Obama’s Dept of HHS Raiding Medicare, CDC Accounts to Pay for Illegal Aliens | Nov 30 2106

Feds cut $167 million in domestic programs to house, feed illegals for just 1 month

– Washington Examiner


“The Department of Health and Human Services is raiding several of its accounts, including money for Medicare, the Ryan White AIDS/HIV program and those for cancer and flu research to cover a shortfall in housing illegal youths pouring over the border at a rate of 255 a day.

HHS is trying to come up with $167 million to fund the Office of Refugee Resettlement that is accepting the youths, according to the Center for Immigration Studies.

Policy Director Jessica Vaughan said that insiders have told her that the funding crisis has forced the department to squeeze programs for money.

She just revealed on the CIS website:

“An average of 255 illegal alien youths were taken into the custody of the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) every day this month, according to the latest figures the agency provided to Congress. This is the largest number of illegal alien children ever in the care of the federal government. To pay for it, the agency says it will need an additional one or two billion dollars for the next year – above and beyond the $1.2 billion spent in 2016 and proposed for 2017 – depending on how many more arrive. For now, the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), where ORR resides, is diverting $167 million from other programs to cover the cost of services for these new illegal arrivals through December 9, when the current continuing resolution expires.”

The money, she said, pays for “shelters, health care, schooling, recreation, and other services for the new illegal arrivals, who typically were brought to the border by smugglers paid by their parents, who often are living in the United States illegally.”

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Supreme Court Opinion on Flag Burning in 1989 | Nov 29 2016

Court’s Majority and Dissenting Opinions on the Flag Protection Act of 1989

– New York Times


“Following is the text, without footnotes, of the Supreme Court’s 5-to-4 ruling today that the new Federal law against flag-burning is unconstitutional.

Justice William J. Brennan’s majority opinion was joined by Justices Thurgood Marshall, Harry A. Blackmun, Antonin Scalia and Anthony M. Kennedy.

The dissenting opinion by Justice John Paul Stevens was joined by Chief Justice Rehnquist and by Justices Byron R. White and Sandra Day O’Connor.



By Justice Brennan

Last Term in Johnson, we held that a Texas statute criminalizing the desecration of venerated objects, including the United States flag, was unconstitutional as applied to an individual who had set such a flag on fire during a political demonstration. The Texas statute provided that ”[a] person commits an offense if he intentionally or knowingly desecrates . . . [a] national flag,” where ”desecrate” meant to ”deface, damage, or otherwise physically mistreat in a way that the actor knows will seriously offend one or more persons likely to observe or discover his action.”

We first held that Johnson’s flag-burning was ”conduct ‘sufficiently imbued with elements of communication’ to implicate the First Amendment.” We next considered and rejected the state’s contention that, under United States v. O’Brien, we ought to apply the deferential standard with which we have reviewed Government regulations of conduct containing both speech and nonspeech elements where ”the governmental interest is unrelated to the suppression of free expression.”


We reasoned that the state’s asserted interest ”in preserving the flag as a symbol of nationhood and national unity,” was an interest ”related ‘to the suppression of free expression’ within the meaning of O’Brien” because the state’s concern with protecting the flag’s symbolic meaning is implicated ”only when a person’s treatment of the flag communicates some message.” We therefore subjected the statute to ” ‘the most exacting scrutiny,’ ” quoting Boos v. Barry, (1988), and we concluded that the state’s asserted interests could not justify the infringement on the demonstrator’s First Amendment rights.



By Justice Stevens

The Court’s opinion ends where proper analysis of the issue should begin. Of course ”the Government may not prohibit the expression of an idea simply because society finds the idea itself offensive or disagreeable.” None of us disagrees with that proposition. But it is equally well settled that certain methods of expression may be prohibited if (a) the prohibition is supported by a legitimate societal interest that is unrelated to suppression of the ideas the speaker desires to express; (b) the prohibition does not entail any interference with the speaker’s freedom to express those ideas by other means; and (c) the interest in allowing the speaker complete freedom of choice among alternative methods of expression is less important than the societal interest supporting the prohibition.


The individual interest is unquestionably a matter of great importance. Indeed, it is one of the critical components of the idea of liberty that the flag itself is intended to symbolize. Moreover, it is buttressed by the societal interest in being alerted to the need for thoughtful response to voices that might otherwise go unheard. The freedom of expression protected by the First Amendment embraces not only the freedom to communicate particular ideas, but also the right to communicate them effectively. That right, however, is not absolute – the communicative value of a well-placed bomb in the Capitol does not entitle it to the protection of the First Amendment.

Burning a flag is not, of course, equivalent to burning a public building. Assuming that the protester is burning his own flag, it causes no physical harm to other persons or to their property. The impact is purely symbolic, and it is apparent that some thoughtful persons believe that impact, far from depreciating the value of the symbol, will actually enhance its meaning. I most respectfully disagree.

