Like Venezuela Cuba is a Another Socialist Failure | Sep 2016

Havana’s dirty truths: rubbish-strewn streets spark anger at city’s failings

– The Guardian


“On a street corner in Vedado, Havana’s most affluent suburb, pedestrians have had to manoeuvre around a metre-wide hole in the pavement on Calle 10 for months. Smashed concrete spills on to the road, encircling what has since turned into a pit of rubbish – a pockmark on the face of Havana’s fading grandeur.

This is, according to residents, “the way things are” in the Cuban capital. As the city, its people and its architecture has aged, so too have its public services. While on the face of it, the city is getting a new lift through the easing of Cuban-US relations, municipal support structures are failing badly in many parts of the city. As residents get tired of these inefficiencies, they’re expressing their anger – and pointing to the breakdown of Cuban socialism.

“When Obama came [in March] they cleaned the whole street; they put the beggars and homeless in a special asylum,” says Hamlet Lavastida, a 33-year-old artist who lives in Havana. “They made new roads, they painted many buildings, just in the areas where Obama was going to be. People joked that now we’re going to have to wait another 50 years for the next US president to come, to make another new road …”

“The trash is all over the place,” says Luis Miguel Bahia, who lives in Cerro, one of Havana’s poorest municipalities. “I walk and when I turn the next corner hoping for some fresh air, there is the smell of this trash that’s all over the road, and I think: ‘Where am I? Why did this place become like this?’”

Unsurprisingly, the outer neighbourhoods and poorer communities are more neglected. Will Aurelievich also lives in Cerro; he tells me that around his home their sewage system broke, and residents were having to avoid walking on “actual human shit”, as he describes it, for six months before it was fixed. He was planning on making a documentary about the problem, but coincidentally as soon as he started the project the state services came to fix it.

Residents of Alamar, another neglected district, have often written in Havana Times about the inefficiencies in rubbish collection in their neighbourhood – one of the posts is entitled “Cuba: till the shit do us part”. The communales (rubbish collection) apparently receives the biggest state budget but is said to be “one of the most inefficient sectors in the country”.

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Hillary Clinton: We’re Going After the Top Ten Percent in America–with Taxes

– Breitbart


“Democratic Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton vowed to tax not only the one percent, but the ten percent of the top earners in America to pay for the dozens of proposed new government programs.

“We are going where the money is, we are going to the people who have made the money in the last 15 years,” she said during a speech in Tampa. “We are going to the top one, ten percent, the millionaires, the billionaires, they are the ones that are going to have to start paying.”

Clinton proposed massive government spending increases for college education, child care, mental health, drug addiction, green energy, solar panels, and national infrastructure.”

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