the friendliest turf for her? One has to believe that Robby Mook’s don’t-panic memo hoped to pre-empt that question. If Hillary has lost this much traction in two months in California, then her slide in the rest of the country looks very real, and probably very frightening for Democrats. That slide may not matter in California, where Democrats have a huge advantage built-in for its presidential and state-wide candidates. It will matter a lot more in places like Colorado, Virginia, Florida, Ohio, and perhaps even Pennsylvania where that built-in advantage doesn’t exist.

As pollster Mark DiCamillo tells the Sacramento Bee, “She’s now at a lower standing with California voters than she was at the beginning of the convention, which is obviously cause for concern.” If it doesn’t turn around soon, it might be cause for panic, Mook’s memo notwithstanding.”

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Hillary Is in Free Fall – Rumors She’s Going to Cancel Debate on Monday

– theGatewayPundit

“Hillary is in free fall. Everybody knows it. The campaign knows it. She canceled her appearance yesterday. She had a fundraiser in North Carolina. They didn’t even give an excuse for it. They just canceled. They are rumors now that she’s going to cancel the debate on Monday. Some top conservative wrote me today… And she’s really going in the wrong direction. She spent $50 million last month and dropped 10 points. So it’s a free fall for Hillary. She’s collapsing like she did on 9-11.”

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Question: Can Hillary be a viable candidate if she doesn’t show up to the first debate?/CJ



Clinton’s Wisconsin lead collapses, Trump within striking distance

– Washington Examiner


“Donald Trump is now within striking distance of a fading Hillary Clinton in Wisconsin, according to a poll released on Wednesday, providing him with another possible path to securing the electoral votes required to capture the presidency.

According to a poll conducted by Marquette Law School, 42 percent of registered voters said they are supporting the Democratic presidential nominee and 37 percent are backing her Republican opponent Donald Trump. Nineteen percent expressed no preference. In the previous poll conducted Aug. 4-7, Clinton was supported by 46 percent of registered voters and Trump by 36 percent, with 16 percent not having a preference.

Among likely voters, the margin is even narrower, with Clinton clinging to 45 percent support and Trump at 42 percent in the new poll. Of that number, 10 percent say they will not support either candidate. That is a drop for the Democratic candidate since the August poll, where 52 percent of likely voters supported her, while Trump was backed by 37 percent.”

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Will Hillary Dodge the First Debate? What happens if she Does? | Sep 2016

What Happens If Hillary Clinton Has To Drop Out?

– Zero Hedge


“Hillary Clinton’s doctor now says the Democratic presidential candidate, 68, was officially diagnosed with pneumonia sometime on Friday, and has been campaigning with the serious respiratory illness for a week, leading to her “medical episode” at Sunday morning’s September 11th memorial event.

But what happens if the candidate’s health issues get more serious? Certainly, the Democrats always have the option of propping her up, Weekend at Bernie’s style, until after November 8th, but what if matters get progressively worse? Here’s a quick primer on where the Dems could end up:

Most likely, the RNC would move the running mate up to the top of the bill, in order to preserve what fundraising has already been done for the ticket.

But for the Democrats, it’s not so clear. The Democratic National Committee reserves the right to replace a candidate who dies or drops out, and it doesn’t provide additional details in its by-laws. So presumably the Democrats would have to make up the process up as they go along. The DNC could entrust replacing Clinton to a central DNC brain trust or, more likely, replicate the RNC’s system, handing the vote over to the committee’s state delegates.”

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Why Hillary Should Dodge the Debates — But Can’t

– Ricochet.com

Writing in the London Spectator, the always astute Christopher Caldwell:

In the course of their political careers, Hillary has tended to lose ground in debates, and Trump to gain it. While one would not wish to be the aide who suggested she withdraw from a battle of wits with a man whose intellect she has ridiculed, it would have been the wiser course.

Her episode in New York makes that impossible. After her campaign’s alarming lack of transparency in the wake of it, people might decide they prefer Trump’s Putin to Clinton’s Brezhnev. They might use Hillary’s illness as a face-saving reason to vote for him. So Hillary now must travel the dangerous road to the debates, if only to show she is up to it.

The debates, the next and perhaps decisive act of this campaign.

Bring ’em on.”

