California’s Gov Moonbeam Fights Cow Flatulence to Reduce Global Warming | Dec 2016

Gov. Jerry Brown Signs Law Regulating Cow Farts, Landfills

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– Meawhile the part time governor was missing in action on the largest natural gas leak in U.S. history in Porter Ranch, where over 5000 families were displaced from their homes.

Moonbeam, while obsession on cow farts conveniently ignores the fact that the critically dangerous Fukushima Nuclear plant is still spewing radioactive water into the Pacific that has resulted in contaminated fish making their way to Oregon last week.

Question: With growing evidence that the 78 year old governor may be increasingly mentally unstable, the question is, what can the state do? Sheriff Lee Baca whose trial for defying the federal govt and lying to the FBI, relied on growing dementia while in office as a defense for his crimes, we are going to face increasing bad decisions by old politicians who will not leave office until it’s obvious they have to. What do we do about Jerry?  /CJ 



Gov. Jerry Brown Threatens ‘Battle’ with Trump Admin. Rallying Climate Action Troops

– Breitbart

“Jerry Brown had fighting words for President-elect Donald Trump during a speech to the annual American Geophysical Union meeting in San Francisco on Wednesday.

The four-term governor of California threatened that the Golden State would “launch its own damn satellite” for “battle” and had ample scientists and lawyers to take on the Trump Administration.

Brown lit into potential energy policy changes under the Trump Administration with fearful warnings as he sought to rally the scientists to “fight back” over climate change.

“The time has never been more urgent or your work never more important. The climate is changing, temperatures are rising, oceans are becoming more acidified, habitats are under stress – the world is facing tremendous danger,” Brown warned the group.

“Some people say that they’re gonna turn off the satellites that are monitoring the uh climate, low earth uh phenomena, the landsat and all the various measuring satellites that we have,” claimed Brown in a video of the event posted to the Sacramento Bee. He recalled recommending a landsat for California in 1978. “They called me governor moonbeam because of that.”

“And if Trump turns off the satellites, California will launch its own damn satellite,” charged Brown. “We’re gonna collect that data.” He remarked that private companies in California have launched satellites.

Brown added a warning if “they start messin’ with Lawrence Berkeley Lab or Berkeley Livermore, I’m the president of the Board of Regents, I’m gonna say keep your hands off! That laboratory is going to pursue good science.”

“As long as the University of California manages those labs, we’re not gonna have political interference,” claimed Brown. “We’re gonna have honest, independent science. You can count on that.”

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Porter Ranch Gas Leak: Blame Jerry Brown – Feb 2016


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