The Day After the People Decide | Nov 9 2016

Far Left White House Staff Weeps for Defeat of Lame Duck Legacy

– Daily Mail UK


“President Barack Obama is rooting for President-elect Donald Trump’s success, he said Wednesday afternoon during a nine-minute address in the White House Rose Garden – but his clearly devastated staff didn’t look so sure.

With Vice President Joe Biden at his side, a sometimes smiling but always composed Obama said Tuesday’s election in which his party’s nominee lost the nation’s highest office was a setback for his agenda but not for the nation.

‘We are now all rooting for his success in uniting the country,’ he said.

‘Everybody is sad when their side loses an election. But the day after, we have to remember that we’re actually on one team,’ Obama said.

‘This is an intramural scrimmage. We’re not Democrats first. We’re not Republicans first. We’re Americans first. We’re patriots first.’

After he spoke some of his staff openly wept at the result, one saying of the day: ‘I’m so sad’.

Obama’s call for calm came alongside similar statements from both Clinton and Trump. All three combined in a concerted effort to try and bring the nation together after a fractious and bitter election battle.”

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Wall Street Traders Boo Hillary Clinton During Concession Speech, Chant ‘Lock Her Up’

– Breitbart


“Wall Street traders booed Hillary Clinton on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange during her concession speech to President-elect Donald Trump Wednesday.

The traders began chanting, “Lock her up!” as Clinton told her supporters that they should accept defeat, CNN Money reported.

“Ding-dong, the witch is dead,” shouted another floor trader.

Even though global markets dropped overnight due to the shocking news of Trump’s win, U.S. stocks went slightly up when the stock market opened this morning.”

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FULL SPEECH: Clinton delivers emotional concession to Trump

– the Hill

“Ding-dong, the witch is dead,”






“As the reality of a Donald Trump presidency began to sink in during the wee hours of Wednesday morning, so many Americans were searching how to move to Canada that the country’s immigration and citizenship website started struggling with bandwidth. It crashed repeatedly.

Among those seeking refuge in socialist Canada were dozens of celebrities, including singer/songwriter Cher, the “pansexual” entertainer Miley Cyrus, actor Samuel Jackson, House of Cards actress Neve Campbell, “Girls” celebrity Lena Dunham, and “Breaking Bad” star Bryan Cranston.

Novelist Stephen King tweeted Wednesday that he’s going offline, saying there will be “No more book recommendations, politics, or amusing dog pictures for the immediate future. I’m shutting down.”

King didn’t say if he was headed north of the border but made it clear he didn’t wish to be in America.

For those looking to make the move north, there are considerable hoops that Canada requires them to jump through. Here are some of the major ones:”

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UCI students protest Donald Trump’s presidency across campus in Irvine

– OC Register

UC Irvine student protesting after Donald Trump was declared president of the United States.
UC Irvine student protesting after Donald Trump was declared president of the United States.

“IRVINE – Angered by the election of Donald Trump as the next president of the United States, about 300 UC Irvine students marched across campus in protest shortly afterward.

It was one of several protests around California late Tuesday and into Wednesday.

The spontaneous protest began around 10:30 p.m. Tuesday near the student center just after Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton conceded the election to Trump.

“We wanted to start a peaceful movement to express our displeasure with Donald Trump as president,” said 18-year-old David Morales, a sophomore studying urban planning.

The protest lasted about 90 minutes as students marched around residential halls and several other buildings on campus. Some protesters shouted profanities and “Dump Trump” while holding clenched fists above their heads.”

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