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Robert Hare
Psychopathy Checklist



Different versions

“Originally having 16 items, the Hare Psychopathy Checklist – Revised has 20 and it is divided into two broad categories. The first is about the selfish, unfeeling use of others and assesses interpersonal relationships and affect or mood. The second category is about the antisocial, deviant lifestyle and it assesses the impulsive lifestyle and antisocial behavior.


1. GLIB and SUPERFICIAL CHARM – smooth talking, verbally agile, a psychopath is rarely stuck for something to say. They are not in the least bit shy. In fact, they are not afraid to say anything!

2. GRANDIOSE SELF-WORTH – they have an opinion on everything, they boast and brag about the things they have done, their skills and abilities. They have enormous egos, plenty of confidence and arrogance and consider themselves superior. One psychopath said that he preferred to hear himself talk, because what he said was more interesting than what other people had to say.

3. SEEK STIMULATION or PRONE TO BOREDOM – they like to be doing new and different things, always looking for excitement and entertainment. They take risks in what they do as well as what they say. For example, cult leaders, in a subtle way, may explain to their victims how exactly they are manipulating them. They rarely engage in activities that they find boring, or they don’t finish the job.

4. PATHOLOGICAL LYING – their ability to lie is stunning, even when they know there is a high probability of being caught. Lies can be cunning and sly or unscrupulously manipulative.”

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– You can apply it against your favorite politician./CJ

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