Yikes. More Shootings in Cabo | Mar 28, 2017

Shooting in tourist area of ​​San Jose del Cabo leaves one dead and one wounded

| BCS News

“The events occurred shortly after 17:15 hours on Sunday; the injured person is allegedly a civilian that had to do with the facts

Los Cabos, Baja California Sur (BCS). One dead and one injured person was the outcome of a shooting attack starring vehicle Toyota sedan in the tourist area of San Jose del Cabo , on Sunday around 17:15 hours.

According to early reports, the incident took place after the driver of the vehicle Toyota, white, shared shots against another unit in tourist boulevard and roundabout Mijares Street, near the Pantheon.

The driver of the white sedan lost control of the steering wheel, going off the street to end up dead in the beach area, to where the shots came.

Unofficially he learned that the injured person turned out to be a civilian, who had nothing to do with the facts and that would have been injured a leg; the scene, paramedics arrived elements who lent him first aid.

So far, the identity of the victim is unknown fatal. The other involved in the persecution shots were fled and did not know his whereabouts.

Collective information Pericú”

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