February 2019

|| George Martin Mixes with Brian Wilson – ‘God Only Knows’

January 2019

|| Big Head Todd & the Monsters

Live at Red Rocks 2008.

December 2017

 || Diana Krall  / John Clayton-Jeff Hamilton Orchestra

Merry Christmas 2017.

October 2017

Tom Petty |

 || the Traveling Wilburys

September 2017

Sara Evans – A Real Fine Place to Start

|| Youtube


Kenny Loggins – What a Fool Believes (from Outside: From The Redwoods)

|| Youtube

August 2017

The Rolling Stones – Happy – Live On Copacabana Beach

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The Go Go’s – Our Lips Are Sealed

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June 2017

A Night in London | | Mark Knopfler


May 2017

Paul Carrack | ‘Harvest for the World’

|| Youtube

Joni Mitchell – A Case of You (live 1974)

|| BBC Youtube

Apr 2017

Paul Carrack & Martin Ernst AllStars – The Complete Wohnzimmerkonzert

|| Youtube

L. A. Woman – The Doors

|| Youtube | luzbrisaa

Steppenwolf – Born To Be Wild  | Easy Rider – Opening

| Youtube

Feb 2017


Baby do Brasil canta “Menino do Rio” com Caetano Veloso

– Youtube

– “Menino do Rio” lyrics here @ Google Play.



Beatles Live in Australia |

– Youtube

Jan 2017


Good Bye to Love  |  Carpenters

– Youtube

“In 1972, the lead guitarist Tony Peluso played the masterful, melodic, memorable fuzz solos which transformed the soft-rock classic “Goodbye to Love” into the prototype for the power ballad. He remained a mainstay of The Carpenters’ studio and touring band for the next 12 years…

A multi-instrumentalist, Peluso came from a rich musical background. His mother was the leading soprano for the Metropolitan and San Francisco Opera companies, and his father the music director for NBC Radio West Coast. The violin virtuoso Jascha Heifetz and the guitar pioneer Les Paul occasionally visited the family home. He started as musical director to US teen idol Bobby Sherman. In 1971, his group Instant Joy opened for The Carpenters. Peluso’s raucous, hard-edged guitar made enough of an impression on the headliners for Karen to call him the following year when she and Richard began recording their fourth album.

Karen assured a disbelieving Peluso that he would be “perfect for this song “Goodbye to Love”. In the middle, Richard says ‘That’s where you play’. I’m thinking: ‘What would be right?’ I played something that was very soft and easy, I tried to stay out of the way. Obviously, it didn’t happen. Richard said: ‘No, no, no, not like that. Play the melody for five bars and then burn it up! Soar off into the stratosphere. Go for it!’. He wanted an aggressive, sawtooth guitar solo in the middle of this Doris Day easy-listening-style record. I thought, ‘he can’t be serious’,” the guitarist recalled in 2002 of the two fuzz-enhanced solos he added to the bridge and the extended coda. “Inadvertently, Richard had broken new ground. No one had ever really mixed the elements of rock’n’roll and easy listening. Totally crazy. I take a tiny bit of credit for being there and playing it, but it was Richard’s great idea. From then on, it became very commonplace for a big power ballad to have a raging guitar solo.”

….Continue reading more at: Independent UK


A Whiter Shade of Pale  |  Procol Harum

– Youtube

The origin and history of A Whiter Shade of Pale


Dec 2016

Bernard Purdie – Steely Dan Sessions

– Youtube

Aug 2016

The Crows – Gee

– Youtube

…More @ Youtube

July 2016

Steely Dan – The Making of Peg  |  Mar 1978

– Youtube | Russ Harris

– Donald Fagen and Walter Becker in the studio discussing the making of ‘Peg’ at Village Recorders in West LA in the 70’s with engineer Roger Nichols and a host of incredible studio musicians like guitarist/arranger Larry Carlton, drummer Rick Marotta, bassist Chuck Rainey, drummer Bernard Purdie, guitarist Jay Graydon (who’s guitar solo became the ‘keeper’ and others, Fagen & Becker take you through the creative process of song creation in the recording studio./CJ



More on the chord development for ‘Peg’

– Youtube

– Donald Fagen discusses the chord development he and Walter Becker utilized in order to create the ‘sound’ used in ‘Peg’ from the Aja album of 1978.

Great keyboard camera angles as Donald explains the development of a standard 12 bar blues progression into a unique classic.



