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Californiajimmy.com is an internet agreggation point for the latest in news and information on society and the globe.
Our Mission is to be the best news and information aggregation site possible. Giving needed and critical visibility to internet sites and issues that otherwise would not be given coverage. Great stories and articles buried in a sea of media detritus.
The internet is a vast and wonderful trove of information, but the utter vastness can be a challenge. How to find for what you’re looking for, even at the start.


What if there was a site, an aggregation point that focused each day on a single subject in depth? As well as categories of monthly segments?
A concerted and penetrating focus.
A bridge to further understanding and clarity in a forest of information. Entirely objective? Probably not, but at least presenting more than one side on complex issues.


This blog is dedicated to all things Californian, and the Californian in all of us.


From culture to music to politics. We’ll probe deeper that conventional media.
MIS-1-LR-1024x637Since we’re part of the globe, we’ll try to cover that too and everything that affects California with a global perspective.


Californiajimmy.com will focus on the essentials, facts and data points you will not find elsewhere.


Looking for talking points? Rumors? Not here.

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Musically, the focus is primarily on music performed live. There is a magic about it, that has to be experienced. We will try to bring you the best of that, with as much background and context as possible.


This site will constantly update with the latest topics and our take on them, in this ever changing world.


Comments, questions or requests mailto: Jimmy@Californiajimmy.com
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