Chelsea Clinton is in a Mental Class by herself | Mar 27, 2017

Chelsea Clinton Hopes MAGA Hat on Pic of Lincoln Is Photoshopped

| NewsBusters

“Chelsea Clinton is 37 years old — 19 years past the minimum voting age, 16 years over the legal age to drink, no longer entitled to reflexive press protection as the daughter of a Democratic President or presidential candidate, and thus eligible for ridicule when she deserves it — even if the establishment media’s gatekeepers don’t like it. I’d suggest that if you really have to ask, as Chelsea Clinton did, if a “Make America Great Again” hat seen on a rendering of Abe Lincoln on the cover of a Republican Party dinner program has been “photoshopped,” you deserve every bit of the ridicule coming your way.

This was too good for the snark brigade on Twitter to resist. Some good-natured comments, considering the circumstances (many others unfortunately not), have included the following (minor revisions made for punctuation, capitalization and spelling):

“No, this is the exact hat Lincoln was wearing when he signed the Emancipation Proclamation. People forget that.”

Nope, Lincoln was wearing that exact hat at the Theater.”

“Nope, they found a picture of Lincoln wearing a MAGA hat from the nineteenth century. No photoshop needed.”

I remember this photo was taken at the 1856 Republican National Convention and is real.”

It’s as real as those Bosnian snipers.”

To her credit, Mrs. Clinton (or Ms., or Miss, based on reader input) hasn’t deleted her tweet — yet. Though she doesn’t seem to understand photo editing, she at least grasps the idea that the websites of Twitter curators like Twitchy will have her tweet as long as they exist.

Now imagine if either of former President George W. Bush’s daughters, who are also in their mid-30s, had posted something this dumb on Twitter. Does anyone believe that the establishment press, or especially the left-leaning cadre of late-night comedians, would be able to resist engaging in intense mockery? The heavy bets here should be placed on both groups pretending not to know anything about Chelsea Clinton’s latest Twitter calamity, even though the press has gone out of its way to fawn over her supposedly aggressive and effective tweeting to this point (spare me), even though she’s especially fair game for ridicule because of her rumored political ambitions.”

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ICE to Deport Illegal DUI Immigrant After Boston Vows to Fight Deportation

| Breitbart

“BOSTON, Massachusetts – An illegal immigrant accused of driving drunk is set to be deported by federal immigration officials despite the city of Boston being a ‘sanctuary city’ for illegal immigrants.

The illegal immigrant, an Irish national, is being held at the Suffolk County House of Correction after facing charges of drunk driving and other related accusations.

Now, the Irish illegal immigrant is expected to be deported out the U.S. by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency, according to Irish Central.

The arrest and deportation come at a time when the Irish-based open borders lobby is funneling money to help illegal immigrants from Ireland who are living in the U.S.

Most recently, the Ireland Funds has poured $100,000 into the Coalition of Irish Immigration Centers, as Irish Central reported, with even the Irish government getting involved in the illegal immigrant’s pending deportation.

At the time, the National Coordinator of the Coalition of Irish Immigration Centers Aileen Dibra said the money to the organization “will allow much needed direct support and urgent relief to members our community, the positive human impact of which is invaluable in these uncertain times.”

Boston remains a sanctuary city for criminal illegal immigrants, with the city’s Mayor, Marty Walsh, telling the media last month he would “not waste vital police resources on misguided federal actions.”

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