Fireside Chat: Larry Carlton



“It stands as no reminder that a guitar is made of wood, glue and metal. It is not a living thing. But when the 18-time Grammy nominated legend of guitar, Larry Carlton picks up his iconic Gibson ES-335, it certainly seems alive. In fact, it seems magical.

I saw it first hand a few years ago. Sitting three feet away from him, Larry picked up his guitar and played a single note. For the following three minutes and thirty-two seconds our raging planet was at peace. Not a single shot was fired, not a last breath was exhaled and not a belly shuddered with hunger. I wish that happened when I played the guitar.

Being able to suspend your disbelief through music is just one part of Larry Carlton’s magic, and it’s also what has made him one of the most recorded and celebrated guitarists of all time. Whether you believe it is Larry Carlton or his beloved guitar that holds the magic, to hear him play you cannot deny there is something bigger involved. That’s why I asked him to share some insight and to talk about his new 335 Improv course for this month’s featured chat by the fire.  – Charlie Doom

What was it about the 335 that called to you?
When I first started getting calls in 1969 for recording sessions, I was carrying at least three different guitars to the session – a Tele for country music, a Les Paul for rock n’ roll and pop oriented things and my ES-175 for more jazz or legitimate guitar playing for the sessions. I never knew what they were going to ask me to do. Truthfully, picking the ES-335 as my main guitar was just a practical decision at that time. I’m a very versatile player and I needed a guitar that was likewise versatile to cover all of the bags that I was working on at the time. The 335 fit the bill perfectly for me!

Any advice for session musicians?
Put your ego away! When you go into a recording session – be a servant. You’re there to help someone make their music. The session isn’t really about what you think, although you want to give all you can as far as your ideas are concerned, but it’s up to the producer and the artist to decide how they want their song to be presented to the world. So be humble and be a servant.

For the tune “Room 335”, what did you come up with first; the chords or the main riff?
The chords came from a track I played on for Steely Dan called “Peg” – those chords are the first four chords of “Peg” pretty much. I really liked the sound of them and when the time came to record a new album that sequence of chords came back to me. I wrote the melody on top of that sequence. Then I changed the bridge so it wouldn’t sound like “Peg,” but I do consider those opening chords to be inspired by Steely Dan.

How is it different recording in a studio for an album vs. playing live for an album? –
This can be a very short answer because it’s the honest truth – I’ve never worked out a solo in my life. For a record or a live performance it’s always improvised and that’s the part of making music that I probably enjoy the most, the improvisational part.

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Donald Fagen – The Great Pagoda of Funn

– Youtube




Bob Dylan – All Along the Watchtower

– Youtube

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PINK FLOYD – The Dark Side Of The Moon 2003 Documentary HD

– Youtube

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Pete Escovedo – Live Stern Grove Festival – San Francisco 

– Youtube

….More at Youtube

June 2016

‘Stairway To Heaven’ Vs ‘Taurus’ Guitar Examination Led Zeppelin Vs Spirit

– Youtube  |   TJR

– Excellent exposition of the chords, notes and structure involved.  As he explains, a song is more than just the chord progressions and key, although those are important. Tonality, feel and emphasis also contribute to a song’s unique signature style.

Great exposition in every way./CJ

…More here @ Youtube

May 2016

Judy Collins  |   “Someday Soon”


April 2016

Prince, Tom Petty, Steve Winwood, Jeff Lynne – “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”

– Youtube



“Wake Up Everybody” – Travis McCoy, Daryl Hall

– Daryl’s House – Youtube

More @ Youtube



lt Ain’t Over – Paul Carrack Live

– Youtube

– See more here @ Youtube



Wouldn’t it Be Nice – Brian Wilson    |   Pet Sounds Live in London

– More from the London concert here @ youtube, the complete DVD is available everywhere, like here @ amazon



Whitney Houston ~ Live in 1997 ~ Abraham, Martin & John

– Youtube

See more here @ Youtube



March  |  2016


Sara Bareilles singing Laura Nyro’s Stoney End at Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction

– Youtube



No Nukes – John Hall, Jackson Brown, Carly Simon, James Taylor  |   Sept 1979

– Youtube

More here @ Youtube



Bruce Channel & Delbert McClinton:

“Hey Baby”

– Youtube

More here @ Youtube

– Check out the comments.


The Abbey Road Story Pt. 2 – George Martin Interviews  

– Youtube

 – Published on Jun 29, 2012  | 1997 Documentary from PBS about the great recording studio in London, England.