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Colin Powell: ‘Everything Hillary Touches She Screws Up’ | Sep 2016

Navy Vet Takes Down Corrupt Hillary at Veterans’ Forum | Sep 2016

How did Hillary serve on Watergate Committee in 1974 if she Failed DC Bar Exam in 1973?

Are You Safer Now Than You Were Eight Years Ago? | Sep 2016

Obama won’t acknowledge terrorism — and it’s great news for Trump

– NY Post


“Poor President Obama. He had a perfect plan — to use his final UN speech Tuesday to secure his reputation for putting Globalism First. He would preen to the assembled autocrats and bureaucrats about forcing America to take in a record number of refugees, and blast Donald Trump for putting America First.

Hillary Clinton also had a perfect plan. She would keep attacking Trump and his supporters as dangerous and deplorable in hopes that she could scare her way into the White House. With Obama playing the race card to help her with black voters, Clinton would wrap her arms ever more tightly around the president and his policies between now and November.

But terrorist bombings and stabbings are great disrupters, especially when they involve both New York and the heartland in a single weekend. The disruption becomes unbearable when the attacks allegedly are carried out by foreign-born Muslims who were welcomed here with open arms, then turned on their generous American hosts.

Events have a voice and a vote, and the terrorism in Minnesota, New Jersey and New York is scrambling the presidential campaign. It also revealed Mayor Putz to be a horse’s ass as he twisted himself into a pretzel to deny calling the Manhattan bomb a bomb and terrorism terrorism. New Yorkers know that when a bomb goes off on a public street and another one is disarmed nearby, it’s terrorism, stupid.”

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FLASHBACK: Hillary urged ‘respect,’ ’empathy’ for America’s enemies

– American Mirror

“…..showing respect, even for one’s enemies…even so far as possible….empathize with their perspective and point of view….”

….More @ American Mirror

– The speech sounds like something CAIR or the Muslim Bros would have written for her./CJ


Trump: “Immigration security is national security”

– Breitbart


“Donald Trump is railing against his rival Hillary Clinton’s allegation that his rhetoric is a recruiting tool for the Islamic State.

“I’m being tough,” Trump declared during a campaign rally in High Point, North Carolina. The event followed three terrorist attacks in Minnesota, New York City and New Jersey over the weekend.

On Monday, Clinton charged that Trump’s rhetoric was “seized on by the terrorists” and used as a recruiting tool, according to NBC News.

Mocking Clinton, Trump added, “Because I’m tough, it’s a recruiting tool.”

The Republican nominee said Clinton’s statement shows a level of ignorance, and attacked her foreign policy record referencing the invasion of Libya and the withdrawal from Iraq.

“We know that Hillary Clinton has once again demonstrated that she is really unfit for office,” he stated. “Her comments are not only reckless, but beneath the dignity of the office that she seeks.”

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Call it What it Is: The NYC Bombing was Islamic Terrorism | Sep 2016

Explosive Language: Call the New York Bombing Terrorism Already

– Observer

NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 18: New York Mayor Bill de Blasio (rear) and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (2-R) tour the site of an explosion that occurred on Saturday night on September 18, 2016 in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City. An explosion in a construction dumpster that injured 29 people is being labeled an "intentional act". A second device, a pressure cooker, was found four blocks away that an early investigation found was likely also a bomb. (Photo by Justin Lane-Pool/Getty Images)
NEW YORK, NY – SEPTEMBER 18: New York Mayor Bill de Blasio (rear) and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (2-R) tour the site of an explosion that occurred on Saturday night on September 18, 2016 in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City. An explosion in a construction dumpster that injured 29 people is being labeled an “intentional act”. A second device, a pressure cooker, was found four blocks away that an early investigation found was likely also a bomb. (Photo by Justin Lane-Pool/Getty Images)

“Unlike the powers-that-be charged with running New York City, you and I can be realistic. Intentionally placing two live bombs set to explode and intended to commit mass murder in a populated center of the most recognized city in the United States is terror. It does not matter if the perpetrator is part of a group or a lone wolf; it doesn’t matter if you are fighting for Islam or animal rights or if you are an anarchist. The definition is plain and simple. Using violence or the threat of violence to achieve a political end is terror.

