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Best Sound Check……Ever?

|| Youtube – Dec 2015


Lotta Love  – Nicolette Larson

– Youtube – Dec 2015

– Great song by a beautiful soul. From Youtube.

On Nicholette Larson from wikipedia:

“….Larson’s own recollection was that the suggestion she record “Lotta Love” originated with Neil Young, with whom she had formed a personal relationship while backing him vocally on American Stars ‘n Bars. The publishers of Neil Young News quoted Larson as saying:

“I got that song off a tape I found lying on the floor of Neil’s car. I popped it in the tape player and commented on what a great song it was. Neil said: ‘You want it? It’s yours.”

More here on the song @

Qu Wanting – You Exist in My Song

– Youtube – Dec 2015

Lyrics here:  English & Mandarin

Bob Marley Redemption Song 1980 Live Wales

– Youtube – Nov 2015

– A positive and uplifting song by Bob Marley performed live.


Blondie – Pretty Baby – 7/7/1979 – Convention Hall

– Youtube

– More here: Blondie – Pretty Baby Live ’79



Early Marjorie Estiano – Wave

– Youtube

– A wonderful live video from very early in her career.



Live at the Fillmore – Carlos Santana, John Lee Hooker, Etta James

– Youtube

– An extended blues jam, live on stage at the Fillmore in San Fran.


The Raspberries—Go All the Way—Live in Los Angeles 2007-11-30

– Youtube

– Not optimal video, but a great capture of the energy and excitement of a great rock classic performed live in LA in 2007.




Joni Mitchell – Car on a Hill – Live 1974

– Youtube / BBC

– A unique live version from the Court & Spark album including:

Tom Scott – sax, Larry Nash – keyboards, Max Bennett – bass, John Guerin – drums, Robben Ford – guitar

more here:  Car on a Hill – Live


Simmer Down – The Wailing Wailers

– Youtube

– ‘Creative’ video of one of my favorite early Bob Marley songs of the original Wailers, with Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer.

Bob Marley’s instant first hit song.  The ‘start’ as Bunny Wailer put it in the following cool and informative documentary:


Rebel Music – The Bob Marley Story

The Complete Documentary here:  Bob Marley Story – Rebel Music



Paul Carrack –  BBC Full Documentary

– BBC Four

“Sheffield’s Paul Carrack has slowly and subtly become a national institution who can spend nearly three months touring around the UK as he will this winter around his latest album, Good Feeling. The golden voice of Ace’s 1974 blue-eyed soul hit How Long, Squeeze’s Tempted and Mike and the Mechanics’ The Living Years, Carrack is a journeyman of British rock, soul and pop whose career has unfolded slowly and steadily until he has become something of a national treasure.”

– A beautifully done documentary about the journey of a singer/songwriter.

Here is the full version of How Long:




Laura Pausini Live –  Tra te il mare

– Youtube

– Laura Pausini – Tra te e il mare (Live with Biagio Antonacci) HD

From the Laura Pausini: Live 2001-2002 World Tour (2003) DVD. Available everywhere. 

Like here:




– Youtube

Recorded Live Juli 2001 At New Morning, Paris, France.

– This cut is from the full DVD. Available everywhere.

More here: The Paris Concert

or here: Carlton-Lukather Band



Delicate Soul – Tamar Kaprelian

– Youtube

I guess this is my new favorite song. Amazing performance, look for a live link of this artist below:

link here:

Live version at Molly Molones’s in LA:




The Missiles of October Band and the Marine Room Spun Gold Every Sunday for 25 Years

– Live Music


“It started out with Bobby, then Frankie, then Jimmy came along after that…..”

– Poul Pedersen Singer/Songwriter

It was a night filled with mixed emotions as long time local legendary band, the Missiles of October played their last gig at the Marine Room in Laguna Beach after over 24 years of playing the Sunday afternoon spot for lucky locals and assorted visitors from all over the world.

Old fans, new friends, regulars and used to coulds all showed up for a great evening of music and fun.


For those of you who weren’t there, here are some rough cuts of what you missed:

First video: Apologies to David Witham on piano for not panning ’round to catch his solo, but Richard Bredice’s blistering guitar solo makes up for it, and takes the room to another dimension, and gives an indication of the level of musical prowess on hand that night.

2nd video:

The Band takes a riff on Les McCann’s “Compared to What” with audience and crowd shots.

Production note: The audio is not optimal as we have only the on-board Canon camera mike, no credits either as these are completely rough. Set playback to 720 or 1080p HD.

3rd rough cut with original Missiles’ guitarist Bob Hawkins sitting in on lead guitar for his and Poul’s original composition “Back to the Basics.”

Missiles of October Band will take up residence at the White House in Laguna Beach on Sundays, starting Nov 15th, from 4pm to 8pm.






