Immigration – Nov 2015

Accept Syrian refugees but screen carefully Gov. Jerry Brown says

– What? – How do you do that Jerry?  No details

– SacBee Nov 16 2015


“Breaking with other governors who have warned that admitting Syrian refugees would undermine American security, Gov. Jerry Brown on Monday advocated preserving “America’s traditional role as a place of asylum” but stressed the need for thorough vetting.”

– Except how do you vet people who possess the most insecure identity currently in the world. See the article below for how simple it is to acquire fake passports that are virtually undectable.

– How do you run a background check on a Syrian ‘refugee’ if we don’t cooperate with the Syrian government on a level that would permit any identification, criminal, terrorist or otherwise?

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif, took a similar stance to Brown on Monday, saying during a television interview that “California will not be one of those states” that turns away refugees.” Great.

 – After the Kate Steinle murder in San Fran, Brown can’t seem to ensure the safety of Californians against people in the country illegally, how will he ensure safety by letting in more people we know absolutely nothing about their background, criminal, terrorist or otherwise?
Will they go to California’s Sanctuary Cities to evade the Feds?
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Does Jerry Brown let people into his home without verifying identity. If not, why is that good enough for the state of California? Remember once in the country it becomes a huge and expensive undertaking to track down any radical jihadi terrorists among the refugees.

If any crazed jihadi can buy a fake Syrian passport, how in the world will Jerry Brown ensure he is not importing people capable of a attack on the scale of this weekend’s massacre in Paris? And will Jerry Brown take responsibility?

And remember that Gov Moonbeam has made it simple and easy for people in the country illegally to obtain a state driver’s license, that will allow the bearer to board an airplane or buy a gun or anything else.

It doesn’t take a seer to see this could end disastrously.


Politics – Environment – Nov 2015

California Coastal Commission approves:

“America’s largest beach-front nuclear waste dump.”

download san onofre


Now what?

Well, here’s a great article for a start, regarding the misuse of funds for a controversial idea at the former and still radioactive nuke in San Onofre:

“Associated Press reported over the weekend that already-shuttered plants, like the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station between San Diego and Los Angeles, have been dipping into funds for decommissioning facilities in the future, with the government’s blessing, to pay for storing on site the spent fuel the feds failed to take off their hands as promised.

In light of the seemingly endless delay, Southern California Edison proposed moving 2,700 spent fuel assemblies at San Onofre from highly vulnerable above-ground pools to steel canisters, wrapped in concrete, topped with steel and more concrete, and buried beneath the bluffs by the ocean. The waste would lay 125 feet from a seawall and be dangerously radioactive for thousands of years.

Earlier in the month, the California Coastal Commission approved what one critic called “America’s largest beach-front nuclear waste dump.”

– Ken Broder @

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Veteran’s Day – Nov 2015


Volunteers for Vets

– Caltech steps up


“For the last three years, Caltech students and staff have been lending a hand at Pasadena City College, providing free tutoring and mentoring to some of the campus’s nearly 800 student veterans. This past spring, 19 Caltech community members participated. Their involvement is part of a larger volunteer program, run through PCC’s Veterans Resource Center (VRC)—established in 2010 under a grant from the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office—that provides support and guidance to the campus veterans.

– Written by Dave Zobel

– See more at:


Music – Missiles of October Close Out Nearly 25 Year Run at Marine Room in Laguna Beach – Nov 2015


– Youtube

It was night filled with mixed emotions as long time local legendary band, the Missiles of October played their last gig at the Marine Room in Laguna Beach after over 24 years of playing the Sunday afternoon spot for lucky locals and assorted visitors from all over the world.


Old fans, new friends, regulars and used to coulds all showed up for a great evening of music and fun.


For those of you who weren’t there, here are some rough cuts of what you missed:

First video: Apologies to David Witham on piano for not panning ’round to catch his solo, but Richard Bredice’s blistering guitar solo makes up for it, and takes the room to another dimension, and gives an indication of the level of musical prowess on hand that night.

2nd video:

The Band takes a riff on Les McCann’s “Compared to What” with audience and crowd shots.


Production note: The audio is not optimal as we had only the on-board Canon camera mike, no credits either as these are completely rough. Set playback to 720 or 1080p HD.

More to come. Bob Hawkins, the original guitarist sits in on a co-composition of his and Poul’s, Back to the Basics:

The Missiles of October Band will take up residence at the White House in Laguna Beach on Sundays, starting Nov 15th from 4pm to 8pm.

More info on the White House here:

Tech – New Immigration Data System is a 3.4 Bil Failure – Nov 2015

– Washington Post

images (4)

DC bureaucrats waste 3.4 Bil designing info system no one can use basically

“Heaving under mountains of paperwork, the government has spent more than $1 billion trying to replace its antiquated approach to managing immigration with a system of digitized records, online applications and a full suite of nearly 100 electronic forms.

A decade in, all that officials have to show for the effort is a single form that’s now available for online applications and a single type of fee that immigrants pay electronically. The 94 other forms can be filed only with paper.

This project, run by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, was originally supposed to cost a half-billion dollars and be finished in 2013. Instead, it’s now projected to reach up to $3.1 billion and be done nearly four years from now, putting in jeopardy efforts to overhaul the nation’s immigration policies, handle immigrants already seeking citizenship and detect national security threats, according to documents and interviews with former and current federal officials.”

– by  November 8 at 8:40 PM

– Excellent article on how a comprehensive federal program resulted in comprehensive failure. No surprises there I guess.

I especially liked the following:

“From the start, the initiative was mismanaged, the records and interviews show. Agency officials did not complete the basic plans for the computer system until nearly three years after the initial $500 million contract had been awarded to IBM, and the approach to adopting the technology was outdated before work on it began.”


Remember those salient facts the next time you hear for a comprehensive fix to anything federal.

Sadly or or not, Silicon Valley, a Google or Amazon is probably a better fit to solve problems like this, certainly not the dysfunctional and moribund Washington D.C. bureaucracies.

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Music – Irvine Meadows – Nov 2015

Closing time nears for Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre

– OC Register

Pacific Symphony holds its Summer Festival concerts at Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre.

More should be done to protect the last outdoor music venue in Orange County. Why not mixed-use to keep the storied venue open?

Here’s an idea, since Irvine has been considering an amphitheater for the Great Park, why not swap the land for this venue, and save all the money? The neighborhood is used to this treasure. Ask them.

We need to save this last outdoor open musical amphitheater in Orange County. Some things are worth saving aren’t they?

Read the whole story here:

Media – Trump / SNL – Nov 2015

Larry David yells ‘Trump’s a racist’ during ‘SNL’ monologue

– The Hill

“I heard if I did that, they’d give me $5,000,” he added.

“As a businessman, I can fully respect that,” Trump said.

Hispanic advocacy group had offered anyone in the SNL audience a $5,000 reward if they called Trump a “racist” during his opening monologue.

– By Bradford Richardson @ The Hill

The rest of the story here:

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