Gov Moonbeam and CA DMV Registration of Nearly 1 Million Illegal Voters | Dec 2016

DMV licensed 800,000 undocumented immigrants under 2-year-old law

– San Jose Mercury News

“On the day that California officials implemented a controversial law that allows undocumented residents to obtain driver’s licenses, DMV offices throughout the state were packed with immigrants looking to take advantage of the opportunity.

Two years after the implementation of AB 60 on Jan. 1, 2015, an estimated 806,000 undocumented residents have received driver’s licenses, according to Department of Motor Vehicles statistics this month. About 14,000 of these licenses were issued in November alone, the DMV said.

The law has allowed undocumented residents to come out of the shadows and drive safely in their neighborhoods, according to Maricela Gutierrez, executive director of the immigration advocacy organization, SIREN.

“Many of them have been able to drive their kids to school and to run errands, when many times they were taking buses that would take them up to three hours to get from point A to point B,” she said. “It opened up new opportunities.”

One San Jose resident who applied for a license just a few days after AB 60 went into effect received his license in the mail shortly after.

“It’s a completely different feeling because you no longer have to worry about seeing a police car,” said the 46-year-old, who asked to be identified only by his first name, Ramon. “You’re much more at peace when you drive. You can drive long distances with your family — to Disneyland or to the Monterey Bay Aquarium — with confidence. You don’t live in fear.”

But as President-elect Donald Trump, who vowed an illegal immigration crackdown as a candidate, prepares to take office, the law is coming under renewed scrutiny.

Many of those who received driver’s licenses under the law now fear they’ll become deportation targets if federal immigration authorities can access their DMV information, despite assurances from state officials that it won’t happen.

Opponents argued the law would weaken immigration enforcement and questioned the public safety benefit, noting it didn’t guarantee undocumented immigrants receiving licenses would buy auto insurance.

Critics also point to another state “motor-voter” law, AB 1461, that starting in 2017 will automatically register most licensed California drivers to vote, arguing it could lead to election fraud if non-citizens barred from voting in federal elections become registered. State officials said there are safeguards in the system to prevent undocumented licensees from being registered to vote.

The DMV said law enforcement agencies, including U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, can obtain driver’s license information — such as name, gender/description, address, date of birth and driver license number — through certain data-sharing systems. But the information doesn’t indicate their immigration status or whether they received licenses under AB60.”

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California Illegal Immigrant Voter Law Explained

– Raw Conservative

“RAW Conservative reported on the new controversial “Moter Voter Law”,  (Assembly Bill A.B 1461) recently and after some confusion from the readers, we would like to take the opportunity to explain the seriousness of this law and why it will inevitably allow Illegal Aliens to vote.  One of the criticisms of our report, was making the assumption in the headline, that Illegal Aliens will now be allowed to vote in elections as a result of this law.  To clarify, they will not be allowed to vote in elections, but only if they tell the truth when applying for a drivers license.  This is the main cause of concern when you combine how existing immigration laws are not enforced in California, it’s sanctuary cities, and the fact that an ID is not required in order to vote.

Let’s break down the key provisions in this new law that are just begging for Illegal voters.  We truly believe this law signed by Gov. Brown, is treading on Unconstitutional and treasonous.

Number 1

The law states:

The New Motor Voter Act automatically registers to vote all eligible voters when they obtain or renew their drivers licenses at the Department of Motor Vehicles instead of requiring them to fill out a form.”

That sound’s good right?  Well, it depends on how you identify or qualify those who are eligible.  Illegal Immigrants are allowed to obtain Drivers Licenses in the state of California, so when they go to the DMV to obtain it, they have to prove with documentation or lack thereof they are illegal right?  That way they can be identified as ineligible and not be registered to vote right?  Wrong.

Section 2263 (K) states as follows:

(K) A notation that the applicant has attested that he or she meets all voter eligibility requirements, including United States citizenship, specified in Section 2101.

The person applying for a Drivers License only has to “attest” that they meet all eligibility requirements in order to be registered to vote.  No documentation is required to prove citizenship or legal status.  Here is an example: I can attest that I have a 32 inch waist and weigh 165lbs, but that doesn’t make it true.  That means a person can simply say “Yes” I am eligible and be registered to vote.

Now some have argued with us, that documentation can be requested as proof and if they are unable to provide it, they will be refused to register to vote.  Wrong.

Section 2263 Clause (D) states as follows:

(d) The department shall not electronically provide records of a person who applies for or is issued a driver’s license pursuant to Section 12801.9 of the Vehicle Code because he or she is unable to submit satisfactory proof that his or her presence in the United States is authorized under federal law.

This means the person in the DMV will not be turned down for a Drivers License and voter registration after the DMV has noted an attestation to eligibility.  Zero documentation is required.

California took the law a step further by covering repercussions and legal actions in the event an Illegal or ineligible voter actually votes.

Sections 2268 and Section 2269 states as follows:


If a person who is ineligible to vote becomes registered to vote pursuant to this chapter in the absence of a violation by that person of Section 18100, that person’s registration shall be presumed to have been effected with official authorization and not the fault of that person.


If a person who is ineligible to vote becomes registered to vote pursuant to this chapter and votes or attempts to vote in an election held after the effective date of the person’s registration, that person shall be presumed to have acted with official authorization and shall not be guilty of fraudulently voting or attempting to vote pursuant to Section 18560, unless that person willfully votes or attempts to vote knowing that he or she is not entitled to vote.

Those two sections of the law essentially mean, that if the person “lied” or attested “incorrectly”, it is simply…”My Bad!”.  Absolutely no legal action will be taken unless the government can somehow get the voter to start “attesting truth”…good luck with that…
Lastly, but most important of all, there are no voter ID laws in California.  You do not have to present an ID to vote in the state of California so how could this law possibly be enforced, even if every Illegal Alien “told the truth”.  The truth is, it can’t.  Illegal Aliens will be allowed to vote in California because of this law.  The Obama administration and it’s Justice Department already refuse to enforce existing immigration laws.  They aren’t about to start now…especially in a state with 55 Electoral Votes.”
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