Indeed, what makes this case particularly difficult for me is what I regard as the damage to the symbol that has already occurred as a result of this Court’s decision to place its stamp of approval on the act of flag-burning. A formerly dramatic expression of protest is now rather commonplace. In today’s marketplace of ideas, the public burning of a Vietnam draft card is probably less provocative than lighting a cigarette. Tomorrow flag burning may produce a similar reaction. There is surely a direct relationship between the communicative value of the act of flag burning and the symbolic value of the object being burned.

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Ohio State students demanded ‘sanctuary campus’ — days before attack

– theAmericanSpectator


“Will Ohio State University students change their tune about sheltering illegal aliens after a refugee has been accused of using a car and knife in a Monday attack on campus?

“Law enforcement officials told NBC News that Artan was a Somali refugee who left his homeland with his family in 2007, lived in Pakistan and then came to the United States in 2014 as a legal permanent resident,” the news site reports.

Eight days earlier, OSU students were circulating a petition, demanding that administrators protect individuals on campus suspected of breaking federal immigration laws.

According to The Latern:

As President-elect Donald Trump rolls out his transition into office, questions are in the air regarding how his policies proposed on the campaign trail might come to fruition. While Trump has backed away from a wall along Mexico’s border, stricter illegal-immigration enforcement still could still come about in other ways, potentially on campus.

That’s the worry of hundreds of students who have signed an online petition asking Ohio State to make its campus a “sanctuary campus” — offering protection against deportation — for students who immigrated to the United States illegally. How much this petition could potentially help, however, is unclear.

“It’s kind of a symbolic action, to show that OSU stands in solidarity with immigrants and that OSU supports the Latino community in Columbus, including those who are involved on campus — not just students but also staff and faculty,” petition signer Anna Babel, assistant professor Hispanic linguistics, told the paper.

Will a suspected terrorist attack by a “legal” refugee who appears to have carried out his attack because of hostility to America cause Ohio State students to rethink harboring illegal immigrants?

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Obama Admin Plays Down Cross Border Enemy Fire from Mexico | Nov 29 2016

Gunshots from Mexico Hit U.S. Law Enforcement, Agents Say Feds ‘Downplaying Threat’

– Breitbart


McALLEN, Texas — Days after a Texas State Trooper and a U.S. Border Patrol agent were struck by gunfire from Mexico near the Rio Grande, federal agents claim that U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is trying to downplay the latest case of cross-border violence.

Last week, Texas State Trooper Danny Shaw was shot in the leg and an unnamed U.S. Border Patrol agent was hit in the chest from bullets fired across the border near Roma, Texas. At the time of the shooting, Mexican cartel gunmen had been engaging the military in a firefight near the town of Miguel Aleman.

Trooper Shaw was flown by a Texas Department of Public Safety Helicopter to a local hospital where he underwent testing and treatment. Breitbart Texas has since confirmed that the unnamed Border Patrol agent was shot in the chest with the bullet striking a loaded ammunition magazine that the agent had clipped onto his body armor.”

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Hannity: The People Don’t Need the Old Media Anymore | Nov 29 2016

People Don’t Need ‘Fake News’ Corporate Media Anymore; Landscape Shifting to Breitbart, Drudge, Talk Radio

– Breitbart



“Sean Hannity talked about the 2016 election with SiriusXM host Matt Boyle on Monday’s Breitbart News Daily.

Hannity said that what we learned about the “radical Left colluding-with-Clinton campaign media” from the WikiLeaks revelations was “spectacular.”

“It is the most underreported story out there,” he declared. “They’re not going to cover the fact that they themselves colluded with Clinton, helped Clinton, in some cases, gave questions to her or sought questions for Trump or for Cruz through the DNC, John Harwood advising the Clinton campaign, moderating a debate. It’s pretty spectacular on Election Night that one of the moderators, Martha Raddatz, cried when Donald Trump had won the election.”

“I mean, they lie. They’re corrupt. They’re dishonest. They collude. They’re all in this hyperventilating mode about ‘fake news’ now, but they are fake news. That’s them. It’s now on display for the world to see,” Hannity charged.

“I just keep pointing out to people – look, people don’t need them any more. They’re done. I suggested the other day that if any of these organizations were involved in collusion with the Clinton campaign, why do they get a seat in the White House press office? Why does Donald Trump need a White House press office? He doesn’t. You know, you can have a pool person that’s standing by if, God forbid, there’s any bad news about the president that the country needs to know, but his own staff could tweet it out, for crying out loud,” he said.”

“Things have changed dramatically, with Breitbart, and Drudge, and cable news, and talk radio, and social media – Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. People are getting information very differently than they did,” Hannity reflected.

He thought the media lost a vital share of their remaining credibility by getting the 2016 election so completely wrong, remembering how author Ann Coulter was almost “laughed off the stage” on Bill Maher’s HBO program during the summer for saying that Trump had the best chance of winning the election.”

