Sixty Free Things to Do in LA | Locale | Dec 1 2016

60 Free Things to Do in LA

– Locale Magazine

Irvine-based Pacifica Hotels has opened The Kinney in Venice Beach.

“It’s no secret that LA is the land of glitz and glam, and with all the money that flies around, things can get a little pricey. With plenty of activities in the LA area that can drain your wallet, we thought it was time to come up with a list of what you can do in the City of Angels that will keep the fun going while still leaving you with some change to spare. Check out these free things to do in LA to keep ballin’ on a budget:


Walk the Venice Walk
You won’t miss a beat on the Venice Boardwalk. It’s a rowdy collection of live music, skateboarding dogs, and a rainbow of Ray Bans and board shorts in the local surf shops. Just watch out for chainsaw jugglers.

Abbot Kinney First Friday Art Walk
It’s easy to get lost in the sidewalk chalk, reflective status, and kinetic sculptures while exploring one of the artsiest streets of West LA. Snag free samples from the food trucks that line the boutique storefronts on the ‘First Friday’ of every month.

Shakespeare in the Park (or by the Sea)
Beware the resurfacing of high-school memories of you reciting Shakespearian classics. The set is modern, and you know every monologue. Wine, juice, and snacks all around – it’s a literary picnic – and the actors aren’t afraid to draw you into the action.

Stroll Olvera Street
You know you’ve arrived when you hear the slapping sound of fresh-pressed tortillas and the jingle of handmade trinkets. Olvera Street free tours shuffle you through the original LA, circa 1781.


Serenity Sunday at Gladstone’s
Breathe in, breathe out. Slow it down, repeat, and enjoy a free morning yoga flow at the classic Gladstone’s restaurant on the beach. Don’t worry about your inexperience, because other beginners line the walls, too. If you can’t focus, think of the Bloody Mary after class.

Twilight Concert
Kick off your flip-flops and groove in the sand to some live music at the Santa Monica Pier Twilight Concert. Dance in the iconic Ferris Wheel lights with the waves crashing in the background.

Art Crawl at the Old PBR Brewery
The smell of hops has faded, but former PBR Brewery is still alive with the scents of oil paint and fresh clay as 100 artists from around LA display their work. Plus, there’s a beer garden (which is not free).


Find the next great talent at The Downtown Independent
For one night, you feel part of the up-and-coming movie scene. Open screenings of witty pilots and slapstick short films play at the Downtown Independent. Bring your questions in case the director hosts a surprise Q&A.

Swing, Climb, Bounce at Original Muscle Beach
Coat your palms with chalk and get ready for sore muscles tomorrow. This beach park is the best playground for agile adults like yourself. Parallel bars, ropes, swings, rings, and tight ropes help you swing, climb, and jump before floating in the waves.

Check Out Free Improv
The alleyway off Vermont Ave seems intimidating, with just a faint light coming from the basement-style Clubhouse. The skits, stand-up, and monologues are unbearably funny. Enjoy some local artists and remember: Tina Fey was once in free improv clubs. Just saying.

Archery Lessons in Pasadena
The hay barrels are set, and it’s your first time with a bow and arrow in hand. The kid to the left fires an arrow on target with ease. The Pasadena Roving Archers instructor passes by to raise your elbow and steady your stance. Fire away (for free on your first time).

Santa Monica Pier
Explore the amusement park and win a prize or two, or watch the surfers and take a peek inside the aquarium. Keep an eye out for the Python Man at the front of the pier – well worth an Instagram post.


Venice Canals
The arching bridges, beach houses, antique canoes, and occasional ducklings make for a calm afternoon on the five blocks of Venice Canals. It’s nestled in between Venice’s raucous boardwalk and hipster Abbot Kinney, and it’s the ideal setting for a picnic or mid-afternoon stroll.”

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