California Way – Tim Bluhm

Here is a song by Northern Californian Tim Bluhm, which captures a quintessential California Coastal feel.

here is the video link:


Jack Tempchin – Tumbleweed – Live at the Belly Up Tavern – Solana Beach 

– Youtube

More on the Belly Up here:

More on Jack Tempchin here:

I’ve lived in San Diego all my life,” says singer-songwriter Jack Tempchin, who was nine months old when his parents moved from rural Ohio, “and I consider it my city, although I don’t mind sharing it with a few million people.”

Before writing songs for the Eagles and others, Tempchin lived in Banker’s Hill in 1970 through 1971. He often performed at a Mission Beach watering hole called the Heritage (where, for a time, Tom Waits manned the door).

In 1971, Tempchin managed SDSU’s Backdoor theater, where he and famous former neighbor Tom Waits wrote the song “Tijuana” together minutes for debuting it onstage.”

– San Diego Reader

See the rest of the story here:


Kelly Fitzgerald Live at The Coach House – San Juan Capistrano 

– Youtube


More on the Coach House, here:


Diane Birch @ Darryl’s House – Life’s Too Short 

– Youtube

One of my favorite artists. Singer/songwriter Diane Birch is a modern gift.

More on Darryl’s House, here:

More on Diane Birch here:



– Youtube

– A Phil Spector paen of sorts to making a hit record in the 60’s. Nobody said it was easy.

From the comments section:

“On this date July 5, 1963 the tracks for “Be My Baby” by The Ronettes were recorded at Gold Star Studios in Hollywood.

The song was written by Jeff Barry, Ellie Greenwich, and Phil Spector who also produced the record. The song was arranged by Jack Nitzsche and engineered by Larry Levine.

Ronnie Spector is the only Ronette to appear on the record.

Other personnel on the recording included: Don Randi – Piano ( session leader) Hal Blaine-Drums Jimmy Bond-Upright Bass Leon Russell- Piano (listed as Russell Bridges) Frank Capp – Percussion Al De Lory-Piano Steve Douglas-Sax Jay Migliori-Sax Bill Pitman-Guitar Ray Pohlman-Electric Bass Tommy Tedesco-Guitar

link here:






The song was written and originally performed by the Subdudes. Lyrics Here

Of note is the great drum track Frank Cotinola lays down behind Poul’s guitar rhythm, on a song by a band known for not using a drummer, ever.

Note: the video can be set to 1080p HD.

Hear more here: Live

At Amazon here:  Hope – Missiles of October




– San Francisco Live

Nicky Bluhm  & the Gramblers perform live in San Fran, May 17, 2012 at the Independent.

Nicky, Tim and the Band are a Northern California treasure. They play live up and down the coast. Not too often in SoCal but who knows?

More here:


The Story Of The Cutting Edge – Bob Dylan 1965-66


The Cutting Edge presents an alternate history for some of the most important music ever recorded.

“Bob Dylan has released a new edition to the “Bootleg Series,” this one called “The Cutting Edge 1965-1966.” The collection lets users listen to a number of alternate takes, experiments and demos performed by Dylan during the recording of albums like “Highway 61 Revisited,” “Blonde on Blonde” and “Bringing it All Back Home.”

As a part of this new release, Sony and Studio 6, a production company, have released a hub that allows users to explore Dylan’s time in the studio, called Studio A Revisited. Users can even have a go at mixing “Like a Rolling Stone,” one of Dylan’s greatest hits.”

More here:

See how to jam in the Studio A Sessions using stems here:

Here’s the original story on the Studio A Sessions from Tech Times:


Rosie Flores – Crying Over You

   – Youtube

Though born in Texas, Rosie is virtually a San Diego native who now calls Austin home.

Live version here,  live at Lincoln Center, NYC:



Marriage Made in Hollywood – Missiles of October Band – Marine Room Live

– Youtube

– The Missiles of October turn Paul Brady and Danny O’Keefe’s Irish jig into a quintessential American Road Song. Poul Pedersen lead vocal.

Hear more here: Live

At Amazon here: Hope – Missiles of October

More on Paul Brady here: Interesting Paul Brady interview from FolkRadio UK

Danny O’Keefe’s Lyrics Here



Gil Scott-Heron’s 60’s Riff on the media and mind

– Youtube

And more Gil Scott-Heron on Gil Scott-Heron:

link here:

Gil’s Official Version site here:



STAN GETZ : The Last Recording 1990

– Youtube

Great quality sound and video of a stellar performance.


Gal Costa – De Volta Ao Comeco

– Youtube

One of my favorite songs, a hauntingly beautiful melody interpreted by the great brazilian singer Gal Costa.


Rio Visited Los Angeles Once…….

– Youtube

Superb. Gal Costa sings accompanied by Antonio Carlos Jobim on piano. Priceless.


The Chords of Maria Ninguem

– Youtube

The rhythm displayed here on guitar is something to behold.  The rhythmic essence of the song on full display.


Robben Ford Blues Masterclass – Diminished Scales

– Guitarist