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A Thousand U.S. Veterans Show Up to Protest College Flag Removal in New England | Nov 28 2016

Veterans protest flag removal at Hampshire College



“Amherst, Mass. (WWLP) – At least one thousand veterans gathered in Amherst this afternoon to protest the removal of the American flag at Hampshire College. 22news spoke to protesters about why they strongly disagreed with the college’s decision.

Freedom is not free. That’s the lesson that hundreds of veterans, their families and friends and other local residents hoped to teach students at Hampshire College Sunday afternoon.

Jerry Maguire, Veteran said, “They took down my flag, they have a right to that, I’m here to defend their right to do that but I want them to understand how bad that hurts me.”

Hundreds gathered to show their support of the American flag and what it stands for after the College removed the flag on campus earlier this week following the presidential election results. A decision by the college that outraged many.

David Soucy, a Veteran told 22News, “I was in Iraq 18 months. I got hurt, spent time at Walter Reed. I came home and there’s no way I’ll let anyone take down the flag, no way. It means a lot to me and my brothers.”

People came from all over New England to attend this protest. The news of the flag being taken down upset Springfield Mayor Domenic Sarno who stood in solidarity with veterans Sunday.

Mayor Domenic Sarno mentioned, “For the students here and the president and board of trustees have risen from what the veterans sacrificed, this flag and not to fly the flag on this campus if you were in some other countries around the world it would be handled very, very differently.”

The protests remained peaceful with the exception of one incident, when the protesters went to take a group photo one man sat in the middle of everyone making obscene gestures.

That man wouldn’t confirm if he was a student. The college’s president did not attend the demonstration.”

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California is Top Global Choice for International Students Worldwide | Nov 26 2016

Number of international students in U.S. colleges at All-time high, and California is their top destination

– LA Times


“It may come as no shock to those who live here, but more international students choose to study in California than in any other state.

A record high of more than 1 million foreign students came to America for higher education last school year. Four of the top 20 institutions that welcomed them were in the Golden State, according to a new report this month.

USC hosted 13,340 international students, followed by UCLA with 11,513 students. Three other University of California campuses — San Diego, Berkeley and Irvine — also topped the list of California schools. The number of foreign students in California was 10.5% higher than the previous academic year. USC had the second largest number of international students in the country.

“California has such a huge higher education network,” said Peggy Blumenthal, a senior counselor at the Institute of International Education, which works with the State Department’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs to produce the annual Open Doors Report on International Educational Exchange.”

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10 Colleges That Receive the Most Applications

– US News


Among the 10 schools attracting the most applications for admission in fall 2014, nine are in California.

California dominates the playing field when it comes to the sheer volume of applications its colleges receive.

Among the 10 schools with the highest number of applications for fall 2014, nine were located in the Golden State.

The University of California—Los Angeles once again attracted the most applications, according to data submitted to U.S. News by 1,258 institutions.

At UCLA, 86,548 Bruin hopefuls sent transcripts and test scores. It outpaced the University of California—Berkeley, which was runner-up, by more than 10,000 submissions.”

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Wall Street is losing talent war to Silicon Valley

– NY Post

“Another career Wall Streeter is packing his bags and heading West.

Former Goldman Sachs executive  Michael Evans, who spent 20 years as a partner at the bank and served as its vice chairman from 2008 to 2013, was named president of Alibaba Group on Tuesday.

Wall Street’s tug-of-war with Silicon Valley over top college graduates is nothing new, but a string of top-level defections suggests a new phase in the fight for talent.

Evans is at least the fourth top banker to seek greener pastures. Others include:

  • Twitter CFO Anthony Noto quit Goldman Sachs last year to take the same job at the social media company.
  • Ruth Porat, the former Morgan Stanley finance chief, left a 28-year career on Wall Street to become Google’s CFO in March.
  • Airbnb hired away Blackstone CFO Laurence Tosi in July to be its finance head honcho.

Evans has been an independent director at Alibaba since its initial public offering last September, which was led by Lloyd Blankfein’s Goldman.

Alibaba is hoping that the Canadian and Olympic champion rower will work some magic and help the Chinese e-commerce giant expand overseas.

“As we connect Alibaba and the rest of the world, we are turning to a proven international leader who has been connecting China and the rest of the world for most of his career,” Chairman Jack Ma said in a statement.”

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More Hillary Angry Unhinged Temperment Meltdowns | Nov 25 2016

Hillary Melts Down After Lauer Townhall

– Youtube

“After one interview with Matt Lauer about her run for the presidency, Hillary Clinton reportedly went ballistic, saying, “If that f***ing b*****d wins, we all hang from nooses! Lauer’s finished…and if I lose, it’s all on your heads for screwing this up.”

“During the rant, Hillary screamed at Donna Brazile, “I am so sick of your face. You stare at the wall like a brain dead buffalo, while letting that ff’ing Lauer get away with this…..what are you good for, really? Get the f—- to work janitoring this mess – do I make myself clear?”

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Hillary Clinton clearly displayed that she lacked the temperment to be president./CJ

Der Fuhrer Melts down Election Night in the Bunker

– Youtube

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