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Elise Stefanic Becomes a Congressional Star || Nov 17 2019

Congresswoman stands up for the U.S. Constitution || Youtube

Rep. Adam Schiff silences duly elected Rep. Elise Stefanik during the Impeachment Inquiry hearing this week in a congressional committee.


Rep. John Ratcliffe’s full questioning of Amb. Yovanovitch | Trump impeachment hearings || Nov 15 2019


Devin Nunes’ Full Opening Statement:

‘Whatever the truth is, we want the truth.’ – Sydney Powell Gen Flynn’s Lawyer || Oct 30 2019

Flynn lawyers accuse DOJ of withholding key documents || Fox Business News

Tulsi Gabbard Goes After Hillary Clinton Big Time || Oct 19 2019

CBS Interview with Tulsi Gabbard in Iowa || CBS


Hillary claims Russians are ‘grooming’ a candidate for the 2020 election:

Nevadans ‘greet’ Democrat Warren in Reno || Oct 03 2019

Fauxcahontas on the run