United States Can’t Afford Unlimited Immigration | Nov 15 2016

Virginia Illegal immigrant crashes his car into young woman’s vehicle before dragging her out and raping her in a ditch for two hours

– Daily Mail UK



“Roberto Carlos Flores Sibrian, 26, has been arrested after allegedly dragging a woman out of her car after their vehicles crashed in northern Virginia and raping her during a two-hour attack.”


‘California’ Doctor Faked his own death and fled to Egypt where he worked as a ‘scuba instructor’ to avoid jail for alleged multi-million dollar Medi-Cal insurance fraud

– Daily Mail UK


“A California doctor wanted by authorities for allegedly defrauding the state’s Medi-Cal health insurance program out of millions of dollars faked his own death and used forged passports to evade justice for over a decade, according to law enforcement officials.

Tigran Svadjian, an Armenian immigrant who completed his medical studies in New York before opening up a clinic in Southern California, fled to Russia in 2002 after prosecutors thought they had successfully persuaded him to cooperate in their investigation of him and dozens of other alleged co-conspirators.

Svadjian and other doctors who were believed to have had ties with Russian and Armenian organized crime figures were under investigation for allegedly overbilling the state of California for medical tests, the Los Angeles Times reported.

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