The only time it is not called terror is when you want to keep the masses calm. Then you rely on antiquated definitions by the FBI and Justice Department. But those days are long gone.

When the bomb injuring dozens of people exploded in Chelsea on Saturday night and a second unexploded bomb was discovered a few blocks away, New York City’s Mayor De Blasio said it was “intentional,” but he added, “there is no evidence at this point that there is a terror connection.” He also said that “there was no credible specific threat to New York.”

Our democratically elected leaders insist on hanging on to the misconception that it is not terror if the perpetrators are not part of an organized, recognized, terror group.  And in New York City right now, they are sticking to that story.

Lone wolves or small groups by their nature do not communicate with a central command, and they are difficult to detect and monitor. ISIS and Al Qaeda know this all too well. That’s why they have repeatedly said that they no longer want recruits to travel to Syria and Iraq to fight. ISIS and Al Qaeda say that followers will be more effective if they attack in their homeland. And their message is being heard. It has been the model in Europe and now in the United States.

Our leaders want to package terrorists into nice neat boxes. So they conclude that if a terrorist is not a member of a terror group the violent act they perpetrate is not considered terror. The obvious example is the terror at Fort Hood, officially classified as workplace violence.

Even more poignant is the Orlando terrorist. The perpetrator was actually on the phone with local media bragging that he was part of ISIS and explaining that his actions were motivated by a need to defend Islam. He even repeatedly chanted the Islamic terrorist battle cry: “Allahu Akbar.”  Yet, the U.S. Attorney General still responded by saying, “We may never really know the motivation behind the attack.”

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You Can’t Win The War Until You Identify The Enemy

– Rightwingranny.com


“Israel has been dealing with terrorist attacks since the country was founded. They identify the bombings, shootings, etc. as terrorist attacks, pride themselves on being able to clean up anything in two hours or less, and continue on their way. Somehow America has not mastered these basic skills that unfortunately are necessary in the world we currently live in.

Over the weekend there was a stabbing in a mall in St. Cloud, Minnesota, on Saturday, a bombing in Seaside, New Jersey, on Saturday morning during a 5K Marine charity race, and two bombs in New York City on Saturday night–one exploded and one did not. The device in New Jersey was described as three pipe bombs; the devices in New York City have been described as pressure cookers with timers.

Houston, we have a problem. Part of the problem is that terrorism has come to America, and part of the problem is that our political leaders are reluctant to admit that terrorism has come to America…..

If you are a regular reader of this website, you are familiar with the information in the following paragraph. If you are not a regular reader, this is something you need to be aware of:

In October 2011, elements of the American Muslim Brotherhood wrote the White House demanding an embargo or discontinuation of information and materials relating to Islamic-based terrorism. The letter was addressed to John Brennan, who at the time was Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism.  Days later John Brennan agreed to create a task force to address the problem by removing personnel and products that the Muslim Brotherhood deemed “biased, false, and highly offensive.”

This move in effect allowed the Muslim Brotherhood to control the information given to the people charged with stopping the terrorism initiated by groups affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood. At this point, the 9/11 reports and other actual historic documents were altered to make them compliant with the new paradigm. (I thought only the Russians rewrote history.)

If we are not careful, political correctness is going to kill us all. The weekend attacks were terrorism–whether by a lone nutcase who thought he represented Allah or a member of a group. It really doesn’t matter–people were injured as a result of the actions of these people.

CAIR (which is one of the major Muslim Brotherhood front groups in America–see the list of unindicted co-conspirators from the Holy Land Foundation Trial) works very hard to keep the Muslim community from reporting suspicious behavior and to keep our government unaware of what is being taught in some mosques.

It is time to pay attention to the people among us who have refused to assimilate and who are fighting to undermine our way of life. That group of people does not include all Muslims, but it does mainly consist of Muslims, and until peaceful Muslims rein in the radicals among them, we need to watch the entire community. Refusing to call a terrorist attack a terrorist attack does not help anyone; and in fact, it simply emboldens those planning more attacks.”

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Obama’s Scrub of Muslim terms under question; common links in attacks

– Washington Times  |  2013


The White House issued an edict to scrub all law enforcement, intelligence and military instruction on Islam and Islamic Terror


“Before the Boston Marathon bombings, the Obama administration argued for years that there is a big difference between terrorists and the tenets of Islam.

