More California DMV Voting Systems Failure Allows Voter Fraud | Dec 1 2016

California Republicans: Online Registration Allows Voter Fraud

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“The California Republican Party is considering taking legal action to force the State of California to adopt a more secure system for online voter registration, alleging that the current system is too lax and allows for potential voter fraud.

“The [California] secretary of state’s website does not track the IP addresses of the people who register to vote,” Harmeet Dhillon, a former state party official, told the Los Angeles Times. “You could literally register hundreds or thousands of people from the same computer … There is more security on the websites that I shopped on Black Friday than there is on the secretary of state’s website.”

The California GOP has not produced evidence that any voter fraud actually took place through online registration in 2016. Recently, President-elect Donald Trump claimed that “millions” of people had voted illegally nationwide, and said there had been incidents of voter fraud in California, among other states. California’s Democratic Secretary of State, Alex Padilla, took exception to that claim, calling it an “irresponsible attempt to undermine confidence in our elections.”

California’s voting system, however, has been technologically backward for many years. A Pew study in 2014 ranked California 49th out of the 50 states in election administration. The system of online voter registration dates to 2012, well within the scope of the study.

The poor job that the Golden State does in managing voter databases and other election data is ironic, given the fact that the state’s high technology industry leads the world, and that Silicon Valley is a global hub of innovation in database management.

The task of managing voter registration in California is complicated by the fact that the state is home to a high proportion of the nation’s illegal aliens, some of whom volunteered openly for the Hillary Clinton campaign to register others to vote.”

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Déjà Vu All Over Again: California’s DMV IT Project Cancelled


“The Golden State’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) must think it has checked into an IT version of Hotel California, where once a DMV modernization project is started, it can never ever finish it.

Last week, on behalf of DMV’s management, California’s CIO informed state legislators that it had decided to cancel at the end of January the remainder of its US $208 million, 6-year IT modernization project with Hewlett-Packard, which was supposed to be completed in May of this year. As reported in theLA Times, after spending some $134 million ($50 million on HP) and having “significant concerns with the lack of progress,” the DMV decided to call it quits and do a rethink of the program’s direction. HP had apparently saw the handwriting on the wall. Its contract ended last November, and HP refused to hire key staff until the contract was renegotiated.

The DMV IT modernization program was started in 2006 in the wake of a previous DMV project failure (called Info/California) that blew through $44 million between its start in 1987 and cancellation in 1994. That “hopeless failure,” as it was then described, was supposed to be a 5-year, $28 million effort; when it was terminated seven years in, the project’s cost to complete had skyrocketed to an estimated $201 million with an uncertain finish date. A 1994 LA Times story reported that an assessment found the DMV had limited experience in computer technology, grossly underestimated the project’s scope and size, and lacked consistent and sustained management. The project’s failure also sparked a full legislative probe.

The current DMV debacle, along with this month’s termination of the MyCalPay’s project, has spurred calls for yet another probe. Legislators could save a lot of time and money by just cutting and pasting from the the earlier project’s investigation. I’m sure they’ll find a lot of the same inexperience, underestimating, and inconsistent management.

Not all was lost in the current effort: at least a new system for issuing California drivers’ licenses was rolled out. However, the critical vehicle registration portion of the DMV system, with its decades-old “dangerously antiquated technology” (pdf), will have to stay in use while a new go-forward plan is developed.”

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