Trump’s Base Losing Faith as President Goes ‘Establishment’ | Apr 15, 2017

‘He’s changing his mind on almost everything’: Trump’s voters can be very forgiving — up to a point

| Business Insider

“What’s wrong with being flexible? All presidents change their minds. He’s only human.

President Donald Trump’s voters can be a forgiving lot — up to a point.

“He thinks too fast and then makes decisions too fast,” says Miriam Naranjo in Miami Lakes, Florida.

“He’s changing his mind on almost everything he said,” says Bob Brown, of South Windsor, Connecticut.

Naranjo is willing to give Trump more time. Brown is not.

The president’s recent shifts in position on big foreign policy issues have got his supporters pondering: Are the reversals worth a mere shrug of the shoulders, or are they a cause for greater concern.

Where critics see a flip-flopper, many Trump voters see the kind of recalibrating that’s to be expected from any new president, even more so for the first in history to land in the Oval Office without any government or military experience.

“It’s definitely worth keeping an eye on and making sure he doesn’t stray too far from where he campaigned,” says Christian Ziegler, a marketing professional from Sarasota, Florida, who served as one of Trump’s electors in the state. “I’m not concerned yet.”

In recent weeks, the president has gone from labeling NATO “obsolete” to “no longer obsolete.” He’s ordered a cruise missile bombardment in Syria after saying during the campaign that the U.S. should steer clear of the place. He’s decided the Export-Import Bank, which he once opposed, is a good thing after all. And he’s done a U-turn on his pledge to label China a currency manipulator. Many of those issues were prominent applause lines at candidate Trump’s campaign rallies.

Now, as he shifts positions, Trump says he’s being flexible — and proud of it.

For plenty of Trump voters, that’s fine, particularly when a situation suddenly arises like the chemical weapons attack in Syria that killed more than 80 people and prompted Trump to order airstrikes.

“Once someone releases nerve gas on children, you have to do something,” says Susan Holly, of Cheyenne, Wyoming.

“Nobody can stand around and be black and white,” she said. “Everybody makes changes.”

Some prominent conservatives haven’t hesitated to criticize Trump’s recent actions.

Columnist Ann Coulter, writing for Breitbart News, the website once run by White House adviser Steve Bannon, called the president’s Syrian airstrikes an immoral “misadventure” that “violates every promise he ran on and could sink his presidency.”

However, nearly three months into Trump’s presidency, many supporters say they never really expected him to hew to all his campaign positions anyway. Trump, a former Democrat, was never one to attract the labels of policy wonk or ideologue.

“I don’t think any president really knows what they’re doing the first few months in office,” says Jeff Baumgardner, 59, an airline captain from Shindle, Pennsylvania. “What they say on a campaign is always different than what they do.”

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THE MEMO: Has Trump gone Washington?

| The Hill

“President Trump is moving in a more conventional direction, winning plaudits from former critics in the process. But his shifts, in both policy and personnel, are disconcerting those who were once among his loudest boosters.

The Trump diehards are queasy at the notion that a president who ran as a proud outsider might be co-opted by a Washington establishment they loathe.

“Trump won by bringing out millions of people who hadn’t voted in decades, maybe ever,” the conservative commentator Ann Coulter told The Hill in an email. “They’re not on ABC’s ‘powerhouse roundtable,’ working on Wall Street or for the Koch brothers — where everyone is delighted with how Trump has ‘grown’ in office.

“The base is terrified that Trump is being led down the primrose path with flattery from all the people who didn’t vote for him and never will.”

The charge that Trump is going to disappoint — or even sell out — the insurgent legions who supported him last November is not new.

When the GOP’s internal fight over the attempt to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act was at its height at the start of April, conservative Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich) lamented on Twitter that “Trump admin & Establishment have merged into #Trumpstablishment. Same old agenda.”

Even earlier, the conservative media icon Matt Drudge of The Drudge Report tweeted, “The swamp drains you,” a clear jab at Trump.

But those worries have intensified this week.”

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Michigan Trump Voters Lose Faith: ‘It’s Gone So Far Now the Wrong Way’

| Breitbart

“President Trump’s base appears to be growing concerned with the direction of his administration, against the backdrop of a number of drastic policy shifts from the campaign period as well as his first few weeks in office.

As the notorious “first 100 days” mark rushes up on him, President Trump will have to perform a careful balancing act between the two evident camps in the White House: the nationalists and the globalists, between which a real reconciliation looks unlikely.

The former appears to be supported by the campaign’s base — the people who put Trump in office. The latter appears to appeal to the President on the grounds of more positive headlines, less contentious policy issues as far as establishment media coverage is concerned, and his preternatural, New York liberal outlook.

It’s not all bad news for the President, but it is a warning to be heeded. Here in Michigan, Trump voters, campaigners, and low-level donors expressed concern to this Breitbart News correspondent on the recent change in his direction — citing the travel ban, border control, and the power of his relatives in his administration as key areas of concern.

“We’re watching a man who can take action every single day,” Jeff, a long-standing Trump supporter, told me. He went on:

He doesn’t need to go to Congress. He can take action. We’re watching him carefully. We’re talking about people who have lives to live. Grandchildren to take care of. And we’re watching actions day to day and they’re falling flat. They’re receding from why we put the man there, and it is extremely, it is more than stressful. We’re keeping track, we’re watching it. We do not want to hear about family members having an impact. We voted. We have high expectations for impact.

Not everyone was so glum, however. One local cab driver dismissed such concerns, telling me that President Trump would listen to whomever he had to on a variety of issues, and if they tried to “bounce him” too much, he’d push back, perhaps even stop listening.

I asked him, given his sunny disposition on the issue, “Do you think the border wall will be built?”

He shot me a wry smile in his rear view mirror: “No. But I don’t think it matters.”

“I might take a permanent break [from Trump]!” said Cindy, a local Republican Party activists who admits to having preferred Sen. Ted Cruz in the primaries.

“Oh no you’re not!” her friend shot back. They laughed heartily about her irritation, but she continued still: “I look every day to see if he put that [travel] ban on. I look every day,” she said, insisting that the White House had not done enough to force through President Trump’s executive order pausing the flow of refugees and calling for extreme vetting.

Some even stated they’d be hard to win back, even though it’s been fewer than 100 days for President Trump’s administration.

Perhaps, I thought, their frustration emanates from the fact that candidate Trump promised so much on “day one.” His blunt approach during the campaign perhaps lulled supporters into thinking these were literal “day one” promises. He had said during the campaign that “day one” would include imposing Congressional term limits, repealing Obamacare, deporting illegal immigrants, fixing Veteran’s Affairs, redressing the balance of NATO, getting rid of gun free zones in schools, and a whole lot more.

Although President Trump swiftly acted on some issues such as “ending the war on coal” and appears to be moving toward a renegotiation of NAFTA, on others, he has performed a complete 180-degree turn, evidenced this week by his chumminess with NATO’s Secretary General, and a U-turn on replacing Federal Reserve chairman Janet Yellen and his prior disdain for the Export-Import Bank.”

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