Marvin Gaye 1971: ‘Mercy, Mercy, Me (The Ecology) | Oct 2016

‘Mercy, Mercy, Me (The Ecology)’ – Marvin Gaye from ‘What’s Going On’ LP

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“”Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology)” was the second single from Marvin Gaye’s 1971 album, What’s Going On. Following the breakthrough of the title track’s success, the song, written solely by Gaye, became one of the most poignant anthems of sorrow regarding the environment.

Led by Gaye playing piano, strings conducted by Paul Riser and David Van de Pitte, multi-tracking vocals from Gaye and The Andantes, multiple background instruments provided byThe Funk Brothers and a leading sax solo by Wild Bill Moore, the song rose to number 4 on Billboard‘s Pop Singles chart and number one for two weeks on the R&B Singles charts on August 14 through to August 27, 1971.[1]

The distinctive percussive sound heard on the track was a wood block struck by a rubber mallet, drenched in studio reverb.”

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