Anti-Iran Regime Street Protestors In the Face of Violence ‘Pants’ a Basij Thug and Send Him Running – Happy New Year | Jan 01 2018

Iranian Protesters Rip Pants Off Revolutionary Guard After Crackdown Fails Miserably

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“Iranian protesters are deploying a clever tactic to deter regime forces from cracking down on nation-wide demonstrations: literally ripping the pants of Revolutionary Guards.

Telegraph UK reports:

The Basij militiaman, a paramilitary storm trooper of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, was reportedly swinging an electric shock baton when the crowd of angry protesters closed in around him.

“They got a Basij, hold him!” one man shouted as the demonstrators pulled away the militiaman’s baton and knocked him to the ground in the largely Kurdish city of Kermanshah.

But rather than beat the man to death, the crowd struck a different kind of blow against Iran’s authoritarian regime: they stripped him of his trousers and sent him stumbling and humiliated into the cold night.

“The protesters wanted to show that they are peaceful but that they are not weak and they are not afraid,” tweeted Iranian reporter Raman Ghavami.

Reports are emerging that the whole city of Kermanshah is now protesting the regime, chanting “down with the dictator” and “death to Khamenei!”

Residents are also shouting, “long live Kurdistan, long live Peshmerga, long live guerrilla”

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Note: Classic ‘pants’ scene is the opening of American Grafitti where Richard Dreyfus’ character does it to Charlie Martin’s Smith character, which sets things up. /CJ

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