Segments in Pt 2 include Cilla Black/Burt Bacharach, The Hollies, Cliff Richard, Pete Best, George Martin & The Beatles.

More here @ Youtube

– The Burt Bacharach session of ‘Alfie’ is simply amazing and stunning in the end.

In tribute to George Martin, his stories and words are priceless.

Sorry not a huge fan of Cliff Richard. so his part seems on a minor level compared to the others.

Nem Um Toque – Rosana

– Youtube

– Not exactly a live performance, but very alive nonetheless.

With Portuguese subtitled lyrics.

Batteaux – High Tide

– Youtube Feb 2016

– Music from the Batteau brothers from the 1973 recording on Columbia. No longer in print and not available digitally. A real shame.

The recording, made a year prior to Joni Mitchell’s Court & Spark, includes some of the same collaborators including drummer John Guerin and Tom Scott on sax. Henry Lewy engineered and co-produced.

More @ Youtube – High Tide

The next cut, “Tell Her She’s Lovely, went on to be a big hit covered by El Chicano.

From Youtube – Tell Her She’s Lovely

The photo is from the Batteaux original album cover.

David Batteau: Guitar and Vocals

Robin Batteau: Violin, Guitar and Vocals



Rosie & the Originals

– Youtube – Feb 2016

More here @ Youtube

“Rosalie “Rosie” Méndez Hamlin was born in Klamath Falls, Oregon, on July 21, 1945, to a Mexican mother and an Anglo-American father.  She spent part of her childhood between Anchorage, Alaska and California, before her family moved to National City, California. She started singing with a band at thirteen.[2] She wrote the lyrics for “Angel Baby” as a poem for “my very first boyfriend” when she was 14 years old, still attending Mission Bay High School in San Diego, California. When she was 15, she and some friends rented the only recording studio they could find within 100 miles of San Diego located in San Marcos, California, to record the song.”

Read the rest of the story behind Rosie and the Song @ Wikipedia – Rosie & the Originals

Roses and Rainbows – Danny Hutton

– Youtube Feb 2016

– A 60’s classic, the result of a three hour recording session with Little Richard’s drummer, Earl Palmer on drums.

More here @ Youtube




Lowdown – Boz Scaggs Live

– Youtube Jan 2016

– First cut from the complete concert DVD available everywhere, like here @ Amazon,  amazing concert, amazing band, amazing Boz.


Half Moon – Janis Joplin

–   Youtube Jan 2016



Traffic – The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys – Live 

– Youtube

Luiz Melodia – Show Completo – DVD Ao Vivo Convida

– Youtube

– At about 1:19:00 hrs into the video check out the amazing Brazilian Song – “O Caderninho”

The lyrics and translation can be found here from Portuguese to French, like that helps:


There is a backstory about the song I shall detail later, suffice to say this is one of the best versions of this famous song.

The whole set is amazing, the band, the audience and the singer. Enjoy

More on the DVD  can be found here @ Amazon

Keith Richards & Friends – Wild Horses Live 2004

– Youtube – Dec 2015

“Thirty years after Gram Parsons’ death, old pals (Keith Richards), new disciples (Norah Jones) and alt-country luminaries (Lucinda Williams, Steve Earle) turned out at California’s Santa Barbara Bowl and Universal Amphitheatre for Return to Sin City, a two-night tribute to the country-rock pioneer. The shows benefited the Musicians’ Assistance Program, which provides addiction treatment to music professionals.”  – Rolling Stone / Shirley Halperin

Read the rest here @ RollingStone


Video from “Return To Sin City: A Tribute to Gram Parsons”

“Keith Richards, with Jim Lauderdale, Jay Farrar, Raul Malo, Jim James, John Doe, Kathleen Edwards, Susan Marshall, Steve Earle, Lucinda Williams, Norah Jones, Dwight Yoakam, Polly Parsons, The House of Blues Gospel Choir and the Sin City All Stars. ”

Original upload here @ Youtube

The DVD is available everywhere including here @ Amazon

The Wallflowers Perform at John Varvatos Bowery Live

– Youtube – Dec 2015

– The Wallflowers perform “Love Is A Country” from their 2012 album “Glad All Over” at John Varvatos Bowery NYC as part of the Bowery Live concert series

More:  New York Magazine: Inside John Varvatos’ New Store


Jeff Porcaro – Musicians Institute  Interview

– Musicians Institute

Link here: Youtube