50,000 Turn Out for Trump in Tampa | Oct 2016


– Superstation95


“This evening (October 24, 2016) in Tampa, Florida,  Donald Trump drew 20,000 supporters to his campaign rally; but that’s not the big story.  The BIG story is that this photo was taken a full hour BEFORE the rally was to start; thousands more supporters were still filing through security to get in. And when all 20,000 seats were filled, security had to turn away THIRTY THOUSAND MORE people who wanted to attend but could not fit inside the venue!  It makes this event, the largest political campaign rally in U.S. History.

In the view of SuperStation95, despite what the mass-media “polling” has been claiming, Hillary Clinton doesn’t stand a chance.  This election is likely to be a landslide of historic proportions, propelling Donald Trump to the Presidency.  It will restore the rule of law, restore American integrity, honor, dignity, self-respect and more importantly, America’s self-restraint.

We The People have had enough of the “establishment.” We’re tired of the wars, tired of the failed economy, tired of seeing our country invaded by illegal aliens, tired of seeing our jobs out-sourced overseas, tired of H1-B Visas being given to foreigners to come here to take what few jobs are left.

We’ve had enough of political correctness turning our young men into delicate snowflakes, and telling our young women they need to be manly feminists.

We’ve had enough of failed schools, failed social programs that promote laziness and degeneracy.  And we’ve definitely had enough of rioters allowed to run wild when OUR police do their jobs and enforce OUR laws.

We will no longer tolerate being told what is acceptable for us to think or feel or say, and have these little tyrannies forced upon us by holier-than-thou Human Rights Commissions, or activist judges.

Government exists to SERVE us, we do not exist to serve government.

We want “normal” back.  We want peace and prosperity back. We want our FREEDOM back. We’re going to bring them back.”

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Tim Kaine Rally in West Palm Beach Draws only 30 people – Video

– theGatewaypundit


“Hillary’s VP pick Tim Kaine Held a Rally today AND NOBODY CAME!

There were literally like 30 people there — in West Palm Beach, Florida.”

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