Apple Gets a Free Pass for Past iPhone Screwups | Sep 2016

Yup, now the iPhone 7 is exploding



“So what’s the latest feature Apple ripped off from its top smartphone rival Samsung? Apparently, Apple was jealous that Samsung’s exploding Galaxy Note 7 is stealing some of the iPhone 7’s airtime, so it built an exploding smartphone of its own.”

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iPhone 6 bursts into flames during flight prompting panic among passengers

– Independent UK


A teenager’s iPhone caused panic after bursting into flames during a flight to Hawaii.

The phone belonged to 19-year-old Anna Crail, who was flying from Bellingham Airport in Washington to Hawaii for her Spring Break.

She told local news station KOMO that she thought the plane was “going down” after “eight-inch flames” began spewing from her iPhone 6 while she watched a film.”

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iPhone 4 Explodes Midflight on Australian Airline

– ABC News


Apple’s iPhones are always among the hottest gadgets of  any holiday shopping season, but for one passenger on an Australian flight, the phone was too hot to handle — literally.

While on Australian flight Regional Express ZL319 Friday, a passenger’s iPhone 4 (not the iPhone 4S, which is Apple’s latest model) suddenly started “emitting a significant amount of dense smoke, accompanied by a red glow,” according to a Regional Express statement.

The plane, which was flying from Lismore to Sydney, was in the midst of landing when the incident occured. “In accordance with company standard safety procedures, the flight attendant carried out recovery actions immediately, and the red glow was extinguished successfully,” according to Regional Express’ statement.

After landing, the iPhone was handed over to officials at the Australian Transport Safety Bureau.  There’s no official word yet on what caused the phone to combust.

Exploding Apple products are rare, but explosions have happened in the past, mostly related to the devices’ lithium ion batteries overheating.

The European Union launched an investigation in 2009 after multiple instances of iPhones and iPod Touches exploding or catching fire midflight were reported in the U.K., Holland, France and Sweden.

Apple also recalled its first-generation of iPod nanos sold between September 2005 and December 2006 because the battery would overheat and “pose a safety risk,” according to the company’s website.”

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This Girl’s iPhone Burst Into Flames in the Middle of a Flight



Anna Crail was watching a movie while on a plane to Hawaii for spring break when she saw flames shooting out of her phone, Mashable reports. “When it started I thought we were going down, and I was like, ‘oh my god, there’s a fire on the plane,'” she said. “All of the sudden there was like 8-inch flames coming out of my phone.” That’s when she tossed it to the ground and it ended up underneath another passenger’s seat. Per Komo News, the flames kept rising and witnesses stood up.

Thankfully, Alaska Air crew members were well-versed in extinguishing flames and quickly put the fire out. According to Aviation expert John Nance, this is one example of why you should always keep your phone on airplane mode during flights. When your device is searching for a signal the entire time, the battery might wear out.”

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– Clearly these problems with exploding iPhones has been going on for some time, even on planes. Yet somehow the domestic media has managed to ignore the story. Why? /CJ