A senior White House aide in 2009 publicly urged Washington to cease using the term “jihadist” — asserting that terrorists are simply extremists. Two years later, the White House ordered a cleansing of training materials that Islamic groups deemed offensive.

Now, some analysts are asking whether the 2009 edict and others that followed have dampened law enforcement’s appetite to thoroughly investigate terrorism suspects for fear of offending higher-ups or the American Muslim lobby.

It is not just the case of Tamerlan Tsarnaev, a radicalized jihadist whom the FBI questioned in 2011 and cleared of terrorism links. At least five Muslims have attempted mass destruction in the U.S. since 2009, undetected beforehand by law enforcement and the intelligence community:

Steven Emerson runs the Investigative Project on Terrorism, which monitors a network of Islamic groups with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, whose stated goal is to impose Shariah, or Islamic law, on the world.

“Numerous experts on Islamic terrorism like myself and I had given 143 lectures at the FBI, CIA were banned from speaking to any U.S. government counterterrorism conferences,” Mr. Emerson told The Washington Times. “Instead, these agencies were ordered to invite Muslim Brotherhood front groups.”

The biggest White House push to tone down training on jihadists emerged in 2011, the same year the Russian government warned the U.S. about Tamerlan Tsarnaev, whose parents hailed from Chechnya, a hotbed of radical Islamists. Tamerlan and younger brother Dzhokhar Tsarnaev are accused of placing the two bombs that killed three and wounded more than 260 at the Boston Marathon.

Islamic backlash

In October 2011, 57 Islamic groups wrote a letter to John O. Brennan, now CIA director, but then President Obama’s chief counterterrorism adviser.

Citing news reports, the groups complained of “biased, false and highly offensive training materials about Muslims and Islam” inside the federal government’s instructional halls.

“While recent news reports have highlighted the FBI’s use of biased experts and training materials, we have learned that this problem extends far beyond the FBI and has infected other government agencies, including the U.S. Attorney’s Anti-Terrorism Advisory Councils, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, and the U.S. Army,” the letter read.

Muslims objected to several training guides, such as a 2009 report produced at the Army Command and General Staff at the Fort Leavenworth School of Advanced Military Studies.

“Moderate Muslims are not exercising moderation; they are simply applying other means to accomplish the same goal of establishing global Islamic dominance,” it quoted the report as saying.

At least two of the 57 groups were listed by the Justice Department as unindicted co-conspirators and as being connected to the Muslim Brotherhood in the prosecution of a Texas charity for funding Hamas, a U.S.-designated terrorist organization. The groups are the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the Islamic Society of North America.

The organizations’ letter demanded that biased trainers be disciplined, that all instructors undergo retraining and that materials deemed offensive by Muslim activists be purged.

The White House issued an edict to scrub all law enforcement, intelligence and military teachings on Islam. The FBI ended up discarding pages of information that warned about the threat from the Brotherhood.”

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History of the Muslim Brotherhood Penetration of the U.S. Government

– GatestoneInstitute.org

“Given the long history of Muslim Brotherhood activity in this country, its declared objective to “destroy the Western civilization from within,” and the extensive evidence of successful influence operations at the highest levels of the U.S. government, it is urgent that we recognize this clear and present danger that threatens not only our Republic but the values of Western civilization.

This report describes how the Muslim Brotherhood infiltrated and suborned the U.S. government to actively assist, whether knowingly or not, the mission of its grand jihad. Its hard-won position at the forefront of the 21st century Islamic Awakening is possible only because of decades of patient infiltration and political indoctrination (Da’wa) in the West, and especially the United States of America, even as the grassroots work of building an organizational structure advanced steadily in the land of its origin as well. It is important to recognize the sophistication of the Brotherhood’s international strategy and how the takedown of U.S. national security defenses from within was critical to the current Middle East-North Africa (MENA) campaign to re-establish the Caliphate and enforce Islamic Law (shariah).”

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9/11 Islamic Terror Link to LA Culver City Mosque | Aug 2016

The 9/11 attacks could have been derailed in San Diego, had the CIA not spiked a memo alerting the FBI to Saudi Spy | Sep 2016