Illegal Alien Tells MSNBC Trump is Concerning “To Our Country” | Sep 2016

TWILIGHT ZONE: Woman in U.S. Illegally Tells MSNBC Trump is Concerning to “Our Country”


 “Our Country? Only on MSNBC could this denial of reality go unchallenged. The young woman in the video….acknowledges that she’s in the United States illegally but MSNBC gave her airtime to comment on Trump’s immigration policy and referred to her as a “DREAMer.”

Where to begin? First, Trump wants to merely enforce the laws of the United States. When did that become a radical idea? Second, as an illegal this woman can’t even vote in our election (or at least, isn’t supposed to) so why should anyone care what her thoughts are on the election or American policy?

To his credit, the host does point out that the Obama administration has deported illegals but she glosses over that, essentially giving Obama a pass, naturally.

She eventually refers to the United States as “our country.”

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